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Interactive whiteboards are also an excellent tool for showcasing videos. One of the best ways for teachers to utilize videos is to include pertinent ones in the middle of a lesson plan. A teacher then just needs to play the video at the appropriate time to illustrate a concept or to enhance the curriculum. Thus, the interactive whiteboard is clearly more than just a toy. With proper planning, preparation, and training, it is a powerful instructional tool, which can be adapted for use with a wide range of subjects and ages. Here are some ideas for using interactive whiteboards to enhance teaching in the classroom. Investigating Pedagogic Practice Around Interactive Whiteboards in British Primary Schools. Learning, Media and Technology, 32(3), 243–256. Mercer N, Hennessy S, & Warwick P (2010), Using Interactive Whiteboards to Orchestrate Classroom Dialogue, Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 19(2), 195–209.

But even if you’re new to teaching, you can make your workshops or training as interesting as possible with just a few fresh ideas. Start with these nine fun workshop ideas: 1. Make it relevant. First and foremost, to earn people’s attention, you need to make sure the content you’re delivering is useful to them. From apps that beat cyberbullying to sensory buses and walk-in aquariums, our interactive is full of exciting ideas from the 2014 School We'd Like Competition Mon 14 Jul 2014 05.08 EDT First.

Interactive whiteboards have many uses in business and education. These smart boards encourage innovative, engaging, hands-on collaboration. Focus your class or team’s efforts via a high-quality digital whiteboard display, change details instantly, and exchange ideas in real-time. With network and touch-screen capabilities, RJ Young’s interactive displays work well for meetings, remote learning, and so much more.

Interactive Whiteboard for Higher Education

Ditch the Blackboard – Work Smarter with an Interactive Whiteboard

Convert any classroom into collaborative space where students can brainstorm ideas faster. Interactive whiteboards can connect to as many as 50 endpoints (laptops and mobile devices) with real-time, two-way collaboration. Professors can easily write, draw, edit, move, and save information instantly while receiving feedback from students in the classroom or from students who are logged in remotely.

With the Windows® 10 based controller you can use preferred apps to connect the whiteboard to a laptop with ease. Off-campus students or faculty can easily remote in resulting in less travel time and active participation in classes or presentations. This technology can be integrated seamlessly into any classroom.

Benefits include flexibility in content delivery such as streaming videos, websites, and sharing resources with students. These devices are available in a variety of sizes to fit your university’s specific needs.

According to a McGraw-Hill Education Digital Trends Survey, 62% of students say digital learning technology increases their engagement with course material. Engage students with interactive whiteboards.

Interactive Whiteboards for Primary & Secondary Education (K-12)

Creating Student Interaction and Teacher Efficiency

With RJ Young’s interactive whiteboards, teachers can encourage innovative, hands-on collaboration with students of all ages. This user-friendly, streamlined technology is dependable and has everything a teacher needs in one place.

Interactive whiteboard highlights:

  • Teachers are able to pull up a student’s work from their tablet to display on the whiteboard thus achieving a paperless classroom.
  • Students can show their work on the whiteboard creating an interactive experience that enhances student learning.
  • Introducing technology to elementary school children sets them up for success in the future.
  • As technology advances, the whiteboard technology does too. Teachers always have access to the latest software instantly.

Integrate an interactive whiteboard in a classroom to:

  • Take attendance
  • Conduct behavior reward programs
  • Record lessons for remote learning
  • View and participate with lessons and worksheets
  • Watch educational videos and play educational songs
  • Exit tickets

Interactive whiteboards contain equipment and software for teachers to easily integrate into lesson plans.

Interactive Whiteboards for Business

Begin Working Smarter, Faster, and More Efficiently

Today’s digital workplace requires faster, more efficient communication. Encourage real-time collaboration at your office with digital whiteboards. Connect your laptop or mobile device to use your preferred business apps with this Windows® 10 based controller. Reduce travel expenses and increase efficiency by connecting devices simultaneously in multiple locations.

Benefits for whiteboards in the office:

  • Encourages real-time collaboration in the boardroom or offsite locations
  • Touch-screen flat panel
  • Easily write, draw, edit, move, and save information instantly
  • Rotate, zoom in or out, and erase with a natural fingertip gesture
  • Windows® 10 Based Controller
    • Use preferred apps to connect the whiteboard to a dedicated computer
  • Instant communication and idea sharing with video-conferencing or connecting to devices
    • Licensed whiteboards can connect to as many as 50 endpoints (laptops and mobile devices) with real-time, two-way collaboration
  • Available in a variety of sizes and resolutions to meet any organization’s needs

Interactive Whiteboards Effective Curriculum Ideas 4th Grade

Which Interactive Whiteboard Solution is Right for You?

Available in a Variety of Sizes and Resolutions

Select the perfect display option for your office or classroom and ensure everyone on your team has a place at the table, regardless of where they are located. When RJ Young’s state-of-the-art computers, projectors, and screens connect with your team’s computers, your team’s ideas can flow seamlessly.

So, which interactive whiteboard is right for you? Interactive whiteboards come in a variety of sizes and resolutions. Devices are available in 21.5″, 32″, 40″, 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″, 70″, 75″, 80″, 84″, and 86″. 4K is available in 65″, 70″, 75″, and 86″. Whatever your needs, there is a perfect device for you.

