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To get rid of the “Paste Options” box in Outlook, click the “File” tab on the main Outlook window. NOTE: You can also click the “File” tab on the ribbon on the “Message” window. Click “Options” in the list of items on the left, whether you accessed the “File” tab from the main Outlook window or from the “Message” window.

Posted September 30, 2013 by Lê Hoàng in Microsoft Outlook

  1. I've changed my original question to »unanswered« Unfortunately the bug still exist. I’ve updated another 2x Mac workstations running macOS 10.12.6 to MS Outlook 15.37 (170815). The paste control icon does not show up when I try to copy text from Word to Outlook. Also, the Paste button drop-down menu still shows »Keep Text only« option, only.
  2. Next, click File in the ribbon toolbar, and then choose Options from the sidebar on the left. This will open the Word Options window. From the Word Options window, select Advanced from the list on the left and then scroll down on the right side of the window until you see the section labeled Cut, copy, and paste.

When composing an email message in Outlook, if you paste content from other programs or email messages to the edit field, Word will retain the original format of the pasted text. If what you want is just plain text without formatting, you may have to take extra steps to change the style of the text, including the font, size, color, etc. Consider setting the paste option to remove the formatting by default, if that is what you usually want. This tutorial will show you how.

Outlook offers many options to let you decide how content is pasted. You can control the default action for the pasted content within the same email message, between email messages, or from another program. Other than that, you can change the setting quickly by using the Paste Options box, which appears whenever the text is pasted.

1. Launch Outlook 2013.


Outlook For Mac Ribbon Paste Unformatted Text Messages


2. Click the File button at the top left of the screen to open the Backstage view.

3. In Backstage view, click the Options button.


4. The Outlook Options window pops up on screen. Choose the Mail section on the left side, find the Compose messages option, and click the Editor Options button.

5. Next, in the Editor Options window, navigate to the Advanced section. Scroll down the list on the right side until you find the Cut, copy, and paste option. Under it, you will be able to tweak how content will be treated when pasting between email messages, pasting between e-mail messages when style definitions conflicts, and pasting from other programs. You can choose the Keep Source Formatting (default), Merge Formatting, or Keep Text Only. These options are independent, so changing one of those option will not affect the others.

6. When you are done tweaking, click the OK button to save the changes. Finally, exit both options window, and come back to the main Outlook interface to test the changes.


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Outlook For Mac Ribbon Paste Unformatted Text Message

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Outlook 2016 for Mac lets you choose whether to compose and send messages in plain text or formatted text. The default is formatted text.

Configure Outlook's Default Setting

Outlook For Mac Ribbon Paste Unformatted Text Editor

  1. From the menu, select .
  2. Click .
  3. In the Format and account section of the dialog box, check or uncheck Compose messages in HTML by default.
  4. Close the dialog box.

Outlook For Mac Ribbon Paste Unformatted Text Shortcut

Change the Setting for One Message

You can also switch between HTML or plain text for an individual message: while composing a message, click the tab, then toggle the control.