Mac Keystroke For Paste Text Only

Mac keystroke for paste text only imageUsing a VoiceOver command:
  1. To open the rotor to verbosity settings, press VO-V.

    Verbosity settings include typing echo, punctuation, and text attributes, among others.

  2. Press the Left Arrow or Right Arrow key until you hear “punctuation.” You also hear the current setting.
  3. Press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key until you hear the setting you want: All, Most, Some, or None.
  4. All: Hear all special symbols and punctuation except for spaces. VoiceOver reads a sentence like this, “She turned and stopped comma then started walking again period”

    Most: Hear all special symbols but not common punctuation, such as the comma and period.

    Some: Hear keyboard symbols and many math symbols, such as + (plus) sign.

    None: Hear text as you would normally read it, with pauses for commas and periods.

  5. To close the rotor, press Escape.

Call it up with a keystroke and along the bottom of your Mac's screen there will be a wide filmstrip-like display of the last many items you copied. Then copy the same text again and only then. If you need to select a large amount of text all at once, Command + A is the “Select All” shortcut. And if you want to copy and paste text without losing its current styling, hit Command + Shift + V. This will paste the text into the new document with the same font, effects, and size. Swap Between Apps (Command + Tab).

Using VoiceOver Utility:

Mac Keystroke For Paste Text Only App


Mac Keystroke For Paste Text Only Image

  1. When VoiceOver is on, open VoiceOver Utility by pressing VO-F8.
  2. Click Verbosity in the category table, and then click Text.
  3. Move the VoiceOver cursor to the Punctuation pop-up menu and press the Space bar.
  4. Press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key until you hear the setting you want (None, Some, Most, All), and then press the Space bar.
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