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  1. Franchising is a natural form of global expansion for companies that operate domestically according to a franchise model, including restaurant chains, such as McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and hotel chains, such as Holiday Inn and Best Western. Contract Manufacturing and Outsourcing.
  2. Globalization impact on McDonalds: Today 40% of American meals are eaten outside the home. Each day 1 in 4 American visit a fast food restaurant. MacDonald’s operates more then 30,000 restaurants in more then 100 countries on six continents.

McDonald’s is a well known fast food retail chain that has its main operations in the United States of America. The fast food retail corporation has 31,000 fast food restaurants in 119 countries around the world with many of these fast food outlets serving around 58 million customers in one day. The total number of people working for McDonald’s is over 1.5 million employees in the various chains around the world.

Apart from the company’s fast food restaurants, McDonald’s operates other restaurant brands which include the Piles Café, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Donatos Pizza. The most common McDonald meals being the hamburger (Big Mac), cheese burger, French fries, chicken nuggets, egg McMuffins, soft drinks and milk shakes. These meals are offered in the various McDonalds restaurants that include drive-through restaurants, counter service, Auto-Mac or Pay and Drive (McDonald’s par. 1-2).

History of McDonald’s

McDonald’s was started in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald in the Bernardino area of California and the main idea behind opening the restaurant was to provide cheap burgers through the use of fast service. The two brothers introduced the speedy service system in 1948 within their restaurant and that marked the beginning of the modern day fast food restaurants around the world.


We Are Driving Climate Action and Helping to Keep Waste Out of Nature In partnership with our Franchisees, suppliers and producers, we’re finding new and innovative ways to reduce emissions, keep waste out of nature and preserve natural resources. From minimizing how much packaging we use to investing in renewable energy and partnering to advance sustainable and regenerative agriculture pract. Globalisation and McDonald’s: Global expansion of the McDonald is known as McDonaldisation of the society. It succeeds in very low time and firstly in US, than after it introduced in Canada in June 1967. In July of 1971, McDonald has opened with the partnership of Den Fujita, the local company of the Tokyo, Japan.

The company filed for its first US trademark in 1961 with the description of their restaurant to be one that offered drive-in restaurant services. The company also filed a logo trademark on September 3rd of 1961 that would be used to identify the McDonald’s franchise. The company had previously used a logo of a man with a chef’s hat on top of a hamburger when they decided changed their logo to that of Ronald McDonald.

The company took on the logo trademark of the overlapping, double arched M symbol in 1961 when they filed for a logo trademark. “The overlapping double arched M symbol was however changed in 1962 to a single arch M symbol. This single arched M has become the symbol that is used today to identify McDonald’s restaurants around the world” (Mieth 3-4).

The first franchise owner of McDonald’s was Ray Kroc who was appointed by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1954 to run the San Bernardino restaurant in California. Ray Kroc eventually opened his own restaurant in 1955 within the Des Plaines area of Illinois near Chicago which marked the beginning of the McDonald’s Corporation.


Kroc developed the company’s motto in 1957 which states that McDonald’s was restaurant that offered quality, service, cleanliness and value (Q.S.C. &V.). In 1961, Ray Kroc bought all the rights to the McDonald’s franchise from Richard and Maurice McDonald at a price of $2.7 million dollars (Spotlight par. 1-5).

The Globalization Of Mcdonald

The year 1963 marked the opening of 500 McDonald restaurants in America with these restaurants selling a total of one billion hamburgers. 500 students from the Hamburger University in Chicago also graduated in 1963 marking the success of the McDonald’s corporate brands. The same year saw McDonald’s earning a net income that exceeded $ 1 million dollars as a result of the increasing food sales in its 500 restaurants. Ronald McDonald joined the company in 1963 as a partner of the corporation with Ray Kroc.

The following year saw the introduction of the fillet on fish sandwich which was added to the restaurants growing meals that included the French fries and cheese burgers. The corporation’s stock went public in 1965 with the earning ratios varying from 10 to 22 in one year and the stock prices ranging form 15-33.5 in one year (Spotlight par. 6-8).

