Geometry Dash 2.0 For Free


How to play Geometry Dash

  • Use mouse doing click for jump or arrow keys to play this game.
  • Select the level doing click in the tittle of the track.

AQUI EL LINK DE GEOMERY DASH ACTUALIZADO a v2,1. LINK IGNOREN ESTO. TAGS descargar geometry dash para pc 2.1, descargar geometry dash para pc 2017. With fun music and easy levels to get through, Geometry Dash brings a bit of math to the world of gaming. Each colorful level features geometric shapes, such as squares and triangles, that you have to get through various obstacles.

Tricks and Tips:

  1. If you want you can play this game in full screen mode.
  2. Also if you want you can pause and resume and turn the sound on and off on the game screen.

How to get geometry dash for free

In this website you can find geometry dash all levels and the geometry dash full version free. If you are looking for geometry dash pc you can play the geometry dash original for free above.

You can play geometry dash with the mouse or arrow keys. It´s very easy.

What is Geometry Dash

Welcome to this website where I uncover the one hundred percent true history of Geometry Dash.

Today, we will look at both the small beginnings of Geometry Dash, as well as its rise to popularity in the recent months.

With that said, let's jump right in to it.

Geometry Dash 1.0

Only featuring seven levels and two portals, the game started small.

Its levels introduced:

  • Stereo Madness
  • Back on Track
  • Polargeist
  • Dry Out
  • Base After Base
  • Can't Let Go
  • Jumper

At first, many believed Geometry Dash was only a copy of its previous title, the Impossible Game.

…As shown below.

The levels of Geometry Dash appeared quite similar to the Impossible Game, however their differences were in the level editor.

The developer, RobTop Games, worked hard to create a game far superior to the Impossible Game. Day and night, Robot Games update after update. In update 1.1, RobTop Studios introduced a new level, called Time Machine.

In updates 1.2 and 1.3, Nintendo added a new game mode, called ball mode as well as a leaderboard system in which


You can compare the stars you worked hard to earn to other Geometry Dash players.

As updates continued, FrogTop games added more and more features such as UFO mode, as well as different speeds to allow gameplay to speed up or down.

As we approach 1.9, rumors spread among the Geometry Dash community.

A new talented effect creator unseen by anyone before is about to enter the Geometry Dash stage.

He goes…By the name of “Etzer'.

Other creators were soon to follow, like TriAxis, Serponge, G4lvatron and more. Those who did not create levels beat demons and gained popularity that way. Challengers, such as IIRioTII and Noobas beat demons left and right.

Every so often, Noobas managed to beat insane demons such as Sakupen Hell.

It seemed that Noobas clicked so fast that the screen nearly slowed down.

Geometry Dash 1.9

Nevertheless, 1.9 is referred to as the Golden Age by many scholars. In fact, during 1.9 China's GDP rose by 2% and scientists discovered the cure for rabies. 1.9 truly revolutionized the global agricultural system. Like everything good in the world, however, it shrivelled up and died.

Soon enough, the great Geometry Dash Civil War of 1957 began.The two leader, ViPrIn and ZenthicAlpha lead the two sides as they fought long and hard for territory on the leaderboards.

In the end,

ViPrIn prevailed and Zenthic seceded from the union.

Soon after, times began to change.

Geometry Dash 2.1

Geometry Dash 2.1 came out and completely destroyed the game. The level editor was completely stripped from the game and the ore mechanics and gameplay were completely redesigned. The game was riddled with bugs, and soon enough faded into oblivion.

Luckily, RobTop Games had a backup.

In this website you can find geometry dash unblocked and play for free online.

RobTop developers are constantly renewing their most successful title, Geometry Dash, and have released a third spin-off: Geometry Dash World.

Geometry Dash 2.0 free. download full Version

Actually Geometry Dash World is a preview for Android and Apple of the next update (2.1) of the original game. It features a Super Mario-style division of the levels: 10 new levels, divided into two worlds of 5 levels each. Unlike Geometry Dash you must first complete the current level in order to continue to the next one. Moreover, the online levels will be available once we finish all 10 levels of the game.

