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Browsable = yes instructs samba to allow this share to be displayed on the client network browser. Read only = no instructs samba to allow you to modify or copy files to the directory, from a. In this guide we will install a WSD service on Ubuntu, which will allow Windows 10 machines to see other Ubuntu machines and Samba shares in Windows File Explorer. Prerequisites This guide is for Windows 10 users who cannot see other Ubuntu machines in the Windows File Explorer, but can access them directly with the network path either by using the hostname ( hostname share) or IP ( share).

VirtualBox is an excellent tool to run one or many virtual Windowsmachines on a Linux host. Its shared folders offer convenient accessto the host file system from the virtual machines. However, shared foldersmay not be suitable for specialized tasks such as storing .NETapplication-level Office addins. In this article I describe an alternativeway to share folders between the host and guest operating systems usingthe Samba file server.

VirtualBox shared folders

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To make use of the shared folders feature that is built intoVirtualBox you need to install the VirtualBox guest additions in theguest operating system. Then you can easily choose the folders to shareusing the VirtualBox GUI as described in the user manual. You do not need to set up a network for the virtual guest to beable to use shared folders.

The drawback: Windows security zones

VirtualBox’ shared folders work fine unless you want to access programfiles that are saved in those shared folders. In my particular case, Iexperimented with a .NET version of the XL Toolbox. Regardless how much Irelaxed the security settings both in the guest Windows’ internet settingsand in the Office Security Center, the .NET addin for Excel would notload. This caused me to look for alternatives to share files between myLinux host and the Windows guests.

Sharing folders using Samba

Samba is a free implementation of a Windows file server. It is easilyinstalled in Ubuntu Linux by issuing this command:

Samba setup


Since I only want to allow file sharing on my own laptop between the hostsystem and the virtual guest systems, I told Samba to only bind to thelocal loopback network interface and a virtual local network that we aregoing to set up in a minute. The configuration is done in the file/etc/samba/smb.conf:

When set up in this way, Samba will only respond to requests from thelocal network. Please note that the network was chosenarbitrarily by me; it is different from the LAN that my FRITZ!Boxwifi router creates (which is Any requests that therouter might let slip through to us should not be responded to by theSamba server, since the Server does not listen to the router network.

Samba status_more_processing_required

It is necessary to create a Samba password:

Sharing a folder

Sharing a folder in Ubuntu is as simple as right-clicking on the folder inthe Files window, and choose “Sharing Options”:

Samba Status_more_processing_required

Make sure to not allow others to create and delete files in this folder.

Alternatively, if you like to use the terminal, issue something like this:

Of course, you need to adjust the paths and user name to your own.

The net usershare command also provides options to list and removeshares; the options are displayed when the command is issued as-is.

Setting up a virtual network on the host

VirtualBox offers host-only networks to make sure a guest operating systemcommunicates only with the host, but not with the internet outside of thehost.


To enable this feature, choose the corresponding setting in the box’properties:

The name of the network (vboxnet0) is chosen automatically byVirtualBox.

Make sure that the network address matches the one that was put in theSamba configuration, e.g. To accomplishthis, summon the VirtualBox main window, then click on the File menu andchoose Preferences. Locate the network tab in the Preferences window,switch to “host-only networks”, and click the little screwdriver icon toedit the network details:

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Starting the virtual network during system boot

Note: On Ubuntu 15.10 (and maybe 15.04), the procedure described belowis no longer necessary.

When set up this way, the Samba server will fail to serve the sharedfolders to the virtual guests. It took me a while to find out the reasonfor this. The problem is that Samba is started when the system is booted.Since at this time VirtualBox has not created its virtual network yet,Samba cannot bind to the interface. As soon as a virtual guest is running,the host-only network is created, but Samba won’t automatically bind toits interface.

The solution to this problem is to create an Upstart job so thatVirtualBox creates its network during system startup.

Create the following file using sudo vim, sudo nano or somethingsimilar:

Note the usage of start on stopped rc RUNLEVEL=[2345]. Many Upstart jobsuse the stanza start on runlevel [2345]. The VirtualBox kernelmodule is loaded by an “old-fashioned” System V job. System V jobs areexecuted when runlevel 2 is reached. We must delay execution of our customUpstart job until the System V jobs have been executed. This is why itsays start on stopped rc RUNLEVEL=[2345]. With start on runlevel, ourvboxnet job and the System V init jobs would start to executesimultaneously.

To make the Samba server wait until the VirtualBox network is up andrunning, change the following line in /etc/init/smbd.conf:


When you restart the system now, the host-only network will be set up andthe Samba server will correctly bind to the network interface:

Mapping a drive letter to a shared folder in Windows

To map the shared folder to a drive letter in the Windows guest, make sureto enter the username with the appropriate domain, e.g.xltoolboxdaniel. The password is the one that you entered usingsmbpasswd above. If you do not include the domain name in the login,you will be prompted to enter you credentials every time you log into theWindows guest system.


That’s it. Don’t forget to relax your security settings to make thevirtual network trusted. This will enable you to run .NET Office addinsfrom a network share.

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