Site Map&your Digital Footprint

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Site Map&your Digital Footprint

Site Map&your Digital Footprint Chart

A sitemap is a tool that can be used to visualize the structure of a website. While it lists the web pages or the content of a website, it helps you identify the information your website should consist of, remove...

Just as a geographical map acts as your guide to a destination, your website’s site map is a navigational tool to help you and your audience find information quickly. Moreover, site maps also serve as a guide for search engine crawlers. Without site maps, search engines may focus on low priority pages and miss high priority ones. A sitemap generator is a specific type of software that can automatically create a list of pages that are contained within a website or online application. Department of Veterans Affairs. To help you navigate throughout the VA Web site easily, we have included a map of the high level pages below. Acquisitions Apply for Health Benefits Ask a Question. Benefits Booklet Benefits Information Biographies Blue Button Initiative Board of Veterans' Appeals Budget Burial and Memorial Benefits.

SiteSite Map&your Digital FootprintSite map&your digital footprint template

When it comes to working on a website design project, the usual MO for most is to draw up a sitemap before proceeding towards the design of a wireframe. This would be a logical and the most natural way to proceed, however, there is no reason why you cannot do both in tandem.

Site Map&your Digital Footprint Template

Scouring through cyberspace, Google has managed to cough up a gazillion articles on wireframes and mockups but not much on sitemaps. We thought it was time to give you a taste of what the humble but potent sitemap was capable of.

Site Map&your Digital Footprint Worksheet

In layman’s terms website map is a tool for planning and designing web sites. Visualizing your website using a sitemap (also known as site architecture map) is a decisive step because it helps in...