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Generating traffic to your business website requires significant marketing through spending your own time to attract visitors, paying for visitors directly, or hiring helpers to do the work required to get the visitors. Getting a top spot on Google isn’t free — even your time has value.

Having said that, here are seven core categories to generate traffic to your website:

  • Free search: With all the hype suggesting how much time people spend tweeting on Twitter or posting on Facebook, just about everyone who uses the Internet still searches for something on Google, Yahoo!, or Bing every day. Creating new content for your website weekly or even daily needs to be a primary focus of your traffic-building plan.

    Although time and effort have a cost, many search engines and directories don’t require you to pay a fee to get listed. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are good examples. Simply find out what phrases people are searching for, and then add content to your website to address those issues. Search engines will find your pages of content through automated processes developed by the search engine companies.

    By getting new pages of your website visible on the preceding search engines alone, you have the potential of being in front of more than 80 percent of all search engine traffic. Optimizing your site content can help you appear higher in search engine results.

  • Using other people’s traffic: After you’ve had some experience creating content for your own website and getting some search engine positioning for those pages or blog posts, you’re ready to make use of one of the hottest ways to build targeted traffic to your website: Write a guest blog for a business that complements yours, but doesn’t compete with it.

    Always include a link to your own website as part of the blog post and follow up with comments.

    One of the hot traffic generators of today is to take guest blog posting to a higher level by conducting a blog tour. Line up 10, 15, or 50 blog dates so that readers can sequentially follow you from blog to blog. The blog owners all benefit from the shared traffic from other blogs and your own promotions.

  • Paid search: With the growth in development of measurement tools (such as Google Analytics, for example), paid search has become an essential form of promotion for nearly every product or service.

  • Social networking: Participating in discussions on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn are proven website traffic-generating processes. Remember to always link to your website. Internet users will always search for and exchange content. You just have to find out what they’re searching for and supply them with unique content.

  • Face-to-face networking: Some people still enjoy meeting face to face for their networking. Meetup helps with the organizing, scheduling, and promoting of such groups. So, you can easily find many niche or industry-targeted networking groups to attend that meet regularly in person.

    Consider starting your own Meetup group! It’s a great way to network with potential customers.

  • Other offline efforts: Don’t overlook your opportunities to use offline resources to promote your website. Radio talk shows are always looking for guest experts. Offer a giveaway to listeners every time you’re on the radio.

    Networking events, associations, leads groups, and schools and churches are always looking for interesting speakers to deliver short, 30-minute messages to their audience. Deliver content-rich information and suggest a visit to your website for a free download or for more information about your company. And, always provide the opportunity for people to be added to your e-mail list.

  • Referrals: Of course, no one is a higher-quality visitor than a personal referral. Referrals will spend more time on your website and are much more likely to buy from you because they have reached a certain level of trust in you because of the referral.

In order to earn more money through your business, you need more eyeballs on you. This usually looks like generating more traffic to your business website.

In the world of SEO and online marketing, generating traffic to a business website almost seems like some sort of secret code that only a few people know about.

The reality is that generating traffic to a business website just takes time, grit, patience and sometimes money. And, of course, it also involves work. Here are x ways to generate more traffic to your business website.


Use search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is the art of inserting specific keywords into blog posts and articles so that people can find your content on Google search.


You may be wondering, “How do I find these keywords?” Google has a free tool you can use to search for keywords (and similar keywords) to see what their search volume and competition are like.


Once you find the right keywords, you write content that uses the keywords in the most natural way possible. You can also use a free plugin like Yoast SEO to see whether or not you’ve used the keyword enough times throughout the post. It will also test readability for the users.

Search engine optimization is just one of the ways to generate more traffic to your business website and, if done correctly, it’s very effective. I’ve gotten both writing and social media influencer opportunities that I can link directly back to the use of good SEO.

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Use social media to share your content.

Social media is a goldmine for both free and paid ways to generate traffic to your business website. In fact, if I were to look into my Google Analytics, I would see that social media is my number one traffic source.

The reason social media is effective is because not everyone will find your content through a Google search. Additionally, not everyone hangs out on the same social media channels, so incorporating different channels based on what you find to give you the best ROI creates a solid strategy.

Here are just a few of the ways to use social media to generate traffic to your website:

  • Use the bio section of all social media channels to share your latest article.
  • Automate the sharing of content with tools like Hootsuite or Edgar.
  • Share often! Social media moves very quickly so you’ll want to make sure you’re sharing things often so that more people see your stuff.
  • Share other people’s stuff. This helps increase your own following so you can direct more people to your business website.
  • Share a new piece of content every time it goes live. (Note: You’ll want to make sure you’re consistent with creating new content on your business website in order for this to work.)

These are the basic rules you need to know to effectively use social media to generate traffic to your business website. In the rest of this article, we’ll talk about specific channels and the strategies you can use.

Use Pinterest to generate traffic to your business website.

Pinterest is amazing for generating traffic to a website. Out of all my social media traffic referrers, Pinterest is by far the most effective.


The reason Pinterest is so effective is because it’s basically a search engine with pretty images. People go to Pinterest to find solutions to their problems all the time. They also use it as a way to save helpful content they can read later.

Here are some of the ways to use Pinterest effectively:

  • Make sure the images on your website are pinnable.
  • Share other people’s pins to increase your following.
  • Join group boards in your niche and share your pins.
  • Write good descriptions for your pins.
  • When you send an email out to your list, give them the option to save the corresponding pin so they can read it later.

There are also tools you can use to automate Pinterest and make it less time consuming. These tools include Boardbooster so you can automatically pin to group boards and Tailwind so you can schedule out pins in advance. The both of them working together creates Pinterest magic.

Try Facebook ads.

Another solid way to generate traffic to your website is with Facebook ads. While this does require you to pay, the reality is that if you get the audience down right, you can get qualified visitors that don’t cost you a whole lot.

The hardest part is figuring out the right audience. You can start by uploading your current email list and creating a “Lookalike” audience based on the characteristics of your current list of leads.

From there you’ll want to test out different demographics to see who your ads are most effective with. Once you have the answer, you can keep marketing to the audience that converts for the least amount of money.

Alert your email list when there’s a new post on your business website.

Want to generate traffic to your business website? Look no further than your email list! These are the people who are more likely to share your content on their social media channels, so make sure to alert them when you’ve published something new.

Interview other people for your website.

One of the reasons I decided to start interviewing people on my podcast – besides the fact that it’s fun – is because I knew it would be a great way to generate more traffic to my business website.

By featuring other people, and then letting them know when their interview has gone live, you can tap into their lists and their networks when they share it.

As a bonus tip, you can upload the video or audio on to YouTube and link back to your website for additional traffic. YouTube has millions of users per day, so take a piece of the pie by using it to repurpose content and direct people back to your business website.

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Final Thoughts

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Do all of these methods of generating traffic take time? Yes. Do they require work? Absolutely. But as you layer these things over time, you’ll see your traffic starting to increase.

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