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  • CB gave decent rewards from Territory wars if this game wants to be a better version of CB I assume that it would copy at least the good part of CB?! At this point someone would say but we will get more rewards at the end of the season, in 2 months. Who knows if we all still going to play this in 2months, tbh.
  • Leaving: Players can leave a Territory War up to the point of Player Lock. Setup Phase: This is a period where players assign their defensive squads/fleets to protect their territories. Unlike Territory Battles, units do not refresh in Territory Wars, so it is important to save units for the attack phase.
TypeTerritory War
Runs4 Days
Requires25+ Guild Members
Units with 6000+ Power
Reward Guild Token
Mk I Guild Event Token
Mk II Guild Event Token
Ability Material Zeta
Ability Material Omega
Ability Material Mk III
Release dateNovember 29, 2017

ATTENTION: Territory War is now available ONLINE! Check it out at www.territorywaronline.co m!!!!! Movies, games, forums, scoreboards at AFRO-NINJA.COM Play this game on my site for the ability to enter your best challenge times on the high score list! This game was a few solid months of work, so I hope you enjoy. Castle ownership has been expanded into territory ownership. Where previously a castle was the highest form of ownership available, this facet of game play has been expanded to include the castle, the local town/village and the nearby hunting grounds.

Territory War is a guild event that has two guilds battle against each other. The event lasts for 4 days and consists of 4 phases; Preview, Setup, Attack, and Review. A guild must have a minimum of 25 guild members sign up to participate and only units in a player's roster that have over 6000 Galactic Power can be used.

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The current Territory War map



Play Territory Wars 2

There are four phases and each phase lasts for 24 hours.

Preview Phase


During this phase, players choose to Join the event. Once a player has joined, their roster in the event will be locked to how it was when they hit Join. All progression that occurs on any units after they have joined will NOT be reflected in the event. This is referred to as Player Lock and is used to provide a fair matchmaking experience. When the preview phase ends a very short Matchmaking period (~1 minute) will pair 2 guilds using a combination of factors including the number of players and the strength of their rosters.

Setup Phase

During this phase, a guild will set defenses on the territory map. Each territory on a map will require x amount of defenses (depending on the amount of players that joined the Territory War). Teams must consist of 5 characters and fleet teams a minimum of three with a capital ship. Units within a players roster can only be used once during this event. This means any unit put on defense may not be used for offense and vice versa.

Attack Phase

In this phase players attack their opponent’s defensive squads on the front territories. Territories behind the front territory will not be available to attack until a front territory is defeated. Defensive squads have persistent health and turn meter so players need to work together to defeat the opponents and make sure not to load a team's turn meter. Once all the opponent’s Defensive squads have been beaten in the available Territories, the Guild conquers the territory “pushing” to the next set of Territories. This will allow the guild to complete the Territory War Attack Phase as quickly as they choose.

Review Phase

A period to review the final status of the event. Players can see characters on all territories.


The winner of the match is based on the guild with the most banners at the conclusion. Players earn banners for a variety of actions including setting a defensive squad, successfully defeating a defensive squad, and conquering an opponent’s territory. More points are earned for conquering territories in the back three positions.

  • Set Defense:
    • Set Squad: +30 Banners
    • Set Fleet: +34 Banners
  • Offense Victory:
    • Successful Attack: +5 Banners
    • First Attempt Victory: +10 Banners
    • Second Attempt Victory: +5 Banners
    • Survivor Bonus: +1 Banner per surviving unit
    • Slot Bonus: +1 Banner per empty unit slot if bringing less than 5 units
  • Conquer:
    • +450 Banners for each cleared enemy Territory (doubled for back row Territories)
    • +10 additional Banners per Defensive Squad/Fleet that can be deployed in that Territory.


Every guild member that participated in the event will receive the same reward when the event is over. Guilds must achieve at least 600 banners to earn rewards and players must set at least one team on defense or use one team during the attack phase to be considered as participating. Rewards are based on the total combined Galactic Power from all guild members that joined and the place they came in when it ends.