After the corporation’s stock went public, the following year saw McDonald’s being listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on 7th May 1966. This marked the beginning of the company’s expansion plans as the corporation was experiencing an increased growth in its customers as well as in its sales.

The first fast food restaurants to be established outside the United States were opened in Canada and Puerto Rico during 1967. The following year, 1968, saw the introduction of the Big Mac hamburger that would become the signature fast food meal of all McDonald restaurants around the world as well as the opening of the 1,000th McDonald’s restaurant in the Des Plaines area of Illinois.

The continued expansion activities of the corporation saw McDonald’s fast food restaurants in every state within the United States by the year 1970. During the same year, McDonald’s opened two new fast food chains in the Virgin Islands and Costa Rica (Spotlight par. 9-12).

In 1971, McDonald’s conducted test marketing for the introduction of Egg McMuffin’s into the breakfast menu of the fast food restaurants. The tests showed that the market was ready for breakfast items in fast food restaurants and the Egg McMuffin was introduced to McDonald’s growing meal menu. The corporation also opened various McDonald’s food outlet in various countries which included Japan, Australia, Germany, Holland, Guam and Panama.

The assets for the company exceeded $500 million dollars and the sales had surpassed $ 1 billion by the end of 1972. The 2000th McDonald’s restaurant was opened in the Des Plaines area of Illinois while the company added France and El Salvador in its growing international market. This demonstrated that the company was experiencing an upward growth in its operations and its fast food outlets around the world.

Other countries that were introduced to the corporations growing fast food outlets between 1973 and 1980 included Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, England, the Netherlands, Guatemala, Brazil, Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain and Denmark. The founder of McDonald’s corporation Ray Kroc died in 1984 and the management of the company was taken over by Ronald McDonald (Spotlight par 13-16).

The globalization of mcdonalds

Globalization Process of McDonald’s in History

McDonald’s is one of the many corporations around the world that actively seeks global markets around the world through the utilisation of technology. McDonald’s has become a globalized and multinational corporation as a result of the various technological advances it has experienced over the years and also because of the growing number of countries in which it operates in.

The continued introduction of McDonald’s fast foods within the American society has led to the introduction of McDonaldization as a term that describes the proliferation of McDonald’s products in America. The growth of technology within the company has seen its growth and expansion objectives being realised throughout its various food outlets around the world (Duiker and Spielvogel 937).

The globalization process of the company has been commonly referred to as mcdonaldization where the company has made its mark on various societies around the world. According to Ritzer (14) the globalization process of McDonald’s can be described through the use of four key aspects which include efficiency, predictability, calculability and control through the use of technology and automated machinery.

These four aspects do not only affect the consumers and employees of McDonald’s corporation but they also affect the cultural societies in various parts of the world that fall under McDonald’s operations. The first aspect of the company’s globalization effort which is efficiency has allowed the company to achieve results through the optimum utilization of its systems and technology to produce results within the shortest period of time.

This has made its fast food service delivery to be the first of its kind in the world. McDonald’s ensures that efficiency is entrenched in its employees by ensuring that the customers are served within the shortest time possible. The drive-thru lanes that the company uses for its services have been adopted by its world wide outlets to increase the efficiency of their operations (Ritzer 14).

The aspect of calculability has been used by the corporation in its globalization process to place emphasis on the aspect of quantity over quality. The globalized system of McDonald’s has seen quantity becoming equivalent to quality with regards to the type of food being offered in its various world wide outlets. This dimension allows the company’s customers to calculate the amount of time it will take to go to a McDonald’s chain and order for a meal when compared to going to a grocery store (Ritzer 14).

The third aspect of the company’s globalization process deals with predictability where the company offers products that are similar in taste, quantity, appearance and quality to those that are found in other world wide chains. Predictability which goes hand in hand with standardization has ensured that McDonald’s has continued to be successful in the fast food industry.

The uniformity in the company’s products has ensured that McDonald’s continues to offer a standard menu in all of its global markets around the world ensuring that the customer’s demand for the same product has been met at the various locations of the company’s establishments. The fourth aspect of the company’s globalization process deals with control where the McDonald’s customer is given the opportunity to perform some of the service functions for themselves.

