Invitations Update


With ProtonCalendar, you can invite anyone to an event you created by adding them as participants and sending invitations. You can later change the event details and update the invitation.

Invitations Update

How Do I Update A Scheduled Meeting? If you have scheduled a meeting via the Zoom scheduler, a Meeting ID is generated. When you invite via your your calendar, the join instructions are automatically pasted to the calendar invitation. Note: Any edits to a meeting that is currently in progress will not take effect. Customize meeting invitations. I wrote about the many policies that can be set in the Teams Admin Center a while back. Today I’m looking at one of the settings. When you visit the Microsoft Teams Admin center you will find the meeting settings screen. In the meetings settings screen there is a section email invitations. The familiar Microsoft Teams Meeting join details sent out with every meeting invitation email is getting a formatting update with clearer language to help ensure a better join experience for meeting participants. Specifically, “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” will be replaced with “Click here to join the meeting”. Tenants that support calling into meetings via a. The standard invitation size for formal events like weddings and achievement ceremonies is 5 x 7 inches, but invitations for less formal events like birthdays and graduation parties are 4 x 6 inches. A smaller size, 5.25 x 5.25, is often used for more modern designs. Starting the design process with one of Adobe Spark's invitation templates speeds up the entire process. Choose a design that reflects the occasion, and use that as the basis for your own invitation. Once you have the template on the design page, you can make a range of changes in just a minute.

Note: ProtonCalendar is a product in beta currently available to Plus, Professional, Visionary, and Lifetime users.

Learn how to add someone as a participant to a new event or to an existing event in Proton Calendar.

189 invitations updateFree

Once you’ve sent the invitations to your event, you can change the details of your event.

All participants will immediately receive an email notification with the new event details (changing the Notifications section of an event won’t trigger such these updates).

If you change the time or location of the event, the participants will also have to confirm these new details.

Updating an invitation by adding more participants or removing them will notify only the affected participants.

In case you are using multiple calendars in your Proton Calendar, please note that once you’ve added participants to an event, you can’t change the calendar you’ve added them to.

Canceling an event


189 Invitations Update

Canceling an event is possible after adding participants. If you cancel the event after sending the invitations, all participants will receive an email to inform them of the cancelation.

Invitations Update Microsoft

The UpdateInvitation method can be utilized to update an already created invitation. The method requires that you have already retrieved an InvitationData object from the GetInvitation method documented above.

Invitations Updates

Invitations Update

You need to ensure that the message body contains the auto tracking link for your invitation and survey. You can add this in by adding @@SURVEY_URL_PLACEHOLDER__DO_NOT_ERASE into the body variable of your InvitationData that you send back to Checkbox.

If you are using Checkbox Online, you must also add in the appropriate opt out code ( @@OPT_OUT_PLACEHOLDER__DO_NOT_ERASE ) and company footer information, which can also be added into the InvitationData.Body variable.

Invitation Update

Input Parameters

Invitations Update App

authTokenstringAuthentication token to validate permission over the data requested
invitationinvitationDataInvitationData that you want to update in Checkbox
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