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Syllabus A headnote; a short note preceding the text of a reported case that briefly summarizes the rulings of the court on the points decided in the case. The syllabus appears before the text of the opinion. Introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. This course teaches students how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently. Topics include abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering, and web programming. WBCS Syllabus 2021 - West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) has published the syllabus of West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS.) Download the WBCS Syllabus PDF. Get details about WBCS Prelims, Mains and Optionals. WBCS Civil Service Prelims / Mains Exam date & Centres announced by WBPSC. WBCS Mains Answer Key 2019 was out recently. Your syllabus is a contract, a user’s guide, and an advertisement all in one document. Why risk such an important message falling flat for its intended audience? Using verbal and visual cues to communicate stands the best chance of informing and inspiring students about all that the course has to offer.

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A syllabus (/ˈsɪləbəs/; plural syllabuses[1] or syllabi[2]) or specification is a document that communicates information about a specific course and defines expectations and responsibilities. It is generally narrower in scope than a curriculum. A syllabus may be set out by an examination board or prepared by the tutor who teaches or controls the course.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word syllabus derives from modern Latinsyllabus 'list', in turn from a misreading of the Greek σίττυβος sittybos (the leather parchment label that gave the title and contents of a document), which first occurred in a 15th-century print of Cicero's letters to Atticus.[1][3] Earlier Latin dictionaries such as Lewis and Short contain the word syllabus,[4] relating it to the non-existent Greek word σύλλαβος, which appears to be a mistaken reading of syllaba 'syllable'; the newer Oxford Latin Dictionary does not contain this word.[5][self-published source?] The apparent change from sitty- to sylla- is explained as a hypercorrection by analogy to συλλαμβάνω (syllambano 'bring together, gather').[5]

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About Syllabi

Syllabus & Grading Policymac

A syllabus is your guide to a course and what will be expected of you in the course. Generally it will include course policies, rules and regulations, required texts, and a schedule of assignments. A syllabus can tell you nearly everything you need to know about how a course will be run and what will be expected of you.

Syllabus & Grading Policymac's History Dbq

Where can I find syllabi?

Check the Syllabus archive. You can search by quarter and by department--if looking for previous syllabi, you can use ExploreCourses to see when the course was last taught.

ExploreCourses (not SimpleEnroll) has links to syllabi for many courses. Click on the blue Schedule link to see if there are Additional Resources for that course.

In addition, some courses have course websites that act as a syllabus, particularly the introductory courses in Math and CS. You can also contact the instructor and/or the SSO in an academic department/school to inquire about the availability of a syllabus, or ask to see a previous syllabus.

Heads-up! Syllabi are always subject to change, especially if a different instructor is teaching a course. However, even looking at last year's syllabus can give you valuable information as you are evaluating a course.

How to Read a Syllabus

A syllabus is a very valuable tool, underused by many students. All professors will write and use their syllabi differently. Sometimes syllabus information may be spread over several links in Canvas, or on a course website. Regardless of the form, here are some items you will want to consider.



What type of course is this? Problem set and exam-based? Reading and discussion with papers? A variable-unit class with a variable workload should explain the difference in the syllabus.

Deadlines & Policies

When are the exams and major assignments due? Are assignments due in class or electronically by a certain time? Be sure to check all the deadlines for all your courses to see whether you are committing yourself to four midterms in the same week or two problem sets on the same day every week (and reconsider, if you are). What is the late policy?

Syllabus Uaeh

Continued Guidance

Syllabus Definition

During the quarter, the syllabus continues to guide you. The syllabus reflects the way the class is organized. The titles for each class meeting will often identify the main themes of that class, and may help you focus your reading for that day in order to prepare for class, as well as guide your studying for exams.

First-Year Alert

Syllabus & Grading Policymac's History Textbook

In high school, the daily schedule typically listed the homework that you would do after each class. In college, a syllabus generally lists the preparation that you need to do before that day’s class.

Syllabus Examples