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  • Add TimeZone settings (63 votes: Acquaeterra, AdamianoX, Aine - Star of County Down, Alexander Friers, Allison S, Beast, Biglee, Blabash, Black Spark, Blaze Beraht, BomberB, Brody Archer, Capnramrod, ClobberedJobber, Commando Ivan Usov, Cyber Roller, DaddySam, DalSparks, Drakmis Howlfy, EuroTwink, Fighter42, Gregmat, GutBoxer, Guysmiley, hairychestroofer, Harryjones, Jake Jock, JDogATL, Johnny Thunder, jsimpson, KickboxerD, King Steve, Kurrt2005-The Crusher, Littleguy, Marios1991, Master, Matty Boy, matworker, Maxboxer, MuscleCason, Naked fighter, onemorerep31, Peter the bodybuilder, philman29, Queen Rose, Ranger, Ronan, SereneSin, Sheng, slamitdown, Sleeper09, Sleeperboy, SlimBoxer, Starfox, Steelgunz, Taylor Yates, The Blob, Tiny Weak Guy, TJ-Pro, tjrassle, Tyger, Valia, wrestlesquashed)
  • Enhance the Dice experience. (I received some excellent feedback (forum and directly) to enhance the chat. But also, the current implementation is quite stable and flexible as it is now.) (28 votes: Acquaeterra, Agatuma, Aine - Star of County Down, Alexander Friers, Ariel the Beast Boy, Bartleby, Black Spark, blondbud, BoxingBob, boxnwrestle, Braskie427, ClobberedJobber, EuroTwink, Fighter42, Harryjones, Jakob, J B D, Johnny Thunder, jsimpson, King Steve, Likulau, Littleguy, Mandy, Maxboxer, Sam Boxer, TallDrinkofWater, tjrassle, Valia)
  • Enhance the Search options and Filters incl. sorting options (story and characters search.) (47 votes: Acquaeterra, Big Tony, Blaze Beraht, blondbud, BomberB, Boxer-Boy, Boxingkat, BrutalBastard, Capnramrod, ClawMaster, ErikAtlas, EuroTwink, glovesupboxer, islandMuscle, Jake Jock, Jakob, Jayce the Jobber, J B D, JDogATL, Jonny Innocent, jsimpson, Killermeteor, King Steve, Kurrt2005-The Crusher, LowBlowWrestler, Mandy, Master, Matty Boy, matworker, MuscleCason, Mxdmlwrstler, Naked fighter, onemorerep31, philman29, pindownwrestling, Ronan, SavageMMA, Scotty McFlemming, SereneSin, Sheng, spideyfan, The Atomic Fist, The Blob, tjrassle, Wolvejong, wrestlesquashed, WrestlingFool)
  • Add an option to search for real characters or 3D/2D characters. (38 votes: AdamianoX, Benji Jacobs, Black Spark, Blaze Beraht, BoxingBob, Boxing Jobber, Drakmis Howlfy, Ebony Twink, EuroTwink, Fighter42, fightgeil, glovesupboxer, GutBoxer, Harryjones, itsJake, Jake Jock, JDogATL, jhlg1234, JockBrah, joethechamp, Jonny Innocent, KickboxerD, King Steve, Klaus, MuscleCason, Naked fighter, Pat Russell the crippler, pindownwrestling, Rickp, SereneSin, SethChavez, Sheng, Taylor Yates, Tiny Weak Guy, Ty Castelle, ursrusso, wrestlesquashed, XenaFr)
  • Enhance Story and Book creation (add attachments to the story, create stories by sending in emails) (24 votes: Ariel the Beast Boy, Benji Jacobs, Big Tony, BoxingBob, Boxing Jobber, Capnramrod, ErikAtlas, Hard Sword Sameer, Henco Gutpunchee, jsimpson, Klaus, Lionmane8, Master Sameers SLUTSLAVE, matworker, MuscleBull Mark, Naked fighter, philman29, pindownwrestling, Ranger, Skaterboy Chris, Sleeper09, The Atomic Fist, The Blob, Valia)
  • Add groups, with a group admin, members to join(and remove), dedicated chat-rooms, dedicated sub-tournaments, an own group landing page, etc. (49 votes: Acquaeterra, Alexander Friers, Alpha Crawford, AlphaHunter, Ariel the Beast Boy, Benji Jacobs, Blaze Beraht, Boxing Jobber, BrutalBastard, Butch McMann, DaddySam, DalSparks, Emily, Gregmat, GutBoxer, Harryjones, itsJake, Jake Jock, Jakob, Jobberpunk, jsimpson, Killermeteor, King Steve, Klaus, LowBlowWrestler, Mandy, Marios1991, Master Sameers SLUTSLAVE, MuscleCason, Naked fighter, Pat Russell the crippler, pedro26, pindownwrestling, Ranger, Rickp, Ronan, SavageMMA, SethChavez, Sir Mike, Skaterboy Chris, Taylor Yates, The Atomic Fist, Tiny Weak Guy, TJ-Pro, Ty Castelle, Valia, Wolvejong, WrestlingFool, XenaFr)