First Place
Active GPGear
Second Place
Active GPGear
First Place Gear Quantities

1216 (8/8)20 (10/10)101010
916 (8/8)20 (10/10)101010
-16 (8/8)20 (10/10)101010
-14 (7/7)18 (9/9)101010
-12 (6/6)16 (8/8)101010
-10 (5/5)14 (7/7)101010
-8 (4/4)12 (6/6)101010
-6 (3/3)12 (6/6)888
-6 (3/3)10 (5/5)888
-6 (3/3)8 (4/4)888
-4 (2/2)8 (4/4)888
-4 (2/2)6 (3/3)888
Second Place Gear Quantities

1014 (7/7)18 (9/9)888
714 (7/7)18 (9/9)888
-14 (7/7)18 (9/9)888
-12 (6/6)16 (8/8)888
-10 (5/5)14 (7/7)888
-8 (4/4)12 (6/6)888
-6 (3/3)12 (6/6)888
-6 (3/3)10 (5/5)666
-6 (3/3)8 (4/4)666
-4 (2/2)8 (4/4)666
-4 (2/2)6 (3/3)666
-4 (2/2)4 (2/2)666


Deployment Strategies

One of the most common strategies is to put good defensive teams, such as Revan, Bastila, First Order, Nightsisters or Bossk teams in the front territories and put weaker teams in the back territories.

Attack Strategies

Most guilds pick a side to attack and only attack there until they get to the back territory, since the three back territories award double conquer points.





  • It was originally announced on October 3, 2017 and the first Territory War ran on November 29th, 2017.
  • On January 2, 2019, CG announced that Territory Wars will take a more playful and fun direction and that Grand Arena will be purely for competitive play. Part of making Territory Wars more playful, they sent out a survey asking which groups of characters to keep. The lowest voted groups would be unavailable during the next Territory War. In total, 28 random characters would not be available. This grew a great amount of negative feedback from players across social media.
  • December 2018 was the first month without any Territory Wars since it was first introduced. This was because of tight scheduling around the newly released Grand Arena mode as well as several other events.
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Castle ownership has been expanded into territory ownership. Where previously a castle was the highest form of ownership available, this facet of game play has been expanded to include the castle, the local town/village and the nearby hunting grounds. This new territory system will foster a complimentary relationship between clans and general users, boost economic profits, and increase the influence that both clans and casual users have in the development of the land.

Territory Components

A territory consists of a castle, the corresponding town or village, territory fortress and hunting ground. There are presently 9 existing territories:


Territory War: Battle

Cycle and Beginning

Territory wars will occur one day before the castle sieges and will have the same 2 week cycle. To accommodate this, the castle siege schedule was modified. All territory wars will occur on Saturday, all castle sieges are being moved to Sundays. When you talk to the Territory Manager NPC to sign up you can also see the time for the war – it should display in your time zone (not using in-game time).

Occurrence of Territory Battle

How To Play Territory Wars Swgoh

Upon the completion of a castle siege, territory status is automatically given to the winning clan. The territory war will begin on the designated date/time, regardless of whether the castle-owning clan leader has been declared as lord. Being declared as the lord of the territory is done through a specific quest. And it is only after being proclaimed as territory lord that you are able to participate in a territory war.

Play Territory War

Register to Participate

  • To participate, players must register through the Mercenary Captain of their chosen territory.
  • Whether you are in a clan or not, anyone outside of that territory’s castle owning clan can register for participation.
  • You can register either as an individual, or you can register your entire clan at once.
  • Any clan member who has the appropriate clan permissions can register their clan in a territory war.
  • Individual particpants who want to join as mercenaries must register for themselves.
  • Only characters level 40 and above who have completed their 2nd class transfer can participate in a territory war.
  • Territory War registration and cancellation end 2 hours before the battle begins.
  • Registration can be cancelled in the same way it is requested. When you speak to a Mercenary Captain, the button that you push (Merc Request) to register will then toggle to Merc. Cancel. So if you wish to cancel your registration, simply click the button again.
  • Castle owning clans will automatically be registered.

