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Everyone needs a couple of games in their back pocket that don’t take long to explain and they can play with kids quickly if they have little time at the end of a lesson or as a warm up at the beginning. For me one of those games is Noodle Dance Tag – It’s a classic freeze tag game except instead of being frozen you dance in place and do a fist pump.

See an explanation of the game below:

You can see how I explain the game to my students below:

Four square is a smaller version of the popular nine square game. With four square, you are able to have (you guessed it), four people playing at the same time. If the space in your classroom or area allows, you could have multiple four square areas for two groups to play simultaneously. The PE Game Ideas section provides you with Physical Education resources which will help you to plan PE Warm Up Games, PE Tag Games, PE Thinking Games, and PE Coordination Games. Within each section you will find a whole range of different games which will excite and challenge your students. At times, when uprooted from our gym space, I find us in the cafeteria, classroom, or hallway. Each having its own set of issues we have to plan around. So, if you find your classes in a similar non conventional PE space situation, here is a list of activities for you to consider. 5 Great Indoor PE Games for Small Spaces.

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Game Description:

For every group of 20 you should give 2 half noodles out to designated “taggers”. When the music starts they will run around and try to freeze as many people as possible. Nobody can be unfrozen, but when you are frozen you must do a designated dance (side step and fist pump)


  • You can become frozen 3 ways
    • Getting tagged by a noodle
    • Going out of bounds
    • Falling down or sliding (stay on your feet)
  • No screaming

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Safety Points:

  • Look where you are going, never look behind you while someone is chasing you
  • Move to open space
  • Do not tag people on the head
Spaceship up spaceship downelementary p.e. games to play


  • After 45 seconds, give a freeze signal and stop the music and have the noodle taggers hand their noodle to a player who has not been a tagger yet, student’s who haven’t had a turn can designate this by raising their hand quietly.
  • Continue play until everyone has had a turn to be a tagger, or until time runs out


  • Allow students to make up their own dance.
  • Hand out more noodles to designate more taggers
  • Shorten the time limit or extend it
  • If you have a screen – throw up some “Sample Dance Moves” by copying this dance moves slideshow to give students some ideas for what to do when they are frozen (Warning: They might get SUPER excited about this… proceed at your own risk)

The kids love this game and request it all the time. It’s a great cardio game that leaves kids breathing heavy and smiling from ear to ear. Have fun and download the free Game Sheet for your lesson plans in my Resources Section or below.


UPDATE: a fellow Phys Ed Teacher Sara Wood came up with an awesome modification to slow your kids down if you want to check it out in her tweet below – just have all your kids balance bean bags on their heads – if they drop the bag – they must start dancing – Thanks Sara!

If you like Noodle Dance Tag – make sure to check out FIRE AND ICE TAGit’s a great follow up game once your students understand Noodle Dance Tag.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!

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