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If you are into video editing then you must have heard of iMovie because it is a very popular software program. It is manufactured by Apple and mostly used for iOS as well as Mac platforms. The initial release in 1999 was Mac OS 8 but there have been many versions that have found their way into the market since then.

We have a Mac Pro with iMovie 10.0.5 and Final Cut Pro v10.1.3 and my husband manages a popular HD YouTube channel using both of these Apple applications. Previous versions of iMovie were difficult to learn and certainly no where near as flexible as these latest releases. IMovie is free for Mac users which makes it easily accessible for those interested. IMovie is a great tool for someone who has never touched editing software before. The interface is arguably not user-friendly, but for its purposes, it can get the job done. IMovie 10 Review for OS X Mavericks Chris Burns - Oct 24, 2013, 3:48pm CDT Today we’re having a look at the newest edition of Apple’s basic video editing software, that being OS X Mavericks.

IMovie is a video editing app for making slideshows with photos, music, video, and audio. It can easily edit videos on VHS, camcorder etc. It can share videos on Youtube in different format files. IMovie Screenshots (1). Apple iMovie share to social media window. Apple iMovie exporting window The user interface has seen some unfortunate changes. Key features from previous versions — wrapping timeline and dual monitor mode — were removed in favor for an attempt at a standardized timeline.

Review Imovie For Mac

Part 1: iMovie for Mac Review

iMovie for Mac has been uniquely designed to ensure you get the best experience when using it for your video editing purposes. Its design is fresh to let you have the best of experiences with your videos like you have never had in life. It is very easy to browse and navigate for your video files, you can share the best moments with friends and people you feel like while coming up with high quality movies is the best thing with iMovie for Mac. These are some of the notable features that you will enjoy with iMovie for Mac.

Mapping is a key feature that you will come across in almost every version of iMovie. It has backgrounds as well as maps that are used for creating titles for a movie. You will have the freedom of choosing between static flat maps, animated flat maps and animated globe maps which are the main categories available under this feature. Furthermore, you will get four key map types namely blue marble, educational, watercolor and old world which widens your scope of consideration. Themes are another important feature that you cannot ignore when dealing with iMovie for Mac.

There are approximately fifteen themes that you will find in every iMovie version from which you will have to select the one that best suits your new movie. Each one of the themes has its specific transitions and titles that are professionally designed to enhance your experience. It will all depend on what you go for so be sure to settle for the best ones only. The transitions and themes are automatic which will give you a free time in coming up with your movie. iMovie is very flexible to allow you change themes in the middle of your movie project.

Don't take it that because you have settled on a certain theme then it is the one to stick to till the end. You can change at any point of your editing but not after it is complete. You will have the privilege of enjoying the time stamp feature when working with iMovie for Mac.

This is a feature that contains details on the time and date when a clip being used for editing was captured. It is very critical because you need to have specific records of your editing work. The feature is flexible such that you will be able to alter the date as well as time of the clip recording. This is not necessary or mandatory but might come up as you continue editing.

iMovie theater is another feature where movies and trailers made can be viewed easily. The displays of this theater are beautiful and compatible with most of the Apple devices. This feature makes it possible to enjoy your new movie on iPod, iPad, iPhone and any other device supported by Mac.

Part 2: How to Free Download iMovie for Mac

You can download iMovie for Mac at no cost and enjoy to the maximum. Many people are used to the paid version of iMovie but be informed that free versions are now available in the market for your consideration. There are two main ways of downloading iMovie for free; immediately you have launched the apps store and manually. Both options are effective so you should not have any problems choosing the best one to use. After launching the apps store, you will get a request to have all apps by Apple downloaded for free. However, you must have met the minimum requirements to be eligible for this free download.

Once qualified, the procedure is very simple and clear. There will be a popup that shows up immediately the app store is up and running where you will have to tap on the 'download all' button. You will be requested to enter some credentials for identification purposes of your Apple device which you should comply with. Once accepted by the system, the downloading process will begin in earnest. The option of downloading iMovie for free from the app store manually is equally simple. Mostly, it acts as a fallback plan in case you failed to download upon launching the app store.

Review imovie for mac proMac

Review Imovie For Mac Os

This one is much better because it allows you to view all the apps that Apple manufactures and iMovie will be one of them. You can tap on the iMovie icon to view all its key information in readiness to downloading. If there is a price tag imposed to allow you download, ignore it because you are looking for free downloads only. Generally, you will never miss out on an iMovie available for free download over the internet. It is only that you must make extensive research before settling on the right one. In some cases, you might want to pay for your iMovie download which is not a bad idea if you are financially endowed.


The cost to pay will largely be determined by the type of website you choose to download as well as country of residence. Some websites charge high prices while others have subsidized so you must be keen to make a selection that will suit your financial situation. Also, countries have different laws governing such downloads and the more stringent they are the higher you will have to pay for the download. Generally, iMovie is usually pre-installed in Mac so you will have not to pay much since only upgrades will be required.


Updates to the software are done for free meaning your iMovie will cost very minimal even when there is need to download. In America, you can have a single download going for $15; Australia mostly charges $15.99 while many other countries range around the same. Taxes can as well have an implication on the cost of downloading iMovie regardless of the country you are from.

Part 3: Your Best Alternative to iMovie for Mac –iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac

iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac

This Video Editor for Mac is a professional video editing application allows you to customize your home-made videos with abundant, basic yet useful editing tools.

  • Offer basic and pro version
  • Support various video and audio types, like MP4, MOV, AVI, AVCHD, MTS, MOD, MKV, FLV, etc
  • Supply abundant video editing tools, like trimming, cropping, splitting, transitions, fade effect, etc
  • Do video conversion to make your unplayable video format compatible with your apps or devices
Windows Version

Review Imovie For Mac Catalina

Secure Download

If you are looking for an alternative software program for iMovie then iOrgSoft Video Converter for Mac is the right one to choose. It is a professional editor that can cut, trim, split and join video files at the same time. Its editing features are the best you can get in the market with ability to handle nearly all types of file formats including FLV, VOB, MPG, M4V, 3GP and MP4, etc. The process of editing video using this program begins with loading the files. Have the program launched and then click on the 'Video', 'Image', 'Audio', or 'Text' menu to add required files.

Review Imovie For Mac Windows 10

iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac allows for batch editing. You can drag all the files to the related position in the timeline. Then you can start off the editing procedures. Cropping is one of the tasks that you can perform when editing and it's all about getting rid of any parts that you feel are undesirable in the movie. Other editing tasks include rotation, flipping, clipping and capturing of images. After that, you can save the edited videos with the right output format.

Review Imovie For Mac Versions

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Review Imovie For Mac

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