Play Narwhale.io game online with multiple opponents in the same environment and show up your ability to reign the throne now! You will start the challenge with a small Arctic whale called narwhal. You and your pet will take part in a brutal fight against a large number of the enemies coming from other countries in the world. In Narwhale.io you swim around the screen and attack other players by stabbing them. How many of them can you kill before you are killed yourself?


How to play:

Direct your narwhale by using the mouse. Slice the enemies in half by using left mouse button.

Rating game:

About Narwhale.io

Narwhale.io is a fun Multiplayer iO game taking you to an ocean filled with a lot of narwhales controlled by real players. You will have to direct one and move it around the map in order to kill various opponent narwhales by utilizing your deadly tusk. The most important thing is that how well and how fast you kill the rivals. Every action needs to be done in a careful and quick way. Once catching sight of a narwhale, you have to rush towards him and use your tusk to stab him in half. Other enemies will do the same to you, hence, you have to protect yourself and never let them get a chance to slice you in half, or else your game will be over instantly. Make sure you keep your stats upgraded over time for growing your strength. The upgraded stats, like fast turning, movement speed, strong tusk, will totally assist you in killing the enemies more efficiently. Join the game now and try to conquer all!

Video Demo Narwhale.io:

Direct your narwhale by using the mouse. Slice the enemies in half by using left mouse button.

Play as a narwhale.io games online, slice your rivals or make alliances with your friends. Touch the screen to direct you and sprint by touching again.

Today, there are many different types of games help us relax entertainment dau the work of the session stress and fatigue

Narwhale.io is yet another one of the free to play arena PvP games to hit the scene that is crawling its way to popularity, and for good reason. This one’s fast speed is perfect to pick up for a few minutes at a time and somehow lacks the stress of some other .io games.

Fun gameplay is key, but customization is important to most .io game players, and you are probably included. You want your narwhale to look just as good than the rest and luckily enough choosing skins is easy as can be.


How to use skins

Narwhale.io Tips And Tricks

Unlike some other games you don’t have to log in or share on social media to unlock skins, Narwhale.io let’s you do it with no other fuss. The only problem is it’s hard to see how to do it.

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When you go to the Narwhale.io website, take a look at the bottom right of the screen and find where it says “CUSTOM”.

Click on “CUSTOM” and you’ll be given both skin and color options for your narwhale.


Available Narwhale.io skins

The game is fairly new and is being updated with new skins frequently. Here are the skins currently available at the time of writing, along with what they are.

The game’s skins don’t look amazing, but I’m more interested in getting the kebab on my horn or the crown on my head when playing than what I look like, though the American flag teamers are a headache.

If you like the game as much as I do, make sure to tell your friends about it and get them into the brutal tusk-stabbing fun of Narwhale.io.

Note: You can only change your body’s color with skins that do not cover the entire body. Skins such as the German flag, the hot dog, and the tempura shrimp can not have their color changed.


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