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Gets papercut studying must be a sign, done. Lazy College Senior. Jun 21, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Jan Werkt. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Ford wss-m1h1003-a: fabric, papercut pattern, woven jacquard, unlaminated.to be used with ford wss-m99p1111-a. PaperCut Software is the company behind the 'PaperCut' print and copy control applications. Here at PaperCut we are an engineering-driven software developmen. Firstly, Vanessa White our support User auditing with PaperCut v15.1 System Auditing Our support team are at the front line, hearing and reporting customer feedback that results in new feature development, enhancements and bug fixes.

PaperCut provides embedded software for most multi-functional devices (MFD) which offers a touch screen experience with all the features you need to control and track jobs conducted via the MFD. These include:

Papercutbe Tech Help
  • End user authentication
  • Monitoring and control of photocopying, scanning and faxing (quotas, charging, allocation and logging)
  • Allocation of copying to accounts/departments/cost-centres/projects
  • Release jobs from a hold/release queue (secure printing/Find-Me printing)
Papercut help

Papercut Customer Support

The PaperCut software development team have developed solutions for all major copier brands, including:

Papercut Help

Papercutbe Tech Help

Papercutbe Tech Help Desk

  • Brother
    PaperCut MF provides integration with Brother multi-function devices that support the Brother Solutions Interface (BSI). Brother devices support the use of compatible USB card readers.
  • Canon
    PaperCut supports selected Canon MEAP (Multi-Function Embedded Application Platform) multi-function devices. Canon devices support the use of compatible USB card readers and require the Canon MEAP USB driver installed / enabled on the MFD by a qualified Canon engineer.
  • DELL
    Dell multi-function devices are re-branded Lexmark, Samsung or Xerox machines. Please contact ITS to discuss compatibility and support.
  • Epson
    PaperCut supports a selection of Epson MFDs that are compatible with the Epson Open Platform (EOP). PaperCut MF 16.0 and above with an Epson Connector licence is required and supplied by ITS. The embedded software for Epson MFDs is supported on the following device models with Epson OPS for PaperCut: WF-5690, WF-M5690, WF-R5690, WF-6590, WF-8590, WF-R8590 and PX-M7050FP.
  • HP
    PaperCut supports selected multi-function HP devices supporting the “Chai SOE DSE” or 'FutureSmart' frameworks. Compatible card readers connect to the device via the USB port. On some devices this is hidden under a sticker on the side panel.
  • Konica Minolta / Develop / Olivetti
    PaperCut supports selected multi-function Konica Minolta / Develop / Olivetti devices with the “OpenAPI” functionality. PaperCut requires OpenAPI version 2.3.1 or higher with version 3.1+ / 4.0 recommended. All devices must have a hard drive installed. The PaperCut Konica Minolta i-Option device type is available and supported on either OpenAPI 3.x or OpenAPI 4.x devices. Many older devices can have their firmware upgraded to support version 3.1 or higher. Please contact your Konica Minolta / Develop dealer to inquire about firmware upgrade availability for your model. The following devices require additional memory when running PaperCut, please contact Konica Minolta / Develop for info: Bizhub C203, C253, C353, C451, C550, C650. Compatible USB card readers can only be sourced from Konica Minolta / Develop directly or via one of their dealers and may require a qualified Konica Minolta trained engineer to install a driver onto the MFD. Alternatively, ITS can supply network card readers for use with Konica Minolta / Develop MFDs.
  • Kyocera / UTAX / Olivetti
    PaperCut supports selected multi-function Kyocera /UTAX/Olivetti devices supporting the “Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions” (HyPAS) platform. The Kyocera / UTAX Card Authentication Kit is required when cards are used as the method of authentication. This is an optional component that will have to be purchased separately from your Kyocera / UTAX dealer.
  • Lexmark
    PaperCut supports selected multi-function Lexmark devices, printers and touch screen printers supporting the “Lexmark Embedded Solutions Framework” (LeSF). PaperCut requires Lexmark devices to support LeSF version 1.2 or later. All devices must be certified with the latest available firmware, default memory and hard disk sizes. Lexmark devices support the use of USB card readers.
  • OKI
    PaperCut MF provides integration with OKI Open Platform MFDs and selected OKI A4 workgroup multi-function devices. Please check that the OKI Embedded Web Browser (EWB) is enabled on your device. The OKI Embedded Web Browser (EWB) / External Interface Enabler (Code: GS-1020) is an optional module licensed from OKI. Please check support with your OKI representative. OKI devices support the use of compatible USB card readers. Some card readers may require special firmware for use on the OKI devices. This can be obtained from ITS.
  • Ricoh
    PaperCut supports selected multi-function Ricoh devices supporting the “Ricoh Embedded Software Architecture” (ESA). Devices must support ESA SDK v2.x or SDK v4.x and later that have an LCD touch-screen. The Ricoh Java card must be installed. This can be purchased and installed by any Ricoh dealer. USB Card Reader support is only available on devices running ESA SDK v4.x or higher.
  • Riso
    PaperCut supports selected high volume RISO ComColor multi-function devices. The RISO ComColor device must be installed with the latest firmware. Many older devices can have their firmware upgraded, please contact your RISO dealer to inquire about firmware upgrade availability for your model. RISO devices support the use of compatible USB card readers as outlined in the RISO documentation. The documentation can be requested from your RISO dealer.
  • Samsung
    PaperCut supports selected multi-function Samsung devices supporting the XOA framework version 1.10 or later. Devices may come with several USB ports, some are located at the back of the operating panel, some at the side and some at the front. The card reader must be plugged into the front right USB port. If your device does not have USB ports at the front please check with Samsung for the card reader support they offer for your device.
  • Sharp
    PaperCut supports selected multi-function Sharp devices supporting the “Sharp Open Systems Architecture” (OSA). PaperCut requires Sharp OSA 1.1 or higher (excluding AR series) and a touch-screen LCD interface, however Sharp OSA 3.0 or higher is recommended. Most recent Sharp MFP support USB based card readers for authentication. However some of the older devices do not support USB card readers. It is therefore recommended that you check with your Sharp dealer to confirm that your card readers are supported.
  • Toshiba
    PaperCut supports recent Toshiba models supporting the real-time SNMP log feature ranging from the e-BRIDGE 3 series (requires firmware 303 and above) and the e-BRIDGE X series (Toshiba devices are supported for Open Platform SDK version 2 which is provided in the firmware revisions W3000 or higher.) Please contact your authorised Toshiba service center for more details. Please check that the Toshiba Embedded Web Browser (EWB) is enabled on your device. The Toshiba Embedded Web Browser (EWB) / External Interface Enabler (Code: GS-1020) is an optional module licensed from Toshiba and is only supported on Toshiba devices with firmware 230 and above. Please check support with your Toshiba representative. Please note that SSD models are not supported, neither are those devices fitted with EFI controllers. Some card readers may require special firmware for use on the Toshiba devices. This can be obtained from ITS.
  • Xerox
    PaperCut supports any multi-function Xerox device supporting Xerox Secure Access and EIP however the Xerox Network Accounting module must also be enabled (Network Accounting is also known as JBA accounting or off-box validation). The “Network Accounting” module is often included with the device, but for some devices is it necessary to have this enabled by a Xerox dealer for which there may be a charge. Xerox devices can support two general classes of card readers: Network card readers (i.e. not physically connected to the MFP. The PaperCut server communicates with these over the network) and USB card readers (recent Xerox devices with updated firmware now support a limited number of USB card readers – contact Xerox / ITS for details). The Network Card Reader option will work with any Xerox device supporting “Xerox Secure Access”.
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