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AP Calculus

mathispower4u.com: All AB & BC Derivative lessons here , and all Integration lessons here
it has every calc1 and calc2 topic, they just organize differently. So some calc AB topics are in their calc2 category.

Calculus BC -- Youtube full length lesson videos on Calc 2 topics
Calc 2 final exam review part 2 video on youtube
Calc 2 basic integration techniques video on youtube

Calculus AB -- youtube video on volume-disc method
youtube video on volume with disc & washer method
youtube video on volumes with known cross-sections

WEEK1: 3/16 through Friday 3/20
AB: 6.2 hw p428 #1-4, 7-10, p428 #5,6,11a & b, 12a & b, 24, complete chap 6 Area worksheet
BC: 8.8 Power Series, hw: p 623 #1-29 odd, 39-42 all, Read packet on sequences and series, notes 8.9 and hw: p630 #5-12.
AB: Read 6.2, solids with known cross sections. video: volumes of solids with known cross sections.
Book Hw 6.2C, p429 #33,36,51,59 & 60, worksheet 2 in your packet: Chapter 6 Area & Volume.
BC: Extra examples 8.9 writing geometric power series in ch8 notes,file wp20200322, march 22, 2020 date.
HW: Read 8.10 notes (posted new & better!), memorize Taylor Series for e^x, sinx, cosx, ln(x), 1/x, and 1/(1+x). Listed in box on p638
Use extra 8.7-8.10 review examples here. HW: p641 #1-13 odd, 19, 27, 29, 35, 41-44
AP Calculus BC test: Read here for Calc BC test, and USE THE RESOURCES!!!! Tests offered on-line, a short 45 minute free-response test.
AB - worksheet 3 in packet (Volumes of Solids of Revolution, graph, label, show integration work)
Read notes and text on 6.4 arc length, hw: p 447 #3-17odds,25,27, & worksheet 4 in packet:
CORRECT ANSWERS: a) 6.360, b) 1.029, c)2.268, d) 12.612, sorry about that, show all work please!)
BC - 2nd worksheet in packet: AP Calc BC Taylor Series Question (chap8), and Chap 8 review worksheets
Week 4: April 6th - April 9th HAPPY EASTER!!

BC - Read Parametric and Polar packet I gave you, & chapter 9 notes. Parametric hw: p672 #25-31 odd, and p681 #1-9odd, 17, 27, 29, 35, 39.
WEEK 5, 4/14-4/17
AB - Notes & examples 7.1, rev. of major integration techniques, VERYimportant! Read notes and examples 7.7 L'Hopital's Rule for limits.
HW 7.1 p486 #1-4, 5-35 odds, 39-42, 49, 59, 63-69 odds, HW 7.7 p537 #5-15odd, 19-27 odd.
BC - reread packet on parametric and polar equations, focus on graphs of polar circles, rose curves, looped limacons, dimpled limacons, and cardiods. Textbook gives good graphing examples on p687-690. I posted detailed work & directions under chapter 9 notes (look for date 4/13).
HW: 9.4 p691 #1-5,29,31,32,53-59odd, 95-98, & 9.5 p700 #1-11 odd, 27,
worksheet AP Calculus Chap 9 (begins with 1A graph r = 2 - 4sin(theta) ), Answers: (pics in ch9 notes)
Those taking AP test May 12 also need to learn Euler's method posted in my chapter 9 notes. 😊
Week 6: 4/20-4/24
AB - This week review derivatives as well in the semester review worksheet and multiple choice problems. Email by 4/25
BC - AP test takers, don't forget to cover Euler's Method, & anyone else who is interested in cool Calculus 2 knowledge!
Complete BC & Chap 8-9 Review (2 page worksheet). Pictures of work & answers in class notes chapter 9, look for date 4/20.
Work: 2018 AP Calculus BC questions 1-6. Solutions are posted online. Friday (4/24) 'BC Quiz worksheet' ,
Week 7: 4/27-5/1
AB - Calc AB sem2 revC ws due Wednesday, AP calc Extra Sem2 rev due Friday. You will get a 'quiz worksheet' over problems like the reviews next week Tuesday (I post 8:00 am, you email to me by 8:00 pm)
BC - This week you get 2 AP problems per day, but please do extra AP practice!
Wednesday: 2017 #1 & 4, Thursday 2017 #5 & 6
Friday: 2 AP free response questions: Q5 and Q6 due by 8:00 pm,
Week 8: 5/4-5/8 The Final Home Stretch!!!!!
AB - AB Sem2 Quiz worksheet , due by 9:00pm Tuesday (5/5)
BC - AP Calc BC Quiz worksheet posted here, due by 8:00pm (5/6). Here is a review worksheet that I will pull content from: BC Sem2 Rev2020. Similar questions, different numbers, graded, do your own work.
Thursday we will have another 30-minute AP practice quiz, 2 questions, do your best on your own, answer every question completely and receive full credit. Question1, and Question6, turn in Thursday 5/7, answers to follow Friday.
These will be the final 2 grades I post for 4th quarter!

