Simplified Signup Process


Simplified Sign-Up for Generous for Church

Platform: Generous for Church
Live Date: August 1 2019
Module(s): Mobile App, Text-to-Give

Generous has now updated its mobile and text-to-give sign-up procedure to make the process of giving for first-time users even quicker. With three (3) sets of information needed to get started.

  1. Provide your name
  2. Provide your email address
  3. Provide your credit card / debit account information

The system will then allow you to make your first payment.

Later, when you (the user) have time you can provide more user detail for your Generous user profile.

Try simple.

Simplified Process Solutions specializes in industrial strength pumps of various types and sizes. Our services are provided with a personal touch, at a higher standard of quality than others in the industry. This academic year (2020) we are offering grade 11 course in Physics to the students of the state of Victoria, Australia. This will extend to grade 12 next academic year. Volunteer sign up sheets can easily get misplaced or lost, creating a breakdown in communication and workflow. However, thanks to systems such as VolunteerHub, your volunteer coordinator can manage registrations in a secure, cloud-based volunteer management software platform. To simplify the process for employees choosing the detailed method, the CRA launched today simplified forms (Form T2200S and Form T777S) and a calculator designed specifically to assist with the calculation of eligible home office expenses. For more information on working from home expenses go to Canada.ca/cra-home-workspace-expenses.

Purpose: FEMA may provide funding to eligible applicants for costs related to emergency protective measures conducted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Emergency protective measures are activities conducted to address immediate threats to life, public health, and safety. Eligible Applicants may submit funding requests to the Recipient and FEMA through the Public Assistance Grants Portal.

Applicants: state, local, tribal and territorial governments, or eligible private nonprofits, submitting a request for assistance under a recipient’s federal award.

Recipients: states, tribes, or territories that receive and administer Public Assistance awards.

Recipients should work through their FEMA regional point of contacts to make sure that the following forms/paperwork have been filled out before applying for a grant:

  • FEMA-State/Tribal/Territorial Agreements,
  • Signed Federal Grant Applications (SF-424),
  • Updated Recipient Public Assistance (PA) Administrative Plans.

FEMA has simplified the process so you can apply for assistance online through the Public Assistance Grants Portal. To apply for a grant online please follow this process:

1. Recipients attend virtual applicant briefing

  • Those interested in attended a briefing should contact state, local, tribal and territorial governments.
Simplified sign up process flow chart

2. Log on and create account at Public Assistance (PA) Grants Portal3. Submit a Request for Public Assistance (RPA)4. Submit a COVID-19 Streamlined Project Application5. FEMA and Recipient review documents6. Applicant Signs Project7. Receive funding through Recipient

FEMA reviews information you have submitted online including work activities, costs, and supporting documentation and may contact you if we have any questions. You can log-in to Grants Portal see the progress of your grant at any time.

Applicants who have questions about the process should reach out to state, local, tribal and territorial governments.

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*This fact sheet has been updated for clarity on April 14, 2020

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