Provide Us With Feedback & Win Some Prizes

  1. Provide Us With Feedback & Win Some Prizes Remaining
  2. Provide Us With Feedback & Win Some Prizes Money
  1. You have no obligation to provide Us with ideas, suggestions, or proposals (“Feedback”).However, if You submit Feedback to Us, then You grant Us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license that is sub-licensable and trans- ferable, to make, use, sell, have made, offer to sell, import, reproduce, publicly display, distribute, modify, or publicly perform the Feedback in any.
  2. In the Summarize your feedback box, provide a concise but clear title for your problem or suggestion. In the Explain in more detail (optional) box, you can give us more specific information, like how you encountered the problem. Select whether this is a Problem or a Suggestion.
Provide us with feedback & win some prizes money-->

Microsoft 365 learning pathways is an open source project that's supported through an online issues list on GitHub. The Microsoft 365 learning pathways solution is not covered by any existing Microsoft support contract.

Provide Us With Feedback & Win Some Prizes Remaining

Provide us with feedback & win some prizes money

Report Issues


The STAR feedback method then involves writing down the action that the employee took – either positive or negative. Once again, try to be as specific as possible – avoid phrases like “sorted it out” or “messed up” and go with details such as “calmed the customer down by listening and offering a discount” or “didn`t manage to make the extra sales”. If you need to write an email asking for feedback at work or at school, or on a written manuscript, you should consider the phrasing, timing, and structure when crafting your email to make it as effective as possible. Being polite, punctual, and specific in your emails can help get you the feedback you need. Method 1 Asking for Feedback at Work.

Provide Us With Feedback & Win Some Prizes Money

If you have issues with the open source site template or webpart that delivers the Microsoft 365 learning pathways experience, please enter your issue in our GitHub issues list. You can find this list at https://aka.ms/CustomLearningHelp


As is standard with open source solutions, the community triages these issues for resolution. Feature requests are transferred into our User Voice instance noted below. Code bugs are escalated to the community and service managers for triage and resolution.

Provide us feedback

Our solution is only a success if it is enabling your business outcomes. Please help us to make it better by giving us regular feedback through UserVoice. We regularly review all your comments and questions.

Usage Questions

Provide us with feedback & win some prizes money

For questions about best practices in using the Microsoft 365 learning pathes, join us on the Driving Adoption forums on the Microsoft Technical Community at https://aka.ms/DriveAdoption.

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