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Head Sports Volleyball Play against the computer AI or against a friend in this volleyball game from the Head Sports series. Set the AI skills in the menu if the game starts off too hard. Football Heads: Championship League 2016-2017. Goalkeeper Italian: Football Game. Stick Figure Badminton 2: 2 Player Game. Sports Heads: Football Championship 2015.

You have already played many sports like basketboll, football, tennis with Sports Heads. In this chapter you are going to join volleyball tournament with big heads. Prepare yourself to these exciting volleyball matches.

After the game is loaded, click 'PLAY GAME' button which is in the lower-right corner of the game screen. You can go to main menu with clicking 'PLAY' button.

If you want to play as single, click 'NEW GAME' button. On 'CHOOSE PLAYER' part, you can select your game character. Than select the first match to start to play.

If you want to play as two player, click '2 PLAYER' button. Select the game characters that you want to use and set the arena than click 'START' button to start the match.

Sports Head Volleyball Game

Game controls as follows:
If you are playing as single, please follow these controls:

If you are playing as two player, please follow these controls:
1st Player:
Move: 'W,A,S,D'

2nd Player:
Hit: 'P'

Sports Head Volleyball

During the matches, the power-ups may appear on volleyball court. You can have them with hitting them with the ball. If you hit the green power-up, it affect you well. If you hit the red power-up, it affect your rival well. The yellow power-ups affect you and your rival equally.

Sports head volleyball game

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