There are two basic types of interactive displays, and RJ Young offers a variety of each type:

Projector + Whiteboard

  • Images displayed by a projector above the board
  • Interactivity + touch sensor technology built into the board
  • Draw on a blank screen or write on images or documents with the touch of your fingertip
  • Popular in classrooms, boardrooms, and offices
  • Cost-effective
  • Image quality is projector-dependent

Flat Panel Display

  • Images are displayed on a screen from external sources- no need for a projector!
  • High definition resolution results in superior image quality
  • Draw on a blank screen or write on images and documents
  • Connect to a network and camera for remote collaboration and video conferencing

There is no lag time between pen/finger movement and appearance on the screen. Save, send, and store images in JPEG, BMP, TIF, PDF, PPT, or HTML format for later distribution. Interactive whiteboards can also complement other Ricoh visual communication products, including the P3500 Video Conference System, for remote, real-time collaboration.

Interactive Whiteboard Models

RJ Young proudly carries Sharp and Ricoh interactive whiteboard models that get their customers closer to their next collaborative meeting or lesson.

RJ Young Provides Interactive Whiteboard Solutions to Promise Academy

Promise Academy in Memphis, TN partnered with RJ Young to transform their classrooms with Interactive Whiteboard technology.

Find the Right Device for Your Organization with RJ Young’s Interactive Whiteboards

Ready to begin working smarter, faster, and more efficiently with RJ Young’s Interactive Whiteboards? Contact RJ Young today for more information.

Interactive whiteboards effective curriculum ideas examples

An ageing interactive whiteboard in your classroom? 5 ways you can still deliver outstanding teaching…

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is seeing how new technology transforms teaching. The reality is though, that for a long list of reasons most schools don’t yet have the latest and greatest teaching tools in every classroom.

In the meantime, here are 5 ways you can still deliver outstanding teaching using your ageing interactive whiteboards…

Software! Free trials, updates and more

Sometimes the most effective first step is a simple one! Perhaps you’re using SMART Notebook 11 to present your lessons? This version is now 8 years old, and by upgrading to SMART Notebook 19 alongside SMART Learning Suite, you have access to SMART Activities, SMART Assessment tools and a range of powerful teaching tools. Although these are ideally used on a touchscreen, they can bring easy wins to teaching and learning. Speak to us about free trials, training and low-cost upgrades.

Another exciting option is Learning by Questions – 50,000 curriculum-linked questions are available to all schools free of charge! Then a low-cost upgrade provides a range of transformative teaching tools to free up teachers’ time, streamline assessment and enable immediate intervention. As a leading partner of Learning by Questions, we can provide your school with free introductory training – just get in touch.

Wordwall, TinkerCad and a range of other browser-based software are also excellent options. All available for use on your old hardware. Contact us today.

Classroom Visualisers

A classroom visualiser is often under-rated as a powerful teaching tool and is also an affordable technology. You can, of course, use your old display without the need for interactivity.

Used to display text, images and objects in large-scale on your classroom display, they can be used for peer assessment, show-and-tell, teaching letter formation, STEM lessons and indeed any other curriculum area.

At Elementary Technology we are continually working with our customers to develop new lesson ideas using visualisers, as well as success stories and more. In the meantime, download our Visualiser Guide for a kickstart, ask for a demonstration or chat with us online.

Non-Interactive Presentations

Interactive Whiteboards Effective Curriculum Ideas Examples

Interactive whiteboardseffective curriculum ideas 5th

Non-interactive presentations, which do not require touch-technology, are of course a good option for teachers. Although more effective using interactivity, SMART Notebook, Promethean Activinspire and even Powerpoint present engaging content with control using a computer mouse or laptop. Most lesson builders allow integration of YouTube videos natively, alongside of course photography, text, online images and more. Until you start considering an upgrade to fully-interactive technology, speak to us for more ideas on how to make the most of these non-interactive presentation tools.

Mobile devices (whether students bring their own device (BYOD) or they belong to the school) allow content sharing, independent self-paced working, peer assessment and cloud-based lesson and content storage.

Collaborative Coding and STEM Kits

If you are looking for a way to get your pupils working together and in a more hands-on way, there are a range of collaborative kits available – perfect for STEM curriculum, variety in the classroom and closing the STEM boy/girl skills gap. From starter kits to those which require knowledge already in place, you can get a STEM/STEAM kit which benefits the kinaesthetic learners. The pupils get to work in teams to create, code, build and learn while they have fun doing it.

Our unique Classroom Healthcheck®

Finally, we’d love to come help you. If your school is planning for the future of your technology, upgrades, how you will manage tight budgets, where and how to prioritise and so on, the best place to start is our free Classroom Healthcheck® (worth £299). It provides you with a detailed hard copy report of how the performance of your technology is affecting teaching and learning, helping you plan, prioritise and implement when the time is right.


See a quick snapshot of how it helps your school here.

Elementary Technology is committed to helping schools using technology to deliver better education – we do however understand this isn’t always the latest, new technology. It makes absolute sense for schools to explore ways of making the most of what they have as part of an ICT Development Plan.

We hope this blog provides some ideas to help you do this. Please keep in touch!

Ageing classroom technology

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