Game 254: May 3, 2019the Initials Game

Game 254: May 3, 2019the Initials Game
  • Sam Bat's unique style of notating all specs by hand on the barrel's end are in place, reading '34, 31.7 oz, 06 12 01, 2K1, B.B.,' to indicate length, weight, manufacturing date, model number and Bonds' initials respectively. We may lament the 'steroid era' of baseball, and while we make no judgments about Bonds, he is undeniably the face of it.
  • When assembled, you will have a sealed packet to open after you complete a campaign of 15 games. The cards allow a convenient way to record final player information (missile count, named continents, major cities). This allows for a player draft to be included in Game 16 and beyond. The assembly instructions contain spoilers for the packet.

It’s a nice game, interesting and engaging for kids. Younger kids may need some help to read, but it’s a fun game for all ages. It is also pretty informative and may prompt kids to learn further about unknown information and facts. The a good one to take along for travels also considering it’s small size. Los Angeles Dodgers beat Atlanta Braves (9-0). May 7, 2019, Attendance: 47337, Time of Game: 2:42. Visit Baseball-Reference.com for the complete box score, play-by-play, and win probability. Last season the Gators (16-1) won their first 16 games of the season before losing to Florida St., 2-0. It was the third longest win streak in program history. Then the season was abruptly halted by the COVID-19 pandemic with the Gators ranked No. 1 by Collegiate Baseball.

Game 254: May 3 2019 The Initials Games

Risk Probabilities.xlsx (104 KB)
This spreadsheet calculates the basic ratio of the amount of attackers that would be lost on average, for each defender killed.
It includes calculations for all of the following defensive bonuses:
* No modifiers
* Bunker
* Ammo Shortage
* Fortification
* Bunker + Fortification
* Ammo Shortage + Fortification
It combines each of these defensive modifiers with the following offensive modifiers to provide a matrix of ratios of dead attackers per defender:
* No Modifiers
* Enclave of the Bear Attack Bonus
* +1/+1 HQ Attack Modifier (Comeback Power)
* Mutant Faction attacking the Bringer of Nuclear Fire
* Mutant Offensive/Bodies Evolution Power
* Mutant Offensive/Bodies Evolution Power attacking Bringer of Nuclear Fire
The spreadsheet does not account for the use of missiles. I also can't guarantee that it deals with all possible modifiers, since I originally made this spreadsheet for only the modifiers present in my own game at the time of creation.
Any requests for improvement (or correction) can be PM'd to me and I'll do my best to update it.
Sep 15, 2014
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