Introducing App Dashboard Cards

Introducing App Dashboard CardsApp

Mobile app dashboard design is a small interface but its complex than designing a desktop dashboard as designers have to fit the best options in less space but with perfect way. App dashboard designs are rapidly evolving with every new Android or ISO version release.


We have collected some very nice mobile application dashboard design for our designer community for their inspirations.

Introducing App Dashboard Cards We’ve given the dashboard some exciting new functionality with the introduction of App Dashboard Cards. Apps you've installed from the App Center that support this feature will now appear in your dashboard alongside the normal stats cards like traffic, blog comments and sales. A Power BI dashboard is a single page, often called a canvas, that tells a story through visualizations. Because it's limited to one page, a well-designed dashboard contains only the highlights of that story. Readers can view related reports for the details. Dashboards are a feature of the Power BI.

Mobile app dashboards are usually designed for the business intelligence to present the business information in the most efficient and convenient way. Mobile dashboard allows users to monitor the activities of you business, progress and productivity. Mobile app dashboard uses real time updates that show all your data in visual graphic in the time manner. It is not just used by them, it is widely used when a project under process to monitor the tasks and its progress. It works as a best tool to achieve the goals and track the productivity of your business. Business owners need a view of their business to make some important decisions.

For designers, it is a crucial task to design a mobile dashboard in a way that shows the key value of a business visually. Dashboard is the best way to visually interact with your entire business statics and progress easily. We share a list of the best mobile app dashboard design templates to present your system in a clear and concise manner. These dashboard designs layouts are perfect fit for every type of business for the real time presentation of your business tasks. You can find these mobile app dashboard designs in different color schemes, designs and layouts which makes your design visually attractive and monitor the changing easily. In our collection you’ll find the best mobile app dashboard design with the following features that make a dashboard successful. These are as follows:

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  • Efficiently understand the structure of a business
  • Diagnosis the problems easily and quickly
  • Representation of the date visually
  • Access data easily

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