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The QuickBooks 2015 for Mac can be used with the knowledge of accounting as it comes with a great tutorial feature.


2 thoughts on “ QuickBooks 2015 for Mac: Budget Creation, Accounts Integration ” Gertude Strine August 27, 2015 at 1:43 pm. QuickBooks Mac Small Business Accounting Software 2015 is very simple to install and it comes with all the tutorials so that you can operate this program without any problems and without taking help of other people. Initially, I assumed I’d buy the Mac version of QuickBooks 2013 , but when I read Macworld’s review, I discovered that the app’s data files aren’t cross-platform compatible. QuickBooks for Mac 2015 has been updated consistently over the last 3 years and continues to provide for the bookkeeping needs of small companies using Macs in their offices. However, it has limited job costing functionality. Outside of that limitation, it is similar in functionality to the 2010 version of QuickBooksPro which runs on Windows. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for QuickBooks Mac Small Business Accounting Software 2015 (Old Version) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

The integrated tutorial feature lets you know the ways of creating invoices, recording expenses and many others. You can easily access data from a spreadsheet and contacts from address book. The software is supported with 60 days money back guarantee. The QuickBooks 2015 for Mac comes with great business tracking feature to get the information you need with simple reports, you can view and manage profit and loss using the Income Tracker feature. You get live view of your business activities.

It allows budget creation by fiscal year and your can further evaluate the performance of your business. It has great email features where you can attach files, charts, images and other business items, you can customize emails and access your deposits history. Read more…

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