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A list of alternatives for Visio for Mac users. There isn't one that matches Visio 100%. But options in this list could meet some of the requirements if not all. Lastly, there is always the option of running Visio/Win on VMware Fusion or Parallels. Creately is the last web-based tool in our list of best Visio alternatives for Mac, and for good measure. While it’s pretty useful for a quick flow chart or two, it doesn’t pack quite a punch compared to the likes of Lucidchart and Cacoo. However, on the plus side, the interface of Creately is a sight to behold. Edraw Max may be a cheaper desktop elective to Microsoft Visio for Mac with a strikingly comparable interface. There are a parcel of similitudes between Edraw and MyDraw, most eminently that they’re both desktop apps; additionally, they can see both consequences and send out Visio files.

Visio Equivalent For Macos

Visio or SmartDraw like apps not available for Mac. But there are some good alternatives to Microsoft Visio available for Mac OS X.
Microsoft released Visio for Windows only. Its not available for Mac. But you can run Visio in Mac using Parallel Desktop software or BootCamp Windows. In this guide we look at Visio and solidWorks alternatives.
If you are a student or general user, check free alternative to Visio for Mac.
Visio alternatives for Mac
Now no Apple Mac version of Visio available. But you can use some serious and professional alternatives to Visio on Mac. Ex : Lucidchart, ConceptDraw Pro and Omnigraffle.
Lucidchart for Mac (Online Visio reader & Editor)- Free version for single user, 14 day trial, Monthly plans.
Lucidchart is a browser based Visio editor and reader. So you can use this app in any operating systems like Mac, Windows or Linux. Its also offer free Google Chrome plugin for Lucidchart. So you can even work Lucidchart without internet connection.

  • Its integrated with Microsoft Office 2013 (JIRA and Confluence plugins) and Google Drive.
  • Also check free LucidChart iOS mobile app which allow you to edit diagrams.
  • Free version (for Single user) only offer 60 objects per document and 25MB storage. its also allow you to import Visio VSD and VDX file.
Visio Equivalent For Mac


  • You need paid version to export Visio format. Its not support .vst, .vtx templates.

Sketch for Mac ($99.99)
If you want to use vector graphics editing with good measure like Visio, then Sketch is best on for you.

  • Sketch app is lightweight compared to ConceptDraw, Lucidchart and OmniGraffle. Its tools and workspace is like illustrator and Visio.
  • It have both vector graphic and Raster graphic tools.

ConceptDraw Pro ($199)
Desktop based CAD environment software. Its available in 2 versions. Only purchase Pro version if you need to export to Visio format. It have lot of templates for engineering, landscaping, science, management etc.

  • You can use ConceptDraw in both Windows PC and Mac with one license.
  • You can edit and export ConceptDraw file to MS Project, MS Word and Evernote.


  • ConceptDraw is quite hard to learn and its really expensive.

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Visio Equivalent For Mac Desktop

OmniGraffle Pro (Mac Version – $99 & iPad version $49.99)
one of the best Visio alternatives for Mac. It open all Visio formats like .vsd, .vss, .vst files. Pro version allow you to import and export Visio files.
Appstore download is same for Omigraffle standard and Pro version. You need to unlock when you purchase a pro license via OmniGraffle Menu -> In-app purchase.
Advantages :-

Visio Equivalent For Mac Download

  • Its really easier than to use ConceptDraw.

Visio Equivalent For Mac Computers

If you knew any other Visio alternatives, inform us via comment.

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