How To Build A Website

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Building a website from scratch can be daunting, especially for small business owners. This guide shows you the different tools you will need to build a high-converting website.

The complete guide to creating a website without ever touching code. Step by step, for beginners.

I’m going to walk you step-by-step through creating a new website for my friend Nick.

If you want to have full control over breakpoints when creating your website, you can build your website using Editor X - an advanced creation platform from Wix, made exclusively for designers and agencies. You’ll be able to see and design your site at any viewport size, resulting in a cutting-edge, responsive design. When you create a website, all of the content including images and text is stored on a server. Those servers display your website whenever a visitor types the URL into their browser. Some website building platforms offer free web hosting, while others require you to purchase your own hosting plan before you publish your site.

Nick runs Sgt Nick’s Drums, a company selling handmade, decorative drums. Right now, Nick sells the drums on Etsy but I’m going to show you how I built Nick’s new website that looks like this:

My name is Steve Benjamins. My websites have been featured in Wired, The Next Web and Forbes. And in this guide for beginners I’m going to show you how to create a website, step by step.

How To Build A Website Program

Here’s my promise to you: if you just buckle down for the next 30 minutes— you’ll know more about building good websites than a lot of web designers.

I’ll cover all the secrets to the trade:

  • Where to find free stock photos that don’t suck.
  • How to make logos transparent.
  • The honest, no-BS truth about SEO.
  • How to put that little © in your footer
  • Setting up email on your own domain name.
  • Why your business might not need social media.
  • What to write and HOW to write it.
  • … And much, much more.

Read on to learn how to create great websites without ever touching code.

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How to build a website for free

What I Believe

There are my three rules for great websites. I’ll refer back to them throughout the guide:

1. Choose a Goal

How To Build A Website With Python

Your website isn’t an end in of itself. It needs to accomplish something for you. Sgt Nick’s Drums is an artisanal business— so my goal is to introduce customers to Nick, the real-life, artist making each drum by hand.

2. Be Human

Human works on the internet. People will respond to your website if you make it clear there is a real, live human behind it. This is doubly true for an artisanal business like Sgt Nick’s Drums.

3. Less Is More

People don’t read websites, they scan websites. Distill everything down to the essentials. (Doubly important because website content needs to fit on mobile screens as well as desktop screens.)

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