For additional notes and lecture, check out 'Khan Academy' site.
Cool Calculus Review with examples and images:
Syllabus - Go here for both AB (Calc1) and BC (Calc1&2)
Chapter Notes - Go here for each day's class notes
Worksheets - Go here for class review sheets and worksheets
AP Practice - Go here for AP practice problems to study
Animations for Volumes of Solids of Revolution
Calc II / AP Calc BC - Tutorials, videos, and examples for calc 2 topics
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Ap calculus bcWeek 2ap Calculus

Algebra 2 AP Calculus AB Contact Info Pre-Calculus. Suggested Activities Week of March 23rd pg. 254-257: 1-11, 43, 45-48, 50-51 A33: Lesson 4-7: 1-6. Alright so I am taking 8 week classes instead of 16 because I am way behind but this summer I'll be able to finally take calc 1 then I can start my engineering courses. The only problem is instead of a 12 week class it's 8 week and I'm terrified of it. Taking two precalculus classes now, wrapping up algebra then trig.

Test your readiness for the AP Calculus exam with this quiz!

Answer 1


A: If the graph of a function has a sharp point, the function is not differentiable at that point. This is because the slopes directly to the left and right of the point do not approach the same value.

Week 2ap Calculus Calculator

An absolute value function has a sharp point at its vertex. The graph off(x)= x + 4 is a horizontal translation (to the left 4 units) of the standard absolute value function, y = x , which has vertex (0, 0). Thus, the vertex of fis (-4, 0), which means the function is not differentiable at x =-4. Choice (A) is correct.

Week 2ap Calculus Definition

Answer 2

Week 2ap Calculus

D: The only discontinuities that are removable are holes and holes with a point above or below—this function has neither. The function has 2 jump discontinuities (gaps), at x=-2 and x= 0, but neither of these is removable.

Answer 3

D: Examine the values in the table: f(x) increases as x gets larger, which indicates that f′(x), the slope of the function, is positive. This means f′(x)> 0, so eliminate (A) and (B).

To choose between (C) and (D), take a closer look at the slopes. The slope between the first pair of points is 3, and the slope between the second pair of points is also 3, so f′(x) is constant. This means f′′(x), which is the derivative of f′(x), must be 0. Choice (D) is correct

Answer 4

C: To use a local linear approximation, you need to find the equation of the tangent line. You’ve been given all the information you need in the question stem; you just need to piece it all together. The point on the function is given by f(-1)= 5, which translates to the point (-1, 5). The slope of the tangent line at x=-1 is given by f'(-1)= 2, so the slope is 2. Now the point-slope form of the tangent line is:


y-5 = 2(x-(-1))

y = 5+2(x+1)

Substituting x=-0.9 into the equation of the tangent line yields:

5+2(-0.9+1) = 5+2(0.1) = 5.2

That’s (C).

For more practice questions, check out our AP Calculus Prep Plus book.