Game 157: June 30, 2017the Initials Game


The latest WFTDA team rankings were released today, incorporating the results of games played through June 30, 2017. These rankings were used to determine team seeding for the 2017 International WFTDA Playoffs. Team rankings are generated by the WFTDA Rankings Calculator, which uses an algorithm to rank teams based on game scores. WFTDA Member leaguesREAD MORE ». Stream the The Power Trip's Initials Game episode, The 157th Initials Game on The Power Trip (R.R.), free & on demand on iHeartRadio. Jun 30, 2017 GAME 157: JUNE 30, 2017: Initials: R.R. Host: Paul Charchian: Players: Chris Hawkey, Paul Lambert, AJ Mansour, Mark Parrish. The last time the initials were R.R. Jun 30, 2017 The latest WFTDA team rankings were released today, incorporating the results of games played through June 30, 2017. These rankings were used to determine team seeding for the 2017 International WFTDA Playoffs. Team rankings are generated by the WFTDA Rankings Calculator, which uses an algorithm to rank teams based on game scores. WFTDA Member leaguesREAD MORE ». List of all the previous INITIALS winners, date of game played, winning point total of the game, initials used in the game, when the winner got their first point and number of players in the game.


The latest WFTDA team rankings were released today, incorporating the results of games played through June 30, 2017. These rankings were used to determine team seeding for the 2017 International WFTDA Playoffs.


Team rankings are generated by the WFTDA Rankings Calculator, which uses an algorithm to rank teams based on game scores. WFTDA Member leagues are ranked nine times per year, with monthly rankings through June, then bi-monthly through the end of the year. Leagues must play at least three sanctioned games against three unique opponents to be included in WFTDA Rankings, and must complete their Division Game Play requirements to qualify for tournament seeding. Leagues that have not yet played three sanctioned games will not appear in the rankings.

Questions or comments regarding Ranking can be sent to [email protected]

For more information on rankings and seeding for WFTDA Playoffs, please see the Competitive Divisions document (Updated December 2014).

Learn more about our Rankings Policy and Strength Factor Challenge Program.

