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Vroom, Vroom - are you ready for some adrenaline-pumping action? Super MX Race is a cool dirt-bike game that requires balance, speed and nerves of steel! You get to ride your bike over all kinds of difficult & dangerous terrain. See how quickly you can do it and perform some fantastic stunts on the way! There is no time limit with this game; you can ride at your own pace - but FAST & FURIOUS is much more FUN! Also you need to be quick to win the race! Think you are up for this challenge?

The aim of this game is to win the bike race on the off-road arena track! Race as fast and as daring as you can as well as being careful not to cheat and cut corners...you will be punished! This game will test your coordination and keyboard control skills. You must be quick on the arrow keys to control the bike as it is easy, especially since you are racing at high speeds, to lose control! Have you got what it takes?

The body of a dirt bike is also suspended higher above the ground, with longer suspension travel to absorb the impact of powerful leaps and landings. Types of dirt bike races, motorbikes, and online games. There are different dirt bike sports, with specialized bikes suited to each type. Motocross bikes are light and compact, designed for short.

How To Play: Pick your mission or customise your bike on the home screen, then press play and you are ready to go! Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to control the bike - Forward (UP), Backward (DOWN), Turn Left (LEFT), Turn Right (RIGHT). If you skip the track or crash, you must return to the track immediately. Do your best to win!

This HTML5 based game works on PC/Mac browsers but not on mobile devices.

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Play Free Online Games at coolbuddy.com - flash games, play, free action games, arcade, strategy and online puzzle games. Max Dirt Bike 3. Dirt Bike Games are freestyle and racing games in which the player drives on off-road racetracks or obstacle courses. Get on your motorcycle or for wheeler, make a wheelie and race to the finish line. Control a stickman riding a dirt bike and show some cool stunts and backflips. Here comes Max Dirt Bike 3, the third game in the Max Dirt Bike series! In this game you are a cool guy on an even cooler dirt bike. Your objective is to perform awesome flips, tricks, and stunts to beat each level. Speed your way through 80 colorful levels, doing some epic stunts along the way. Across 8 chapters, the color of the levels change to 8 different colors, all with increasing.

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Max Dirt Bike 2loads Of Cool Games

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