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NO.1 Lottery software is the lottery software to play the lotto-type lottery with control.

Analysis and prognosis application for lottery, check out databases, analyse winning numbers, save your own combinations, create syndicates and more

Lottery Cracker World is a very complex software solution for analyzing winning lottery numbers and saving your own combinations.

  • The actual developer of this free Mac application is Paul Young. The bundle identifier for Lottery for Mac is com.50megs.customsolutionsofmaryland.lottery. The most popular version among Lottery for Mac users is 1.2. The Lottery installer is commonly called lottery.zip.
  • Advanced PC based lottery analysis covering many popular draws world wide. LSA supports the following Microsoft operating systems Windows XP, ME, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10: Simple to use, yet provides statistical information that would be virtually impossible by hand. Here are a few features of LSA.

It's packed with lots of useful tools and features, to make sure you're ahead of other players and you find the numbers that were drawn the most and that have the highest chances of winning.

Lottery Cracker World doesn't guarantee your combination will be drawn, it simply helps you find the most likely number combination.

Easy-to-use graphical interface with some tools

The graphical interface comes with a really intuitive design that shouldn't pose any trouble for even the most inexperienced users. It has all necessary tools at the top and the option to adjust settings to meet your preferences.

Lottery Cracker comes with several UK and US lottery databases. These may be all you need, but if you want to track another lottery, such as Canada Atlantic 6/49, Irish Lotto, or some other, you will need to create a lottery database.

Analyze number combinations

Some of the links for download may be old, so you might need to visit the lottery's official website and update them. To start off the database, you must enter one draw result at the bottom of the form.

The Analyze menu enables you to view the lottery draw results in many different ways. You can see charts and statistical data, and look for any bias in the randomness of the results.

More features and tools

Lottery Cracker is designed to help you to run a syndicate. It stores the names and contact details of each member, it records who has paid what and when. You can easily update member payments and details.

Many syndicates can be made and their details are kept in separate files. You can also get number statistics and see how many times a certain combination was drawn and when.

All in all, Lottery Cracker World is a very nice application for getting number combinations, creating syndicates and analyzing all sort of data.

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Lottery Cracker World 7.1.0

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Lottery Analysis Software For Mac Windows 10

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Description of Lotto007 Ultimate 2013 lotto software was developed especially as super easy-to-use lottery software. Charts are provided showing when, how often, the frequency, and the expected drawing for each ball.
Windows 98, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Windows Vista

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