Weebly Power Houryour Chance To Win $5,000


Weebly Power Houryour Chance To Win $5 000 Free

*It should contain these elements to qualify for our grant.*

-Please have “A Feinstein Leadership School” on the cover and one of Mr. Feinstein’s messages on the last page.
-Elsewhere, please include some of his quotes, (Example) “Never forget – YOU have the power to help other people. And every time you use that power – every time you do something that puts a smile on someone’s face – you are making the world a better place…
​And that makes you a very special person.”
-Please also include some good deeds your Feinstein Jr. Scholars have done -
and some photos of your students in their Jr. Scholar shirts and of Mr. Feinstein.
-Please include the following on one of the pages: Alan Shawn Feinstein is founder of the Feinstein Foundation, dedicated to helping the needy and encouraging youngsters to do likewise. His campaign to fight hunger has raised over $2.5 Billion for thousands of anti-hunger agencies nationwide. There are now over 250,000 Feinstein Jr. Scholars in New England and overseas.
- In June please send us a copy of your Yearbook. Your share of our annual yearbook funding is based on its content (per the above)
*(Please adhere to the above in full)*

Weebly Power Houryour Chance To Win $5 000 Lottery

A game of chance is 'Fair' when the expected value = 0 In other words, there is an equal chance of losing and winning. Example: If a construction company wins a bid for a project it will earn $50,000. The bid will cost the company $5,000 to prepare. Prudential Spirit of Community Awards $1,000-$5,000 (repost) The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards will award the top middle and high school youth volunteer of each state with an award of $1,000. Each State Honoree has the chance to be named a National Honoree and be awarded an additional $5,000.

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