McDonald’s has been one of the pioneers of self service within the fast food restaurant where customers order for their own food, take it to the table and clear out the table once they are finished. Control allows the customers to do most of the tasks themselves without having to involve waiters or busboys (Ritzer 16).


McDonald’s continues to experience an upward growth in its expansion and sales activities with the company. The globalization or McDonaldization of the company’s activities have helped the company to achieve an increased growth in its operations which has seen it become successful in the fast food service industry.

The globalization of the company’s operations around the world has helped the company to produce a wider range of fast food products and services that are available to a larger population in various geographic locations around the world. People who are customers of McDonalds are able to get what they want within a short period of time as a result of the company embracing the process that comes with globalization.

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The Globalization Of Mcdonald

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In the irreversible tide of globalisation, whether developed states or developing states, irrespective of whether it is willing, have consciously or unconsciously integrated into the procedure, or they will lose populating infinite. Certain civilization is linked to a certain degree of economic development. Economic globalisation is bound to hold profound effects on planetary civilization, so all sorts of civilization are undergoing great alterations under the great impulsive force of economic globalisation. Culture has a batch to with the modern-day manner of life, so globalisation has a great impact on the consumers ( David, 1996 ) .

In the procedure of globalisation, many endeavors embark on a way from Localization to globalisation, and McDonald ‘s is merely the illustration that plays an of import portion in the fast-food concern in the universe. McDonald ‘s has made a great success in the international sphere since its origin, and it has left a deep feeling on the head of many consumers. Now McDonald ‘s is non merely a eating house, but besides a cultural symbol, which has an impact on consumers.

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Globalization And Impact Of Mcdonalds Globalization Commerce

McDonald ‘s has implemented a series of marketing schemes in order to accommodate to the cultural environment of other states, and this alterations besides affect the local consumers. Now McDonald ‘s has become a planetary icon, and it affects the life style of people worldwide. This article chiefly includes two parts: the first portion focuses on human effects of globalisation, and the 2nd subdivision is chiefly about McDonald ‘s globalisation and the impact on consumers.

The Globalization Of Mcdonalds

2, human effects of globalisation

Globalization is a new phenomenon going progressively evident since 1980s, and it is the basic features of our times ( Steger, 2003 ) . Globalization is a procedure, which refers to the flow of stuff and religious merchandises break the bonds of regional and national boundaries, impacting every corner of life on Earth. Globalization besides includes cross-border motion of forces. The flow of homo is the highest degree of comprehensive between stuff and religious motion. In the procedure of globalisation, the most obvious characteristic is economic globalisation. Globalization has a great impact on homo, and the influence is increasing with clip traveling on. Correctly understanding and properly covering with globalisation is contributing to advance economic development and advancement of human civilisation.

Merely as every coin has two sides, globalisation besides has two different effects on homo. Globalization has gone far beyond the economic field and is bring forthing a broad scope of influence on the international political, security, societal and cultural Fieldss. The positive effects of globalisation are as follows: the first facet is on advancing the development of invention. Globalization promotes the planetary optimum allotment of production, resources, forces, trade, investing and finance, which reduces costs and improves efficiency. If states would wish to research advanced development theoretical account, they must see the factors of globalisation and do usage of the chances of globalisation. The 2nd facet focuses on advancing the rational allotment of resources. Globalization can reasonably apportion the world-wide Capital, engineering, merchandises, markets, resources and labour. Globalization has accelerated the free flow of production factors in the worldwide and formed a incorporate planetary market, which promote the globalisation of transnational operations and restructuring of planetary industry, and maximise the optimum allotment of resources. The 3rd facet is chiefly about hiking human civilisation. Based on globalisation, planetary issues, planetary involvements and planetary administration, human may organize new common values of homo and new human civilisation, which can interrupt the West ‘s prima function of human civilisation and accomplish a higher surpass than Western civilisation. When seeing the positive effects of globalisation, at the same clip, the gradual accretion of its negative consequence can non be ignored ( Stiglitz, 2003 ) . The first facet is about instability of the universe economic system. Globalization strengthens the instability of the universe economic system, which is inauspicious for states to do a development. The relationship between national economic systems and the universe economic system is going more closely under globalisation. Each state ‘s economic stableness will depend non merely on their domestic factors, to a greater extent by the enormous impact of international factors. Fierce competition and economic instability increase the trouble of developing the national economic system. The 2nd facet is on planetary economic crisis. With the increasing stopping point of the planetary economic concatenation, it has a large possibility that a crisp rise in energy monetary values, serious fiscal order out of control, evidently large state ‘s economic recession may do the planetary economic recession.

