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Toss The Turtlewatermelon GamingToss The Turtlewatermelon GamingGorgeous. Happy. Sunny. That's Spring at the moment. As much as I've enjoyed the snow we've had this winter....more than the last ten winters combined!...I'm utterly gleeful over the ability to bask again in warm sun! And yet, with bluebirds on the fenceposts and azaleas bursting forth, I still have pumpkins on the brain. Today, I was at the grocery store, perusing strawberries and cucumbers, when these amazing eggplants caught my eye. One was the usual aubergine...a deep Halloween purple that almost glowed in its intensity...ahhhhhhh but the other! The other! White! Pure glossy ghostly shimmery glistening White! Paper white. Scared stiff white. Sheets hanging on the clothesline white. Amazing. And all I wanted to do was toss aside my cart and begin carving something....anything!!!!! Who said you have to wait until October to carve something! Let the games begin!Turtlewatermelon

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365 Days of Halloween! Celebrate Halloween with The Pumpkin Lady as I create new Halloween inspired artwork EVERY day for the next year! Toss The Turtle is a flash game where you have to use poor turtle as a weapon and shoot it with a big cannon. Your mission is to make the flight as long as you can because according to heigh and distance, you will be given money. Finally got all the characters ps go subscribe to my dads youtube channel Joey Aqua he only has one video and it really cool cause its about fish.

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