Beginning of Territory Battle.

  • Once a territory battle begins, the castle, ther area surrounding the castle and the territory fortress area are changed to the battlefield. Any nonparticipating characters who are located in these areas will be teleported away once the battle begins.
  • The clan lord of the territory can build a headquarters or outpost on the battlefield during a territory war.
  • The other participating clan lords can build a headquarters only.
  • Closed fortress and castle gates are attackable during a territory war.
  • The territory channel is automatically activated 20 minutes before the beginning of battle.
  • This territory is automatically terminated 10 minutes after the territory battle is over.
  • The Territory Ward and Supplies Safe can be found insides each castle. The Territory Catapult is found in the territory fortress.

Battle Rules

  • Basic rules for a territory war are similar to the rules for a castle siege: participants are divided according to friendly force, enemy, and non-affiliated. Each particpating territory has its own territory icon, differentiating friendly and enemy forces. Non-affiliated forces bear no icon above their head during the war.
  • Friendly forces include clan members who belong to the same territory, other registered clans and registered mercenaries.
  • Clan members who belong to different territories are automatic enemies to one another once a territory war has begun.
  • Any players who are not registered in the territory war are considered non-affiliated.
  • All registered particpants are marked with a territory symbol above their head. This will allow for ease of recognition on the battlefield.
  • Force attack is not needed while on a battlefield during a territory war. Upon targeting an enemy, your cursor will automatically give you the sword icon. Friendly forces cannot be attacked, not even with force attack.
  • The range attack causes damage to those who are the friendly force and non-affiliated. AOE skills will affect all enemy and non-affiliated forces on the battlefield.
  • PK counts are not applied while on the battlefield.
  • There is no PK penalty because the clan battle status is maintained even though enemies go outside of the battlefield.
  • Any player who leaves the battlefield area during a territory war will be flagged (purple) for 120 seconds.
  • When a registered player dies on the battlefield during a territory war, they will not incur a loss of experience points or item drops.
  • If a non-affiliated (unregistered) player dies on the battlefield, they will incur the same penalty that is received for dying on a General Field.
  • When you die in the combat zone you can receive Battlefield Death Syndrome debuff which looks like death penalty on your buff bar and while it’s in effect the territory tag above you loses its brightness:
  • Any players who are registered in the territory battle will have the option of restarting in the following areas:

Residence district within the castle and 1st village
Residence district within the castle and 1st camp and outpost


  • A clan lord who owns a castle can now build an Outpost during a territory war.
  • When a clan lord builds an Outpost, 30 MP and 120 ‘B-grade gemstones’ are consumed.
  • Only one Outpost can be constructed at a time. The lord will also have a skill allowing them to demolish their outpost, thus allowing the player to move their outpost at will during the territory war. However, please note that each construction attempt will still cost the items listed above.
  • Other players cannot destroy an outpost, nor can an outpost be repaired.
  • HP/MP recovery rate for all friendly forces who are located near an outpost will increase by 100%.
  • Any participants who die in the territory battle can restart at an outpost or camp. This includes mercenaries.
  • When a territory battle is over, all outposts and headquarters disappear.


All territory battle participants, excluding castle owning clan members, will be guaranteed their anonymity in a territory battle through the following methods:

