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Storm The House 2. Game Info - Protect your house by shooting attackers, hiring gunman, hiring craftsman, and fortifying. Game controls - Controls: -Use the Left mouse button to shoot and Spacebar to reload your weapon. Please remember, ads are the reason you're playing this game for free. Storm the House is an awesome stickman defense game. In this title, you must protect your stickman house from the invading stickmen mob who wish to destroy it! You must use the weapons at your disposal to eliminate them and keep your home safe. You start with a basic weapon, but as you kill the invading stickmen, you can purchase new weapons and upgrade them to do more damage.

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Storm the house 2&& try the games play
Storm The House 2 – Download – Overview
Enjoyed defending your bunker in the original Storm The House action flash game and want to gun down more stickmen who mindlessly charges towards your bunker? Satisfy your urge to butcher more waves of stickmen in this Storm The House 2 action flash game.

Download Storm The House 2 (File Size ~ 299.71 KB)
Download the ZIP archive: storm-the-house-2.zip

Storm The House 2 – Title Menu
Again, colorful title menu. This time, you can choose a difficulty so let’s give try out easy.

Storm The House 2&& Try The Games Play

Storm The House 2 – Instructions
Similar instructions page, the author still talks to the players in a funny manner.

Storm The House 2&& Try The Games To Play

Storm The House 2 – Pause
Yes, there is a crosshair and you can finally pause the action with the “p” key.

Storm The House 2&& Try The Games

Storm The House 2 – Weapons and Upgrades
There is several weapons for you to choose from now, probably useful late game when you have upgraded your clip size to have a lot of bullets since the reload time of some of these weapons can be quite long. Best to recruit lots of gunmen, craftsmen and silo workers early on.

Storm The House 2&& Try The Games Online

Storm The House 2 – Action!
With many gunmen and silo workers employed, the charging horde are usually decimated before they have a chance to get close to the wall. Even if they do damage the wall, a healthy amount of craftsmen will automatically repair the wall back to full health.

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Storm The House 2&& Try The Games Free

Deimos’s Thoughts
Looks and feels almost the same with its predecessor, graphics might have improved slightly, more weapons available for purchase. Author mentioned that there is an ending for this one though Deimos has yet to complete this game yet so he can’t comment on that.

Deimos Asks
Dual hand gun, sub-machine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, which one would you pick? Why?

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