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Nevertheless, there are a few GoPro tweaks that will improve low light performance. Use 24 or 30 FPS. The most important thing you can adjust on your GoPro in order to improve your low light shots is the FPS – Frame Per Second. GoPro cameras can shoot in 30, 60, 120 and even 240 fps if you lower the resolution. The Capture app for your GoPro camera allows you to control the camera from a distance and monitor the scene. It also lets you wirelessly update camera firmware and get the latest features to maintain best performance. The app lets you control the camera and do more with your content than ever before, including sharing. Great App but could be better Really like the app at what its doing right now. Would be cool if you could select 2 or 3 clips and have them stiched together into one seemless clip. Also a way of setting a focus point so when using over capture on the ipad or phone it always holds that point in front of the camera instead of having to wave my phone around like an idiot in the living room when. GoPro’s website has a comprehensive list of these devices. Omni sphere array: The GoPro Omni is a spherical camera array designed to capture 360-degree footage. These spherical videos can be.

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