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Indiana Fish & Wildlife Online License System

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You need to create an account in Access Indiana to login to your DNR Fish & Wildlife online portal, even if you already have an online account with DNR Fish & Wildlife to purchase licenses.

If you have trouble creating an account or logging in, please contact Access Indiana Customer Service, visit the help website, or call 800-457-8283 to reach customer support for Access Indiana. The Indiana DNR is no longer able to assist with changes or corrections to emails (usernames), passwords, or confirm accounts. Once you set up an account in Access Indiana and need to change your email address, you can select “Change Email Address” under the “Profile” menu to enter your new email address and click on 'Forgot Password' to reset your password.

This system supports the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. We request that you use one of these supported browsers to ensure that you can complete your transaction.

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Through the Division of Fish & Wildlife’s online license portal, you can:

  • Purchase your Indiana resident and non-resident fishing, hunting, and trapping licenses.
  • Access the CheckIN Game system.
  • Apply for reserved hunts.
  • Find your Customer ID.
  • Register for your harvest information program (HIP) number.

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Read the following information before making your purchase. You should also review Indiana fishing, hunting and trapping regulations and fees.

Before purchasing a license, note:

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  • Payment forms accepted include MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Online license purchases have an additional $1 per license fee for system-support maintenance and updates, and an additional $1 plus 1.99 percent credit card company fee on each transaction. You can also purchase your license in person.
  • An Indiana resident is a person who has established a true fixed and permanent home and primary residence in Indiana for 60 consecutive days prior to buying a license or permit and does not claim residency for hunting, trapping or fishing in another state or country. All others are non-residents.
  • A separate account with a unique e-mail address is required for each license buyer 18 years or older. You can only buy licenses with the same account for children who are 17 and younger.
  • Print the license on your printer. Test your printer before buying your license by printing this page. If buying on a mobile device, the system will generate an electronic PDF copy which can be saved.
  • Anyone born after Dec. 31, 1986 must provide a hunter education number in order to buy a hunting license. Otherwise, only apprentice hunting licenses are available.
  • State law (Indiana Code 14-22-11-3 (a) requires an applicant for a fishing, hunting or trapping license to provide the applicant’s Social Security number in order to obtain the license. Social Security numbers acquired under this requirement are kept confidential and used only to carry out the purposes of the Title IV-D program, which are spelled out in IC 14-11-3-4, authorizing the DNR to deny or suspend any fish and wildlife license to an individual who is delinquent in child support payments.
  • Licenses are non-transferable and non-refundable. Make sure the license purchase is correct before submission. Verify address, date of birth and physical description (i.e., hair and eye color). For additional questions, email [email protected]
  • Initial DAV licenses are not available through the online system. Call 317-232-4200 for information.
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After purchasing a license:

  • Carry a signed license (and applicable federal stamps and HIP number) or the electronic copy on you while fishing, hunting or trapping. Present or show the license upon request from a DNR Conservation Officer or any other authorized law enforcement officer.
  • Carry a temporary (deer / turkey) transportation tag if you plan to hunt deer or turkey.
  • DNR-issued licenses may be revoked at the discretion of a court upon conviction of fish and wildlife law violations, or at the discretion of the department for non-compliance with conditions under which licenses are issued.

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  • Personal information is secure. Information collected by the Indiana DNR will not be disclosed except as required by state or federal law. All Social Security numbers and/or credit card numbers are treated as secured data. The DNR does not maintain credit card numbers on file.
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