1Victorian Roller Derby League918.121,120.89
2+1Rose City Rollers1417.281,005.64
3-1Gotham Girls Roller Derby1017.15987.69
4Angel City Derby Girls746.82942.12
5+2Denver Roller Derby686.19855.26
6-1Texas Rollergirls876.04834.63
7-1London Rollergirls855.54765.54
8+1Arch Rival Roller Derby565.24723.27
9+1Jacksonville Rollergirls1045.09702.69
10+12Bay Area Derby524.96684.67
11-3Minnesota RollerGirls664.95684.35
12-1Crime City Rollers1134.88674.03
13-1Atlanta Rollergirls954.82666.4
14-1Montreal Roller Derby944.57631.75
15-1Helsinki Roller Derby1154.46615.98
16-1Rat City Roller Girls564.41609.2
17-1Rainy City Roller Derby564.36601.91
18+1Queen City Roller Girls634.08563.65
19-2Santa Cruz Derby Girls844.07562.22
20+6Stockholm Roller Derby754552.28
21-1Tampa Roller Derby483.88535.63
22+6Detroit Roller Derby663.78522.37
23+28Adelaide Roller Derby203.76519.74
24-12×4 Roller Derby433.69509.83
25-1Philly Roller Derby283.62500.19
26-8Team United Women’s Roller Derby423.59495.5
27+2Arizona Roller Derby733.55489.77
28+3Windy City Rollers553.5482.92
29+3Kallio Rolling Rainbow393.42472.24
30+4Ann Arbor Roller Derby493.34461.02
31+15Rocky Mountain Rollergirls873.24447.78
32-5Terminal City Rollergirls563.22444.96
33+6Blue Ridge Rollergirls923.21443.65
34-13Dallas Derby Devils353.17437.25
35+3Calgary Roller Derby Association733.17437.24
36-3Houston Roller Derby533.16436.75
37+3Mad Rollin’ Dolls Roller Derby753.09427.12
38-1Charm City Roller Girls743.09426.64
39-3Charlottesville Derby Dames933.06422.8
40+4Wasatch Roller Derby653.04420.07
41+4Auld Reekie Roller Girls223.01415.97
42-12Tucson Roller Derby662.97409.73
43-1Paris Rollergirls602.94406.39
44+13Jet City Rollergirls632.92403.82
45+3Oklahoma Victory Dolls1712.92403.55
46+3Middlesbrough Roller Derby412.92403.21
47-12Boston Roller Derby382.89398.97
48-5Ohio Roller Derby7122.85393.66
49-8No Coast Derby Girls4102.81387.48
50-25Sun State Roller Girls162.7372.42
51+2Pirate City Rollers612.67368.43
52-2Columbia Quad Squad592.65365.56
53-6Naptown Roller Derby372.64365.01
54+11Treasure Valley Rollergirls342.62362.13
55+1Bear City Roller Derby632.61360.69
56+3Sac City Rollers562.53349.2
57+16E-Ville Roller Derby1112.52348.12
58-4Dublin Roller Derby422.5345.26
59+9North Star Roller Derby422.5345.09
60+9DC Rollergirls322.5344.94
61+6Dub City Roller Derby812.46340.39
62+13Rage City Rollergirls502.42334.21
63+8Royal City Roller Girls732.41332.71
64-4Boulder County Bombers892.36326.08
65-2Cincinnati Rollergirls332.34323.87
66-5Sacred City Derby Girls382.33321.94
67-3Dock City Rollers702.33321.37
68-10Sydney Roller Derby League132.32320.44
69-7Sailor City Rollers302.31318.62
70Happy Valley Derby Darlins922.29316.35
71-16Brandywine Roller Girls572.29316.29
72-6Garden State Rollergirls442.26311.6
73-21Kansas City Roller Warriors572.25310.38
74+17Winnipeg Roller Derby League422.13294.54
75+5Rideau Valley Roller Girls622.08286.59
76-4Nidaros Roller Derby162.07285.66
77+11Long Island Roller Rebels502.06284.15
78Metropolitan Roller Derby Chile212.04282.37
79+8Mother State Roller Derby212276.92
80+2Tri-City Roller Derby5111.97272.38
81Capital City Derby Dolls631.97272.29
82+7Roller Derby Quebec411.97271.79
83-6Grand Raggidy Roller Girls781.93267.09
84Cheyenne Roller Derby221.91263.92
85+10Ithaca League of Women Rollers461.9263
86+6Maine Roller Derby141.85255.2
87-2Tiger Bay Brawlers041.84254.62
88+25Newcastle Roller Girls351.84253.52
89-10Steel City Roller Derby2121.82251.64
90-14Central City Roller Girls451.8248.71
91-17Chicago Outfit Roller Derby5101.78245.64
92+2Gem City Roller Derby521.78245.58
93+13Pikes Peak Derby Dames321.76242.4
94+2West Virginia Roller Derby631.75241.83
95+95Western Australia Roller Derby311.72238.22
96+11Twin City Derby Girls351.72237.93
97-4Ft. Wayne Derby Girls331.71236.45
98-1Killamazoo Derby Darlins4111.71236.39
99-9Omaha Rollergirls451.66229.57
100-1Birmingham Blitz Dames501.65227.83
101-18Toronto Roller Derby261.63224.65
102+3Providence Roller Derby551.62223.31
103+1Brewcity Bruisers251.6220.84
104+103Canberra Roller Derby League221.59219.78
105+4V-Town Derby Dames511.57217.03
106-4Cape Fear Roller Girls751.57216.17
107-6Carolina Rollergirls071.54212.68
108-10Nashville Rollergirls181.53211.91
109NPROrangeville Roller Girls201.52209.53
110San Fernando Valley Roller Derby331.51208.76
111+17Old Capitol City Roller Girls931.47202.41
112-9Bogota Bone Breakers221.45199.65
