Installing Oracle 12c On Windows

  1. Install Oracle 12c On Windows Server 2012
  2. Install Oracle 12c On Windows 10
  3. Installing Oracle 12c On Windows 8.1

In this document we will describe installation process for Oracle Database Client on Windows 7 (64 bit).

  • If you are installing this oracle database 12c on your laptop or desktop, then select the first option which is Desktop class. If you are installing oracle 12c on a server which is capable enough to handle the load of all the server components and processes, then choose the 2nd option which is Server class.
  • Applying Patches on Oracle 12c database in Windows Environment December 1, 2016 arcsdegeo Leave a comment On windows environment the patch type to be applied on Oracle is BP (Bundle Patch).

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Oracle 12c has real changes in structure compared to Oracle 11g. Oracle 12c is really a cloud database. The definition of database in 11g is similar to that of Container Database (CDB) in 12c. Particularly, after installing Oracle 12c you can create one or more Container Database (CDB). (In fact, 1 is enough).

Oracle Clietn need for remote connection from desktop to database with programms like SQLPLUS, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL Navigator and maty other.

Oracle client for Windows you could download from Oracle website.

For installation we need onlywinnt_12102_client32.zip

With 64 bit client, not works programms like PL/SQL Developer. That is the reason why we will setup 32 bit client

Prepare environment

Before we need to install additional library. This library needed only when you install 32 bit client.



Edit file hosts:


Oracle Client Installation

We need only Oracle Call Interface library (OCL). But for convenient i will install next:

  • SQL Plus
  • Oracle Call Interface (OCI)
  • Connection Manager

Creating from master tnsnames.ora file:

Connection parameter you could see on database server in tnsnames.ora file

Result should be like


system - login
manager - password

Edit Oracle Enviromnet Variables in windows reestr


Install Oracle 12c On Windows Server 2012

Trying connect to database server by PL/SQL Developer

Installing Oracle Database 12c client on windows 10 64 bit machine

  1. Download 12c client for windows 64 bit.
  1. Unzip the download to the folder on desktop machine.
  1. Select appropriate setup options
  1. Select language
  1. Select option “Use Windows Built-in Account”
  1. Provide path to install Oracle client.
  1. Click Next
  1. Click Install

Once installation is complete, close the window.

  1. Login to DB Server using putty, change user to Oracle and Check the Listener status using following command.
  1. Exit from putty
  2. Run command “netca” on windows command prompt.
  1. Select Add
  1. Select database service name
  1. Select TCP protocol
  1. Provide hostname and port number

Install Oracle 12c On Windows 10

  1. Select yes perform Test.
  1. Select Change Login and provide username and password for user System.

Installing Oracle 12c On Windows 8.1

  1. Enter Net Service Name
  1. Select Next.
  1. Select Next.
  1. Select Finish.

Thanks Yogesh

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKz0jS0liNY

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