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Red Button is a small, completely free application that considerably improves the performance of your equipment to increase the overall speed of all your processes.
Each of the options provided are split up into four tabs:
- Performance Improvements: in which we can disable lots of Windows automatic processes such as Dr. Watson or CTFMON.
- Operating System Components: remove Windows elements like wallpapers, Media Player, or Help.
- Disk Wiper: remove temporary files, Internet cache, empty folders, etc.
- Registry cleaner: delete all the registries for different Windows apps.
Once you have selected all the operations you want to do, all you have to do is confirm, save your changes and press the red button. Depending on the amount of boxes marked, the process will take more or less time. Though it'll usually take less than a minute.
Red Button is a very useful tool, since it allows making some very useful modifications to your system in a very simple way.
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By Erika Okumura

Red Button Ice Cream



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