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Nickelodeon Studios gets rid of their Audition Room and the 'Touch Screen' Surveys at the end of the 40 min walking tour and replaces them with the Game Lab. Nickelodeon also have a time capsule buried there on April 30. Fievel's Playland opens in the World Expo area. 1993 Jaws is re-opened, with many scenes altered. MCA/Universal announces.


  1. Between his junior and senior year of high school, Quincy scored a summer job working seven days a week at WBGR AM & FM in Paris, Kentucky. Most of the time was spent running the board for Cincinnati Reds baseball games, but for part of each shift he got to play DJ.
  2. The Bunch programmed a special selection of music for the morning including a tribute to Christ Mainwaring, who died in 2007, with Life in a Northern Town – a song played at the AFL star's wedding.

Admiral Series Plaques

Custom crests handcrafted in the timeless tradition of the original Navy Ships Plaques.

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Quarterly Individual Presentation Plaques


Enhance your quarterly recognition program by providing each honoree with an individual plaque.

Yearly Individual Presentation Plaques

Surveysaot Tribute Game Play

Enhance your yearly recognition program by providing each honoree with an individual plaque.

Perpetual (Add-A-Name) Plaques

Ideal for the permanent recognition of sailors and civilians. The perpetual plaque has a blank header for the name of your ship or organization, as well as two columns of blank engraving plates to permanently commemorate your honorees.

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