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  1. Macloggerdx Manual
  2. Macloggerdx Manual

Streamlined and powerful macOS application designed to help you organize and instantly tune into any DX Cluster for both contests and casual talk

What's new in MacLoggerDX 6.31:

  • macOS 11 (Big Sur) supported.
  • Apple M1 Silicon (Universal) application.
  • Added Log panel No QSL Sent filter.
  • Added WSJT-X multicast subscription.
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MacLoggerDX is a very powerful and streamlined macOS application designed from the get-go to help you track DXCC, IOTA, WAS, WAZ, CQ WAZ and VUCC easier than ever before.

Automatic notification for DX locations

Furthermore, MacLoggerDX can be configured to use Apple’s Mail.app or Eudora to automatically e-mail you whenever an unusual DX location appears in the DX Clusters.

Moreover, MacLoggerDX is an simple to use and powerful radio spot tuner that features extended support for the microHAM USB CW and USB micro KEYERs.

Radio tuning automation and ARPS packets manager

In addition, MacLoggerDX will allow you to login into your favorite TNC or telnet DXCluster, and, while receiving DX Spots, will tune your radio in place, all the while looking up and displaying the DX station on the Greyline Map.

MacLoggerDX is also capable of monitoring, decoding, searching and plotting APRS packets received from APRSServe over the web or any connected TNCs.

You can also effortlessly log in to any DXCluster telnet server of your choice using MacLoggerDX, and it will automatically make sure that you are tuned in on the exact frequency, while also instantly connecting the call for you and list the current DX station on your map.

Manual or automatic addition of radio information into logs

What's more, MacLoggerDX automatically moves the radio’s beam according to the Long or Direct Path of the station, as well as rapidly add the VFO info and the QSO in the log for you.

Just in case you want to, the MacLoggerDX utility will also make it simple and easy to add the information manually within your User Call Book.

On the whole, MacLoggerDX is a full-featured and comprehensive app for all ham radio fan who want to manage their daily logs easier and control their rigs simpler using a Mac computer.

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MacLoggerDX was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
  • This demo version will only run in 15 minute sessions.
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MacLoggerDX 6.31

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Macloggerdx Manual

Rotor control

Supports the following interfaces: ARS-USB, ARS-LPT by EA4TX, Hy-Gain, Yaesu GS232 compatible and Sartek. ARS-VCOM by EA4TX and up to 4 rotors with PSTRotator software!.

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Macloggerdx Manual

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