Of course, the gameplay remains unchanged, so we will have to lead the square safely through a path full of side scrolling obstacles. However, Geometry Dash World is not a mere copy of the original, as it could be for example Geometry Dash Meltdown. Among the many innovations, the main one is the addition of these and daily challenges. Every day we will have to complete different levels, to get precious rewards like pearls, gems, diamonds and keys. After a number of levels, we will still be able to go online to try to get more spheres and valuable.

Among the new features are the new Spider transformation, which allows us to quickly change gravity with a teleporter, and the new Dash Orbs that give a temporary sprint in flight, not only horizontally but also up and down. Moreover, new icons and colors are available at the store in the customization menu: there you can buy them paying with spheres and crystals.

The keys are rewards that we will earn for every 500 spheres we manage to collect. They are useful as they allow us access to the treasure room, a useful room where we can open precious chests with the sweaty keys.

Geometry Dash World, how to unlock The Challenge

In the game is also hidden an eleventh bonus level, called “The Challenge'. Here is a little guide on how to unlock it: first you will need to have collected at least 50 diamonds to unlock the Vault of Secrets. To access it, you have to go to the menu (the one with the quests) and click on the lock at the top right of the screen. In the Vault, we will be able to type some words to unlock some secret skins and, by typing just “the challenge', to have access to that level. At this point, the last condition to play the game is to have collected at least 200 diamonds.

In short, Geometry Dash World is a good title in the saga, especially for those who approach for the first time: the difficulty of the levels is really minimal, and this unfortunately penalizes the longevity of the game. But, although the levels are very simple, the online levels (which are the ones proposed daily) are able to provide a fair challenge even to players who are now experts in the saga.

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The video game is one of the most favorite activities performed by many users. Mobile phones are also becoming very popular day by day for playing video games. Every day lots of new games are launched, and it’s tough to play all of them. One of the most favorites of many people is Geometry Dash. If you play this game, you must know the five Geometry Dash Secrets. So let’s know each of them one by one.

The vault of secrets

It is one of the secret features of the geometry dash. It is available in version 2.1. To gain access over it, the user will require 50 diamonds. It contains a text box and a padlock button. You need to type different phrases and press the padlock button. Based on the text entered in the text field, you will get some response in the form of text. If you type the correct phrase in the box, you would be able to unlock some hidden features.

Updated version

It is also a feature of geometry dash secrets. It is available in the updated version of 2.0. To use this feature, the user will have to spend 10 coins. It also has a text box and a padlock button. The padlock button here is also known as ‘guard’ or the ‘Spooky.’ Here also, you will get some response after entering the phrases and pressing spooky like ‘How did you get in here?

Chamber of time

How To Get Geometry Dash 2.0 For Free

This secret of geometry is somewhat struggling to get access. It is available in version 2.1. It can not be seen until the orange lock of the basement secret is active. After this, the door will be visible but couldn’t be opened unless you purchase Master Emblem from the secret shop. Here the padlock is replaced with a feline ring handle, which is known as Gatekeeper. Some of the responses of this chamber are ‘Can you smell it?’,’Tick tock’,’Leave this place.’ and many more.


This secret feature of geometry dash is prevalent among the players who love thrill and excitement. It is available in version 2.1. In this secret, you will see a cell. On the foreground of it will be a skull and a metallic chain.

On the left side of the cell, there is a torchlight. On the right side of the cell, there are 3 locks to be opened. After visiting the page and clicking on the back button, you will see the demon green eyes inside the cell.

Treasure room

This secret is available in version 2.1. It is composed of over 17 screens and 200 silver chests.190 out of these 200 silver chests contains diamonds, mana orbs, or shards.

Geometry Dash 2.0 For Free


Geometry Dash 2.0 Free

As we discussed above, the secrets of geometry dash are essential to play this game efficiently. After unlocking the different features and tools of this game, further progression becomes quite interesting. Once you master all the phrases of these secrets, the rest of the journey becomes very easy for you.

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