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Organ Trail - CLOUT GAMES Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Play this anatomy game for the organs and quickly memorize all the organ names and locations in the body. The internal organs practiced are: Lung, liver, heart, large intestine, small intestine, gallbladder, brain, appendix, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, esophagus, spleen, kidney, larynx, thyroid gland.

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The Organ Trail: The Director's Cut is an 8-bit, post-apocalyptic indie game in which you and 4 friends must survive, traveling across the United States in a heavily damaged station wagon. Organ Trail was produced by The Men Who Wear Many Hats. Throughout the game, one will confront bandits, disease, zombies, and other challenges.It can be purchased on Steam and Desura for $4.99 USD, as well as the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, and Amazon Apps for $2.99 USD.

  • Name your party after your friends and watch them die slowly
  • Hours of gameplay!
  • Scavenge for supplies while you fight back the undead
  • Get dysentery and other diseases
  • Manage your food, ammo, fuel, medkits and more in your struggle to survive
  • Put down infected party members who might turn on you
  • Stop at towns to trade, take jobs and fix your car
  • Endless Mode!
  • Car and combat upgrades
  • Fight off bandits
  • Zombie boss fights
  • Choose-your-own-adventure style encounters on the road
  • A weather system and day night cycle
  • Huge soundtrack and delicious Apple 2 pixel art
  • 28 Achievements
  • Survivor leaderboards
  • 400 community written tombstones
  • Bonus ridiculous physics based driving game
  • Supplies
    • Fuel
    • Food
    • Medkits
    • Ammo
    • Money
    • Scrap
    • Car Parts
      • Tires
      • Mufflers
      • Batteries
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Upgrades are various station wagon enhancements purchased at Car Garages in various landmarks. They have varied functions and bonuses, and fill in one of the five upgrade slots: Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Misc.


  • Armored Windows: Less likely to get bit by zombies.
  • Carrier: Never lose a gas can.
  • Chainsaw Windows: Automatically succeed fighting through hordes.
  • Solar Panels: Move slowly while out of fuel.
  • Tinted Windows: Unaffected by heat waves.


  • GPS: Never lose the road
  • Radio: Has a chance to heal party members
  • Yard Sale Sign: Faster and more frequent trading partners appear at stops
  • Sno-Cone Machine: Don't consume food while looking for traders or while repairing.
  • Air Freshener: Party members in front take 1 less damage. (Player & 1st party member)

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  • Fog Lights: No slowdown in heavy fog.
  • Nev-R-Break Battery: Batteries never need replacing.
  • Cowcatcher: No slowdown from rubble.
  • V6 Engine: Travel faster at the expense of the car.
  • Sup-R-Last Battery: less likely for the battery to die


  • EZ Grow Garden: Generates 1 oz of food an hour.
  • Sup-R-Last Muffler: Less likely for muffler to break.
  • Tool Chest: Scrap repairs the car more effectively (more health gained per repair; %chance of repair unaffected; appears to affect repair shop repairs too)
  • Nev-R-Break Muffler: Muffler never needs replacing.
  • Ninja Muffler: Automatically succeed sneaking through hordes.


  • Rain Tires: No slowdown during rainstorms.
  • Snow Tires: No slowdown during blizzards.
  • Offroad Tires: No slowdown during sandstorms.
  • Sup-R-Last Tires: Less likely for tires to break.
  • Nev-R-Break Tires: Tires never need replacing.


The following upgrades have been discovered, but they were not purchased, or are not buyable. They need to be sorted into their correct slot, or given their on slot.

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  • Tune-Up: You car is repairded via a mission or event.

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