Weebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Live!


About Weebly Ecommerce. Weebly is the world's best e-commerce solution. It streamlines shopping cart, inventory management, website arrangements and mobile app. It has supports small and medium-size businesses. The design is very advanced with extraordinary content, color, and image. Weebly introduced their brand new Weebly eCommerce solution on November 6 2013. This update, is a huge one and makes their website builder so much more well rounded than ever before. This update, is a huge one and makes their website builder so much more well rounded than ever before. Weebly eCommerce 1.1 is live! We are proud to announce the first major update to Weebly eCommerce this year with today’s release of eCommerce 1.1. This update includes everything from brand new features to light workflow tweaks designed to simplify and improve the store management process. In terms of eCommerce, Weebly has four options. Small or new businesses can purchase the Starter Plan for $8 per month annually. The Starter Plan includes a free domain, $100 Google Ads credit, drag and drop builder, a 3% transaction fee, up to 10 products, and checkout on Weebly.com.

  1. Weebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Live Stream
  2. Weebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Livermore
  3. Weebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Liver
  4. Weebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Liver Cancer
Weebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Live!

There are A LOT of options for setting up an online store, but Weebly’s new eCommerce feature may be the simplest option I’ve seen and the best value for the money.

Weebly has been a solid website builder for years offering a simple DIY option for people to create an affordable website. Read my full Weebly Review here.

Now with their updated eCommerce option, they offer a sophisticated and simple way for people to sell products on their Weebly website. See how it works in my overview video below. For a more in-depth overview, get something to eat and watch the hour-long video from Weebly at the bottom of this post.

Weebly ecommerce 1.1 is liver cancerWeebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Live!

Weebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Live Stream

One of the biggest pains about selling online is the need to piece together several different services to get a complete functional website. Weebly simplifies the process by putting everything in one package. Weebly eCommerce has the following things to allow you to setup your online store quickly:

  • Hosting included
  • Easy to use website builder and store builder
  • SSL for secure checkout
  • Simple integration with Paypal, Stripe, and Authorize.net for accepting payments
  • Built-in shopping cart
Weebly ecommerce 1.1 is livermore

Weebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Livermore

If you’ve spent any time investigating selling online, you’ve probably discovered it’s not free. You’ll encounter fees for SSL, domain, hosting, payment gateways, credit card processing, transaction fees, and more.

Weebly offers everything you need to sell online in one affordable plan. Weebly does have a free option for people who just need a basic informational website, but if you want to take advantage of their eCommerce features, you’ll need an upgraded plan (Starter, Pro, or Business) which starts at under $5/month. You can read my other post on Weebly Pricing and Features.

That monthly fee will be paid to Weebly and covers hosting and access to their website builder software which includes eCommerce. There are other costs to consider when operating a Weebly eCommerce site:

  • Merchant processing fees – This may depend on the merchant account you use. Currently, Weebly eCommerce links up with Stripe, Paypal, or Authorize.net. The processing fees will usually be around 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. This cost is usually the same regardless of whether you use Weebly eCommerce or some other option to create your online store.
  • Transaction fees – Weebly charges a 3% transaction fee for eCommerce sellers on their Starter and Pro plans. You’ll have to upgrade to the Business plan (about $20/month) to remove that transaction charge. If you do $700+ in sales per month, it’s worthwhile to upgrade to the Business plan since you’ll save more than the cost of the upgrade.

Weebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Liver

If you were to process 5 transactions for $500 in a month on the Weebly Pro plan, your costs would be as follows:

Weebly Ecommerce 1.1 Is Liver Cancer

  • $7 monthly Weebly fee
  • $14.50 Paypal fees (2.9%)
  • $3.00 Paypal transaction fees
  • $15 Weebly transaction fees
  • TOTAL FEES = $39.50 = 7.9%

This percentage cost can vary a lot depending on your sales volume but it’s a benchmark for average small sellers. Sellers with higher volumes over $1,000 per month will probably have their total costs be under 5%.

Do you think Weebly eCommerce is a good fit for your online store? What features are the most important to you?


If you’re wondering if Weebly eCommerce is a good fit for you, feel free to comment below and ask me questions. I’m happy to answer as best I can.