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What are the best alternatives available for Microsoft Project? Whether it’s ClickUp, Asana, Trello, or any of the other 12 Microsoft Project alternatives we listed here, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Take a look at this list for a feature comparison of the best Microsoft Project alternatives. Microsoft project has been around forever. It has been updated occasionally, but it is still an old-style project management tool. Lots of people who used Microsoft project are looking for Microsoft project alternatives. To say the market for project management software is crowded in 2020 is the understatement of the century. Dec 15, 2020 Microsoft Project Alternatives. The most popular alternative is ProjectLibre, which is both free and Open Source.If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 100 alternatives to Microsoft Project so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Compare Microsoft Project alternatives for your business or organization using the curated list below. SourceForge ranks the best alternatives to Microsoft Project in 2020. Compare features, ratings, user reviews, pricing, and more from Microsoft Project competitors and alternatives in order to make an informed decision for your business.

At the same time, this Microsoft Project alternative is a robust PM machine packed with powerful features, right for your project: project, portfolio, resource, and cost management, time logging, team collaboration, baselines, history of changes, and many more.

Microsoft project has been around forever. It has been updated occasionally, but it is still an old-style project management tool. Lots of people who used Microsoft project are looking for Microsoft project alternatives.

To say the market for project management software is crowded in 2020 is the understatement of the century.

By the last count, there are around 120 vendors who sell some type of project management software.

That is a huge number! How a potential customer can evaluate so many applications in a timely fashion?

The truth is that most people can’t evaluate so many applications, so they rely on vendors’ marketing schemes delivered by Google ads, review sites which compare biz app for a fee, or recommendations from colleagues and friends.

Alternatives For Microsoft Project

So how do you find the best Microsoft project alternatives which fit your team’s workflow and requirements?

To start with you need to choose a SaaS application that enables true collaboration. Lack of collaboration features was the biggest drawback of the Microsoft project.

Desktop apps like Microsoft project don’t cut it anymore!

The second requirement for good Microsoft project alternatives is integration with other apps like Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Gmail, etc.

Integration with other apps extends the feasibility and usefulness of any business application including project management apps.

Another must-have requirement is reasonable pricing. One of the biggest pain points about Microsoft project was the exuberant pricing Microsoft charged for its project management software.

Microsoft Project

Best Microsoft project alternatives

We have evaluated the top project management apps in the market today. Of course, we are biased toward our own product but have tried very hard to take an even-handed approach for this evaluation.

For this evaluation, we have considered the following features for the applications we have covered here.

  1. Ease of use
  2. Cloud-based (SaaS)
  3. Ability to add subtasks
  4. Recursive Tasks
  5. Dependency
  6. Milestones
  7. List View
  8. Due Time in addition to the start date and Due date
  9. Kanban Boards
  10. Calendar
  11. Custom fields
  12. User select Dashboard views
  13. Admin Console
  14. Approvals
  15. Rules
  16. Conversation and collaboration
  17. Native cloud Storage
  18. Resource planning
  19. File Versioning
  20. Portfolios
  21. Data export
  22. Data Import
  23. Activity Log
  24. Tags
  25. Custom Links
  26. Mentions (@name)
  27. Templates
  28. Markup/proofing
  29. Support Agile methods
  30. Support Waterfall method
  31. Support Hybrid PM method
  32. Third-party Integration(Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, etc.)
  33. Support for freelancers and small teams

List of Microsoft project alternatives

We have selected 6 of the leading project management apps in the market for this comparison study.

Binfire- Established in 2010, Binfire is a provider work management app for both traditional and remote teams. All plans in Binfire include all features listed. The pricing varies only based on Storage and the level of support customers get.

Asana- Was established in 2008 by ex-Facebook employees. The app was designed as a task manager first but migrated to a full project management app over the years.

Wrike- Founded in 2003, it is one of the oldest cloud-based project management app. It provides a full set of project management tools for small to medium size companies.

Monday- An Israeli based project management founded in 2015. Monday used to be called DePuls but changed their name to Monday in 2018.

Basecamp- Was established in 1999 by Jason Fried is the oldest task management app and has a huge following due to its ethical practices.

Zoho- An Indian based company providing a wide suite of business application including project management.

SmartSheet- Was established in 2006 to create a task management application that is similar to Microsoft excel.

Microsoft Project Alternative For Macheavenlyboard
Ease Of UseNoNoNo
Cloud-based (Saa)
Recursive TasksSoonNoNoNo
DependencyNoBiz onlyNoNo
MilestonesNoBiz onlyNoNo
List ViewNoNo
Due TimeNoNoNoNoNoNo
Kanban BoardNoNoNoNo
Custom fieldsNoNoNoNo
Interactive GanttNoBiz onlyNo
User select dashboard ViewNoNoNoNoNoNo
admin console
Conversation & CollaborationNo
Cloud Storage
resource PlanningNoNoNoNoNoNo
File VersioningNoNoNoNoNoNo
PortfoliosNoBiz onlyNoNo
Data ExportNoNoNoNo
Data ImportNoNoNo
Activity LogsNoNoNoNoNo
Custom linksSoonNoNoNoNoNoNo
Interactive WhiteboardNoNoNoNoNoNo
Time TrackingNoNoNoNoNoNo
Support for Agile MethodNoNo
Support for Waterfall MethodNoNoNo
Support For Hybrid methodNoNoNoNoNoNo
Third-Party Integration
Support for freelancersSoonNoNoNoNo

Microsft project alternatives Table

We will update the Microsoft project alternatives table as vendors update their software and new features are introduced. If you know of any changes in these apps or inaccuracies in this table please let us know.

FAQ Section

Is Microsoft project still relevant?

Yes, it is! The Microsoft project has a wealth of features only used for big and complicated projects. It is still the gold standard in project management software.

Is Microsoft project hard to use?

Yes, Microsoft project is hard to use and for a good reason. Due its sheer number of features (most of them advanced concepts), it takes many months to learn to use it effectively.

Does Microsoft project include communication features?

No, Microsoft project was not designed around collaboration and is lacking proper collaboration features.

Is Microsoft project expensive

yes, like everything else from Microsoft, each seat costs hundreds of Dollars.

Can all projects use Microsoft project?

Yes, but not recommended. The learning curve, cost, lack of collaboration, and complexity of Microsoft project makes it not suitable for most projects.

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