Game 43: March 27, 2015the Initials Game

Game 43: march 27 2015 the initials game showGame 43: march 27 2015 the initials game 6

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Initials: S.S.
Host: Cory Cove (Clues written by Paul Charchian)
Players: Chris Hawkey, Paul Lambert, AJ Mansour, Ben Leber

Game 43: March 27, 2015the Initials Game
1Sarah SilvermanChris Hawkey2
2Sean SalisburyPaul Lambert5Ben Leber
3Slap ShotAJ Mansour3
4Stuart SmalleyChris Hawkey6Paul Lambert
5Shamrock ShakeAJ Mansour5
6Steven SpielbergPaul Lambert5Ben Leber
7Sesame StreetChris Hawkey4Paul Lambert
8Sammy SosaBen Leber1
9Stuart ScottPaul Lambert2
10SpongeBob SquarePantsChris Hawkey2
11Steven SeagalAJ Mansour2
12Sam SmithPaul Lambert2
TBSharon StonePaul LambertChris Hawkey
1Paul Lambert512
2Chris Hawkey412
3AJ Mansour311
4Ben Leber121

Game 43: March 27 2015 The Initials Game On

Notes & Quotes
Lee Valsvik, in the background after the first item: “Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!”
Meatsauce, sarcastically: “These are great clues.”
Cory: “You know what, thanks. My favorite game of Initials was last week.”
Meatsauce: “I hope an elevator falls on you.”
Cory: “Why would I be in the elevator shaft waiting for an elevator to fall on me?”
Meatsauce: “Any shaft, you’re in.”
Cory: “I’m in it?”
Hawk: “I think the key is to not be sure.”
Hawk, after Leber got Item No. 8 with one clue: “You were sitting on that one. I saw you sitting a little sideways there.”
Hawk, after he tied with Meatsauce for the lead: “Just like old times.”
Meatsauce: “Remember, who ever loses between us has to kiss.”
Hawk, before the tiebreaker: “Golly gee. I really want to win. I mean, really, really want to win.”
Meatsauce: “I want you to win.”
Cory: “You want Chris to win?”
Meatsauce: “Yeah, I don’t… Being the—
AJ: “Just stop.”
Meatsauce: “—arrogant A-word sucks.”
Cory: “Turn the mic off and leave then. Just let him win.”
Meatsauce: “No, I mean, I gotta give effort. This is the only thing I’m good at.”
Hawk buzzed in first on the tiebreaker but incorrectly guessed Sally Struthers. After the game, Hawk repeated solemnly, “I gave it away.”
Hawk: “Oh god, I wanted that so badly.”
Meatsauce: “Yeah, well, you didn’t.”
Hawk: “You know what? Here he is.”
Meatsauce: “Hey, I won, right?”
Leber: “Yeah, you’re not gracious when you win or lose.”
AJ: “Yeah, the person you didn’t want to become, you are.”
Meatsauce: “You guys bring it out in me. You guys are sore losers.”
Leber: “No, we didn’t do anything!”
Meatsauce: “You’re sore losers!”
Hawk: “Am I eating these G-D beans or am I just tickling them?”

Game 43: March 27 2015 The Initials Game Show

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