3, McDonald ‘s globalisation and the impact on consumers

3.1 McDonald ‘s globalisation

McDonald ‘s corporate headquarter is located in the Illinois of United States, which is an international company of possessing multi-billion dollar. Now McDonald ‘s has become one of the largest fast nutrient ironss in the universe. Since the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc, the laminitiss of McDonald ‘s opened its first eating house in the Illinois of United States, McDonald ‘s has established more than 30,000 eating houses, located in over 120 states and the parts around the universe, and its worldwide turnover is about 10.49 billion dollarsi??Ritzer, 2006i?‰ . McDonald ‘s is developing at a rapid velocity, and McDonald ‘s represents an American manner of life in many states. McDonald ‘s gross revenues steadfastly carbonated drinks that Coca-Cola Company offers, McDonald ‘s and Coca-Cola Company practically form strategic confederations. McDonald ‘s around the universe make appropriate accommodations and seek to be in conformity with the gustatory sensations of local people. In add-on, McDonald ‘s now controls some other eating house trade names, such as Aroma Cafe , and Donatos Pizza. In 2008, McDonald ‘s entire gross reached 23.5 billion U.S. dollars, net net income of 4.3 billion U.S. dollars. “ Ronald McDonald ” as one of the McDonald ‘s marks, a symbol of harmoniousness and friendliness, represents that McDonald ‘s will ever be your friend and community member. McDonald ‘s is ready every now and so for kids and community ‘s development to give its strengths. Children ‘s Charity Foundation of “ Ronald McDonald ” was established in 1984, and the organisation has donated more than 5 million U.S. dollars to assist the kids around the universe. McDonald ‘s has made a great success on a planetary graduated table. Over half of McDonald ‘s eating houses are located overseas, which is the globalisation schemes of McDonald ‘s. McDonald ‘s eating houses can be discovered in 118 states and parts around the universe, functioning 50 million consumers mundane ( Alfino, 1998 ) . McDonald ‘s has opened 100 new eating houses in China a twelvemonth, and meanwhile, McDonald ‘s has accomplished its end of 1000 new eating houses by the gap of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which are all the enfranchisement of McDonald ‘s globalisation.

The laminitiss of McDonald ‘s have ne’er anticipated that their aspiration has so dumbfounding influence. The influential development of McDonald ‘s has an impact non merely on the fast-food industry, but besides on the modern-day manner of life, and the impact is likely to speed up in the early twenty-first century.

3.2 McDonald ‘s impact on consumers

Merely as globalisation has two different facets of effects on human existences, in the procedure of McDonald ‘s globalisation, McDonald ‘s impacts on consumers are besides different, including positive consequence and negative impact. “ Ronald McDonald ” is McDonald ‘s “ Chief Happiness Officer ” , and he has lasted for about 50 old ages. Previously, kids, young person, parents and other market sections were familiar with good-humored “ Ronald McDonald ” , who was a good “ trade name embassador ” . McDonald ‘s corporate civilization is a sort of family-happy civilization, which emphasizes its influences of happy civilization. Duo to its immense influences, McDonald ‘s has an impact on eating wonts of consumers.