Disguise Scrolls
  • In order to maintain individual anonymity, players registered as mercenaries can purchase a Disguise Scroll from the Territory Manager. When used, a Disguise Scroll changes the characters name to ‘Guardian’ in preparation for the territory battle. The territory for which they are fighting will appear before the word Guardian. For example: if I am fighting for Aden Castle and use a Disguise Scroll, my name will appear as Aden Guardian.
  • A Disguise Scroll can be used 20 minutes prior to the start battle and will last until 10 minutes after the territory battle ends.
  • Each Disguise Scroll lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Character names displayed in chat and combat system messages are also changed. However, the original character name will be displayed in trade windows and private messages.
  • The changed name will be maintained even if one dies or disconnects.
  • One cannot create a private store (buy or sell) or create a dwarven workshop while one is using the disguise scroll.
  • Chaotic characters (including players who have a cursed sword) and Olympiad participants cannot use Disguise Scrolls during Territory War.
Mercenary Transformation
  • All territory battle participants can purchase the Mercenary Transformation Scroll through a Mercenary Captain. However, only registered particpants outside of the castle owning clan can use this item.
  • When a player has been transformed by a Mercenary Transformation Scroll and is in a party, neither the mercenary or the other party members will be able to accummulate Exp or SP. However, Fame Points can still be acquired by the mercenary.
  • By completing the Path to Becoming a Mercenary quest, you will receive an Elite Mercenary Certificate. This certificate will allow you to purchase a wider variety of items thorugh the Mercenary Captain.
  • The mercenary transformation will last for 30 minutes, and the transformation will not be cancelled even if one dies during the war.
  • A Mercenary Transformation Scroll can be used 20 minutes prior to the start of a territory battle.
  • Chaotic characters (including players who have a cursed sword) and Olympiad participants cannot use a Mercenary Transformation during Territory War.


  • Each of the nine territories has a specific territory skill associated with it. These skills are called Territory Benefactions.
  • When a territory battle ends, the territory skill is applied to all clan members of the castle owning clan (excluding academy members). For example: If the lord of Aden is able to acquire territory wards for Aden, Rune, and Giran, all clan memebers associated with Aden castle will gain the passive territory skill.
  • One has to own the territory ward of one’s own territory in order to be acquire the Benefaction skills.
  • Even if a different clan lord is delegated, a territory wards and ownership for the corresponding territory do not change.
  • Ownership of each territory ward can be found through Mini map -> World Information -> Territory Battle Information. The territory icons next to each clan denote who possesses which wards.
Territory SkillEffect
Gludio Territory BenefactionSTR +1 / INT +1
Dion Territory BenefactionDEX +1 / WIT +1
Giran Territory BenefactionSTR +1 / MEN +1
Oren Territory BenefactionCON +1 / MEN +1
Aden Territory BenefactionDEX +1 / MEN +1
Innadril Territory BenefactionCON +1 / INT +1
Goddard Territory BenefactionDEX +1 / INT +1
Rune Territory BenefactionSTR +1 / WIT +1
Schuttgart Territory BenefactionCON +1 / WIT +1
Territory Special Products
  • Any players who participate in a territory battle can purchase various special products (per territory) through a territory manager.
  • Each item sold by the Territory Manager costs both Adena and a certain amount of Territory Badges. These badges are obtained through particpation in a Territory War.
  • One can combine a belt with a pouch or pin, or break the seal on a pouch or pin, through a Weaver. These NPC’s are located near the warehouses in Aden and Rune.
  • There is the possibility of failure when opening a Territory Supply Box or attempting to unseal a pin or pouch.
  • Only players with a Knight ranking and above can wear a cloak. In order to wear a cloak, one must be part of a castle-owning clan and be equipped with a full set of Vesper Noble or Dynasty armor.
Territory Badge
  • Territory badges are acquired through a Territory Manager after completing a quest which occurs during a territory battle. This mission will automatically be assigned to all registered participants who are online during the time when the territory battle is occurring.
  • To see the list of rewards from the Territory Manager you need to have at least one badge of the respective territory or the NPC asks you to bring them before showing the list.
Acquiring Noblesse Rank

A player can now become a noblesse through one of the Territory Managers, regardless of whether they have a subclass or not. To do this costs a specific amount of territory badges. Those have to be collected from one territory, badges from different areas do not accumulate.

Quests and Rewards Exclusive for Territories
  • One can receive various rewards such as experience points and SP through territory quests
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