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1. How to Play Cat Ninja?
2. Tips and Tricks
3. Controls
4. Developer
5. Cat Ninja Walkthrough

At Cat Ninja game only you can save the world by collecting the energy crystal parts all together. If you donโ€™t โ€“ the world may explode. Itโ€™s everything up to you how fast you can play and win all the levels. Little cat has the skills of real ninja โ€“ jumping and running so fast that none of the obstacle can make you stop.

Regardless of extremely challenging levels you can create your own map at Trackmill or play already created by other players. There you will find hundreds of unique maps where you can play and compete with anyone. Try your best to find yourself in leaderboard.

How to Play Cat Ninja?

At the beginning you will find the in-game instructions on every step of your journey. There are lots of spikes, mines, lasers and many others that can really hurt you, but keep in mind that ninja has the advantage over them.

When you see the laser there is sometimes red button before it and you need to turn the laser off to pass by. Jump and hold down button while in the air three times to deactivate laser. If there is not red button, wait before the laser off automatically.

Gravity button can change the rules of game โ€“ youโ€™ll need to play upside down with same controls and itโ€™s really mind-blowing experience.


Tips and Tricks

  • You can turn the music and sound on/off.
  • You can not wall jump on sticky walls.
  • โ†’ + โ†“ It can smash glass and boxes.


Name Fortune

Move โ€“ WASD & Arrow Keys
Double Jump โ€“ Double click on jump button
Rolling โ€“ R/L + Down Button
Restart โ€“ R




Cat Ninja is developed by Richman Stewart.

Cat Ninja Walkthrough:

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