Toast Of Wargaming Potatoes


Do you use the potatoes to make a toast? In this recipe, I have substituted the bread with the potatoes to do a classic toast recipe.

Toast of wargaming potatoes for sale

Favorite food: Meat-and-potato hot pot Least favorite food: All spicy foods, e.g. Mabo tofu Favorite subject: All of the sciences Least favorite subject: All kinds of social studies Favorite saying: 'Failure is the mother of success' Personality: Often uses Chinese words. The first night I followed the recipe and boiled the potatoes and I think after the baking, they were just alittle over-cooked - SO, on the second night, I microwaved them for 10 minutes on high. They were PERFECT after the baking. When blending the ingredients together, I litely coated the potatoes before putting them into a roasting foil bag. Potato - root vegetable Tomato - fruit Knowledge is knowing a Tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad, and philosophy is wondering if ketchup is a smoothie.

What is your favourite kind of potato? When I arrived in the UK I was amazed about at the numbers of the variety of potatoes you can buy. Try try again I find my favourite is Maries Piper. This variety is versatile and it is possible to use to realize different dishes.

In my travels around Wigan, I discovered a farm that produces and sells its own potatoes. I love their big bags full of potatoes still covered by the soil and the flavor never disappoints me.

This recipe is very delicious and easy to make, you can fill with the cheese and cooked ham you prefer but do not forget to spice them with the herbs that are necessary to make the recipe unique.

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Time to cook: 25 min Time to prepare: 15 min

Toast Of Wargaming Potatoes &

Ingrdiants for 4 people: 4 big potatoes, 100 gr of cooked ham, 100 gr of slices cheese (or Emental, Cheddar, ect.), herbs mix (oregano, thyme, basil, marjoram and rosemary), EVO, salt, and pepper.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into slices lengthwise, you must get 4 slices for each potato. Place the baking paper on the oven plate and place the potatoes on top. Grease them with EVO and spread with the herbs, salt, and pepper. Put in the oven at for 10 min at 220D. After this time turn the potatoes and repeat the previous operation and cook for another 10 min.

Toast Of Wargaming Potatoes Recipes

Remove the potatoes to the oven and start to prepare the toast directly on the plate oven. Start with the bottom slice of potato add cheese and cooked ham, replay until you have rebuilt the whole potato. Put in the oven again for 5 min.

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