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“Defining a strategy is the single most important component of a successful trade show program.” Our discovery process starts with our proprietary Event Marketing Brief. This worksheet is designed to understand your brand process, target audience, show demographics, overall goals and desired results. Two Nancy Davises come on down at one time at one point, Bob mentions that Price shoots out of order, and a perfect show! Original broadcast w/commercials.1981: episode with technical errors in Cliffhangers & Barker's Bargain Bin, double showcase winner, and an on-camera appearence from Roger Dobkowitz! Obviously, I don't trade for cash. It's illegal, and you'll be instantly blacklisted. In addition, no trades for blank DVDs/VHS tapes. That would be a complete waste of time, and you'll be.

+D4TC is open to all exhibitors 21 and younger.

+Calves shown do NOT need to be sold by sponsor.

+We will hold our Prospect Shows separate from our Bred Female and Progress Market shows.

+Every exhibitor receives sponsor products, prizes or cash! Prepay's receive sponsor shirts.

+Vendors welcome email for info. [email protected]

+What is sponsored calf= Calf shown by a sponsor or purchased from sponsor. (Not required)



Location & Amenities:

+Our 4th annual show will be held at the North Iowa Event Center in Mason City, IA. (3700 4th St SW)

+This facility is 5 miles from I-35 and Hwy 218.

+The Event Center offers every amenity required to have an event like D4TC.



Nongame Show Stuffdavid Down's Trading Page 12

+Early registration is available online & printable registration form. Click here for form.

+Early registrations must be postmarked by Nov 10th or completed by Nov 15th online to receive sponsor shirt and receive early pay discount.



+Enclosed tie-stalling available for $10/hd.


+Horse Box Stalls available with indoor wash rack $45/wkd (3 hd per stall max)

+Wood shavings will be available on site, may bring your own wood shavings only.

+Tremendous amount of room around the grounds to stall off trailers.


Nongame show stuffdavid down

Schedule of Events:

Friday Jan 1st -

9 AM to 2 PM- Exhibitor Check-in (All Breeding Heifers) (Market Animals Optional Early Check-in)

3 PM- Purina Feeding Clinic & Sullivan Supply Fitting Clinic

4:30 PM- Showmanship

Nongame Show Stuffdavid Down's Trading Pageant

Saturday Jan 2nd-

-9 AM- Prospect Junior Breeding Heifer Show (Heifers born 9/1/2019 and after)

-Prior to final drive of Prospect show- Annual Rick Frye 'Actions Over Words' Award presentations

-Following Prospect Show- Senior heifer show (Heifers born from 1/1/2019 to 8/31/2019)

-1-3 PM- Late Check-in of Market Animals

Sunday Jan 3rd-

-9 AM- Prospect Junior Market Show (Under 900#)

-Prior to final drive of Prospect show- Annual Rick Frye 'Actions Over Words' Award presentations

-Following Prospect Show- Progress Market Animal show (Animals 900# plus)

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