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Puerto Rican Migration To The United States

Puerto Rican Genealogy/Hispanic Genealogy

Puerto Rican Migrationpuerto Rican Genealogy Society

Puerto rican migrationpuerto rican genealogy society

Before embarking on a search for your ancestors from Puerto Rico, it is very important to have a good background in the history and culture of Puerto Rico. Most birth, marriage and death records are kept at the local or town level so it is crucial to know the town(s) your ancestors came from. Additionally, it is important to know that the Catholic Church played a large role in Puerto Rican Society. Church records, also kept at the local level, provide valuable information about baptisms, marriages, First Communions, Confirmations, etc. A solid understanding of the roots of Hispanic surnames or family names is necessary because on official records, both the maternal and paternal surnames were used. Having an understanding of these names will help in the record deciphering process. Below is a list of books that cover much of the background understanding that will aid in a successful genealogy search. There are also a number of websites which are great sources for searching records and all of the websites listed below have detailed explanations and directions about how to best go about a search.

  1. The purpose of Puerto Rico Genealogy is to provide information to beginners on how to find ancestors from Puerto Rico. I may include other parts of the world as Puerto Rico is a fusion of different cultures. I will also provide information about the history of Puerto Rico. I also want to share information related to Genetics.
  2. I am hoping that the Puerto Rican community in Hawaii may have records or memories of my grandparents. Any help would be greatly appreciated., 03:22 PM.

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Puerto Rico Genealogy Puerto Rico Genealogy covers information about an island located in the Caribbean, that is just east of the island of Hispaniola and west of the Virgin Islands. Initially, the island was populated by indigenous people when Europeans arrived in 1493.


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