MacDonald ‘s has three features: quick, inexpensive and widely accepted by the populace. But the characteristic of “ fast ” has really changed. Fast nutrient eating houses have changed into the conveniently leisure and diversion country, so the map has changed ( Schlosser, 2002 ) . Now the eating houses have turned into the jubilation ceremonial, the premises of reading and authorship, birthday party topographic points, and leisure locale for chew the fating. From the characteristic of “ inexpensive ” , most people merely on occasion sponsor, which explains that the nutrient is non existent cheap. From a deeper degree, the significance of McDonald ‘s as a symbol of American civilization is more obvious than as a symbol of fast nutrient. McDonald ‘s has become a cultural embassador and do more people understand American civilization. The meal monetary value of McDonald ‘s between species has small difference, so does the ingestion degree and the services provided. Warm dining environment and good services attract many sorts of societal groups, and McDonald ‘s is demoing a different image in all sorts of people ‘s heads. All sorts of people with different demands and life experience see the same thing, and their feelings besides are different ( Tomlinson, 1999 ) . They grasp a point of McDonald ‘s civilization from their ain position. McDonald ‘s have taken a broad scope of steps in the concern scheme, in order to run into all degrees of society and people of all ages, such as facilitates for immature lovers as the “ Valentine ‘s corner ” and “ Children ‘s Paradise ” . And the staffs are dressed up as “ McDonald ‘s uncle, aunt, ” and play with kids. Many kids are fond of the nutrient of McDonald ‘s and they want to sponsor McDonald ‘ every bit frequently as they can. Though many immature lovers may make non like the nutrient, they besides want to travel to “ McDonald ‘s, because the environment of “ McDonald ‘s is good ( Ritzer, 1996 ) . No affair McDonald ‘s selling thought and McDonald ‘s concern doctrine, are all established to pull more clients, and McDonald ‘s has more and more immense impact on eating wonts of consumers.

When McDonald ‘s affect the eating wonts of consumers, it besides shock the civilization of different states. In the context of globalisation, different civilizations around the universe communicate, permeate, collide and merge with each other. No strong cultural is non a existent power. If states want to go a power, they should forestall its ain civilization from cultural eroding. In the procedure of McDonald ‘s globalisation, McDonald ‘s has a great impact on local civilization, which may do cultural eroding for occupants. McDonald ‘s transforms its selling schemes into prosecuting cool, exhilaration, and escapade, which has a great attractive force by the immature household ( Paul, 1997 ) . Young household is deficiency of judgement ability, and McDonald ‘s civilization may do them doing a error. The subjects of “ cool ” , “ on your ain determination, “ playing my game ” are really popular among immature people, due to the influences of McDonald ‘s, and these subjects may hold a misdemeanor comparing with local civilization. For illustration, every bit long as clients shout “ I ‘m lovein ‘ it ” at the server, they will be able to have a cylindrical ice pick. Such activities are really popular with aggressive immature people. Some pupils think that these activities are really fresh and interesting. All these may impact the native civilization to some extent.

Meanwhile, McDonald ‘s have an impact on the modern-day manner of life. Many kids like the nutrient of McDonald ‘s and they want to sponsor McDonald ‘ every bit frequently as they can. Some of them want to travel to McDonald ‘s and eat its nutrient everyday, and the nutrient of McDonald ‘s becomes their chief nutrient. Nowadays, McDonald ‘s has become the symbol of manner and escapade. Some immature people regard traveling to McDonald ‘s as a manner and escapade, which can show that they are the younger coevals. In add-on, McDonald ‘s supplies fast nutrient for consumers, which may impact the gait of life. Consumers tend to eat nutrient rapidly, and alter their old dietetic wonts.

The Globalization Of Mcdonald S

4, decision

Globalization has a great impact on human worldwide, and its impacts can be demonstrated from two facets: positive impact and negative impact. Its positive impact refers to advancing the development of invention, advancing the rational allotment of resources and hiking human civilisation. Its negative impact focuses on instability of the universe economic system and planetary economic crisis. By and large talking, globalisation ‘s positive impact on human existences outweighs its negative impact. Human existences should prehend the chances of globalisation and toast its menaces, in order to do a long-run development. Globalization can be understood good by the procedure of McDonald ‘s globalisation ( Featherstone, 1991 ) . McDonald ‘s can convey enjoyment for consumers, while it besides affects eating wonts of consumers, causes cultural eroding and has an impact on modern-day manner of life. Globalization is an resistless tendency, and Globalization can give a good effects on consumers every bit good as inauspicious effects. So consumers should do full usage of its good effects and defy its inauspicious effects in the procedure of globalisation.

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