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Letters Of Recommendationms. Schrader's Teaching Portfolio Allocation

Letters of recommendationms. schraderRecommendationms.Letters Of Recommendationms. SchraderTeaching
  1. A professional teaching portfolio is a collection of documents assembled by an educator that highlights a teacher's skills in the classroom. It often includes a teaching philosophy, evaluations of a teacher's performance, examples of lesson plans, samples of student work, letters of recommendation and copies of teaching certifications.
  2. March 4, 2012 To whom it may concern: I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Annie Anderson during her fall 2011 student teaching placement. During that time, Annie demonstrated the qualities necessary to be a successful teacher and a valuable colleague.

Letters Of Recommendationms. Schrader's Teaching Portfolios

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Letters of Recommendation

Below are several letters of recommendation that were written by my former supervisors and colleagues.

March 4, 2012
To whom it may concern:
I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Annie Anderson during her fall 2011 student teaching placement. During that time, Annie demonstrated the qualities necessary to be a successful teacher and a valuable colleague. I am a sixth thru eighth grade mathematics teacher in an ICT setting. Starting from the first day of school, Annie established herself as an integral presence in both our classrooms and in our collaborative planning with the math team.
Annie played an active role in implementing daily lessons, and when she was not leading, she supported students who were struggling. Annie often identified areas of student need and took it upon herself to pull out small groups, when necessary. She was both flexible and creative with students. She asked guiding questions, shared strategies, and provided feedback. The students in our class respected her greatly. Annie has a talent for interacting with students that makes them feel comfortable, while maintaining her authority.
In addition to her time with students, Annie contributed in planning as well. Annie would work with me to plan our upcoming lessons. She would help create materials and identify an appropriate flow for the lesson. It was clear that her ideas and critiques were thoughtful and geared toward student achievement. Annie worked closely with me, but she also worked with the other members of our team. She made materials available for all teachers and offered her assistance whenever possible. Annie spent time planning modifications and scaffolds with my special education partner, in addition to her work with me. Her contributions far exceeded the expectations for a novice teacher.
Annie Anderson is a pleasant, hard working, and clever person. I highly recommend her for the position she seeks. Any teacher would benefit to have her as a colleague, and even more, her students would gain from having her as a teacher. Annie is professional and reliable. I eagerly give her my endorsement.
Ms. Sara Erlich

March 5, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:
It is my great pleasure to recommend Anne Anderson for a teaching position. I have known Ms. Anderson for eight years, both as an employer and as the parent of four of her sailing students. I believe that the talents Ms. Anderson brings to teaching sailing will serve her well in the classroom. In particular, Ms. Anderson’s respect for each child and his or her capacity to learn, as well as her ability to teach complex subjects to a broad range of students, will make her an excellent teacher.
Ms. Anderson demonstrates a respect for each of her students that encourages them to respond with respect for her and confidence in their ability to learn. As the chair of the Larchmont Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program I supervised Ms. Anderson as one of our sailing instructors. She worked with classes of eight-year-old beginner sailors, middle school-aged racing sailors and highly competitive high school sailors and taught each level of student with an equal commitment to their learning. She celebrated the development of the most tentative beginner sailor with the same joy as the accomplishments of the most skilled and dedicated racer. As a result, every student in Ms. Anderson’s groups had an opportunity to grow and learn as a sailor.
Ms. Anderson also possesses an innate ability to teach very complex skills to a wide range of students. Sailing is, perhaps, one of the most difficult sports to teach. For a student to learn how to sail, he or she must master an understanding of the wind, the water, the sail, and the boat simultaneously. The instructor is responsible for the safety, happiness and learning of a group of constantly moving students who, at the beginning, have very limited control over their sailboats. In the midst of this chaos, Ms. Anderson is able to break the complexities of sailing into manageable pieces so that the students learn and retain the lessons of each day. This natural ability to make the most difficult skills accessible to her students will serve Ms. Anderson well as a classroom teacher.
For as long as I have known Ms. Anderson, I have encouraged her to become a teacher. She has a true passion for working with children and a deep respect for each child. In a quiet and calm manner, she commands respect for herself and instills respect for others. She creates an atmosphere in which the children feel comfortable trying new things, safe in taking risks, and confident that they can succeed. It has been our hope for many years that Ms. Anderson would teach our children at school and during that time we have counted ourselves lucky that she has taught our children to sail.
I would be happy to speak with anyone to provide further information.
Joan Gerhart Mollerus
Former Chairperson, Larchmont Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program