  • Focus even more on the APP and the message system! (35 votes: Acquaeterra, Aidan, Andyboxer, Benji Jacobs, Blabash, Boxing Jobber, Butch McMann, ClobberedJobber, DaddySam, Drakmis Howlfy, EuroTwink, Fred Samsa, Harryjones, J B D, Jobberpunk, Johann Brakkus, King Steve, Klaus, Mandy, Marios1991, Naked fighter, Pat Russell the crippler, pedro26, Queen Rose, rythebrick, Sam Boxer, SavageMMA, Scotty McFlemming, SereneSin, Sir Mike, Starfox, The Atomic Fist, TinyChris, tjrassle, Valia)
  • Create a better Help page, it is hard to browse the site. (10 votes: Alexander Friers, BomberB, Capnramrod, glovesupboxer, Gregmat, GutBoxer, Henco Gutpunchee, Naked fighter, Pro WrestleBoy, Starfox)
  • Allow voice chat in private chats (29 votes: Acquaeterra, Aidan, blondbud, Boxxerboy, BrutalBastard, ClawMaster, cyberbattle, Hard Sword Sameer, Harryjones, heelwrestler, itsJake, Jocko, Johnny Thunder, Klaus, komir, Likulau, Master Sameers SLUTSLAVE, Naked fighter, Pat Russell the crippler, pedro26, Peter the bodybuilder, Quadmuscles, rythebrick, Sam Boxer, Skaterboy Chris, SuperSteve, The Blob, TinyChris, TopTommy)
  • Access a private chat even though the other person is currently not online (already possible over 'create a story') (47 votes: Acquaeterra, Alpha Crawford, Beast, Ben Brawler, Benji Jacobs, Black Spark, BoxingBob, cyberbattle, Drakmis Howlfy, EuroTwink, Fighter42, FighterBoy, Hard Sword Sameer, itsJake, Jake Jock, JDogATL, Jobberpunk, Killermeteor, Klaus, Kurrt2005-The Crusher, Mandy, Matt82, Matty Boy, matworker, MuscleCason, Naked fighter, Pat Russell the crippler, pedro26, philman29, Pro WrestleBoy, Quadmuscles, Rickyprowrestler, Sam Boxer, SavageMMA, SereneSin, Sir Mike, SlimBoxer, Steelgunz, SWAT COP BEAST, TinyChris, TJ-Pro, tjrassle, TopTommy, Ty Castelle, Valia, wrestlesquashed, WrestlingFool)
  • Display who looked at my character (32 votes: Acquaeterra, Alpha Crawford, Ben Brawler, Big Tony, Boxingkat, BrutalBastard, DalSparks, EuroTwink, FighterBoy, glovesupboxer, Ian Struvinator, JaxThunderKatz, Jayce the Jobber, joethechamp, Johann Brakkus, Johnny Thunder, jsimpson, Likulau, Lionmane8, MuscleGeek, pedro26, Pro WrestleBoy, Queen Rose, Ronan, Sam Boxer, Skaterboy Chris, slamitdown, Sleeper09, Steelgunz, The Blob, Tiny Weak Guy, Wolvejong)
  • Add a video function so that we can send videos in chat (11 votes: Bartleby, Biglee, joethechamp, komir, Likulau, MuscleCason, pedro26, Skaterboy Chris, slamitdown, Sleeper09, TinyChris)
  • Other, please comment (4 votes: Biglee, EuroTwink, hardcorebashing, Mandy)

The most effective place to share your feature request and ideas for improving Discord is at feedback.discord.com. The Discord team regularly review the ideas and incorporate them into future product planning and discussions. Make sure to vote on your favorite features! Don't see your game-changing idea on the list? We invite application packaging and virtualization professionals, as well as system administrators and IT managers to vote for the features that you believe must be added to the next PACE Suite release (planned for September 2017). The voting will take 2-3 minutes of your time - just follow this link to a simple Google Form. The voting is completely anonymous, and we do not collect your personal data.

Vote For New Features 2018

The Sims Team has released another big community survey for The Sims 4! In this survey, you’ll be voting and prioritizing some of the potential features that might be coming to the game in the future. You can vote on the official survey by clicking the button down below! Here’s all the ideas that they’ve. The more people that leave during beta, the more tempted they'll be to 'release' it so they can get another wave of new subs. At least they have a clear direction of how to work really hard to get the game release-ready and aren't just throwing features onto a list for players to pick out. Vote for new features. Board index; FAQ; Logout; Register; Vote for new features. 6 posts. Page 1 of 1. Admin Site Admin Posts: 296 Joined: Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:32 am.

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