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🎮 I am promoting my Youtube channel like a pez by making you repetitively subscribe to me and sell your soul to satan (Wojcicki) to get that sweet youtube clout.

  • Those people will not stop spending $ on the game. Let's just say we're at the point where some of em are even bragging about spending over $500 on the doom wheel alone. There are also those rich cunts that want badges for the endgame items they get through ioda because they are entitled since they spent good money on the game.
  • That’s how long it takes for a new YouTube celebrity to be born, and these days most of them are coming from the game industry. People share edited or unedited gameplay videos of them playing games for minutes or hours with commentary, and millions of other gamers rush to watch them. The vicarious Let’s Play obsession has taken over YouTube and led to the rise and success of the.
‘The Girl I Used to Be’ is the thoughtful new release from HOL
‘DRUNK & FUCKED UP’ is the brash yet thoughtful new single from Thals
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Our first UpClose of 2021 sees us getting better acquainted with Bristol outfit Make Friends.

We had a chat with thoroughly unique New York R&B artist Jovian.


We had a chat with York’s The Receivers at the tail end of what has been a breakout year for the outfit.

With new single ‘Disco Video’ out now and long awaited debut album POWER-UP on the horizon, we figured there was no better time to get to know Patawawa a little better.

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We had a quick chat with EKKAH about positivity, their live show, and new single ‘Wendy’s Yard’.

‘T.I.K.’ exposes Valleyheart at their darkest and most incendiary

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Mouse continues to establish her effortlessly infectious pop sound on ‘Love Me Like You’re Gonna Lose Me’