113-13Muddy River Rollers251.44198.77
114Akron Roller Derby511.43197.09
115+11SoCal Derby421.4193.96
116+35Gothenburg Roller Derby611.39192.24
117-6St. Chux Derby Chix171.38190.54
118+1Nottingham Hellfire Harlots201.38190.15
119+5Gold Coast Derby Grrls531.38190.01
120+7Red Stick Roller Derby931.36188.46
121Nantes Derby Girls511.36188.35
122-14Dupage Derby Dames461.35186.39
123-5Bakersfield Diamond Divas501.34184.75
124-1Lille Roller Girls901.33184.22
125+4One Love Roller Dolls831.31180.39
126-10Crossroads City Derby201.3179.71
127-7Roc City Roller Derby571.3178.99
128+14ICT Roller Derby531.29178.11
129+1Perth Roller Derby301.29178.08
130+1Appalachian Rollergirls641.26174.58
131NPRDunedin Derby121.24171.16
132+27Cornfed Derby Dames321.24170.79
133+5Assassination City Roller Derby441.23169.93
134+22Classic City Rollergirls601.23169.33
135-3Burning River Roller Derby171.21167.58
136+1FoCo Roller Derby531.2165.79
137+2Connecticut RollerGirls921.2165.52
138+84Rock n Roller Queens121.19163.68
139Sitka Sound Slayers301.18162.92
140+4Fox Cities Roller Derby701.18162.88
141Tampere Roller Derby211.16160.84
142+23Derby City Roller Girls541.16159.84
143-10Black Rose Rollers841.16159.74
144-10Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby051.15158.42
145+4Downriver Roller Dolls321.14157.6
146+2Gallatin Roller Girlz401.12155.06
147+5Duke City Derby041.12154.83
148-12Dark River Derby Coalition831.12154.2
149+1Silicon Valley Rollergirls501.11153.45
150+12Chattanooga Roller Girls841.11153.08
151-6Charlotte Roller Girls1121.1151.68
152+2Rockin City Rollergirls501.09151.2
153+5Dirty River Roller Derby351.08149.2
154+3Bay State Brawlers711.07147.72
155+5Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls071.06146.75
156-9Lehigh Valley Rollergirls461.06146.56
156-21Lansing Derby Vixens121.06146.56
158-36Emerald City Roller Girls021.06146.11
159-4North Texas Roller Derby471.05145.71
160+1South Coast Roller Derby251.05144.37
161+21Dixie Derby Girls121.04143.99
162+49Rock Coast Rollers141.04143.83
163+6Sonoma County Roller Derby131.03142.35
164-1Humboldt Roller Derby341.03141.98
165+2Go-Go Gent Roller Derby471.03141.57
166+2Monterey Bay Derby Dames231.02140.89
167+33Cedar Valley Roller Derby041.01139.86
168+2Mass Attack Roller Derby331.01139.47
169+15Forest City Derby Girls331138.76
170+3Big Easy Rollergirls531138.43
171+15Mo-Kan Roller Girls721137.8
172+16Shasta Roller Derby210.99136.38
173-30Green Mt. Roller Derby240.99136.37
174-2Ventura County Derby Darlins200.98135.18
175-22Demolition City Roller Derby130.98134.82
176+27Lava City Roller Dolls230.98134.8
177+1Muscogee Roller Girls520.97133.36
178-7Brussels Derby Pixies140.96132.17
179+1Cherry City Derby Girls310.92127.2
180-5Lowcountry HighRollers650.92127.12
181Twin State Derby520.92126.5
182-8Dutchland Derby Rollers500.91126.33
183-7Molly Roger Rollergirls120.91125.98
184+1Como Derby Dames320.91125.95
185+4Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association420.9124.61
186+5Prairieland Punishers320.9124.44
187+29Hard Knox Roller Girls240.9124.35
188+9State College Area Roller Derby430.9123.75
189+28Roller Derby Madrid310.89123.16
190-75Leeds Roller Derby030.89123.04
191-79Dominion Derby Girls220.89122.9
192Unforgiven Roller Girls230.89122.73
193-16Tallahassee Rollergirls450.88121.67
194+2Northside Rollers910.88121.3
195-29Salisbury Rollergirls330.87120.85
196+3Greensboro Roller Derby240.87119.84
197-18Ark Valley High Rollers1010.86118.98
198Alamo City Rollergirls230.86118.58
198-4River City Rollergirls660.86118.58
200Auckland Roller Derby410.85117.42
201+1Chippewa Valley Roller Girls410.85117.26
202+2Hellions of Troy Roller Derby220.85117.16
203+2West Texas Roller Derby300.84116.28
204+43Mason Dixon Roller Vixens120.82113.86
205+65Panhandle United Roller Derby430.82113.54
206South Bend Roller Girls110.82112.7
207+5Croydon Roller Derby320.8110.25
208+1Glass City Rollers940.8109.92
209-8Hammer City Roller Derby170.79109.34
210-23Greenville Derby Dames430.79109.11
211-1Hartford Area Roller Derby510.79108.88
212+1West Coast Derby Knockouts230.79108.72
213+2Jerzey Derby Brigade130.79108.65
214+43Mid-States Sisters of Skate230.79108.6
215-9Zurich City Rollergirlz510.78108.21
216+82Convict City Rollers370.78107.93
217+4Port City Roller Derby410.78107.66
218+1Oslo Roller Derby050.78107.6
219NPRFog City Rollers130.78107.15
220Bellingham Roller Betties110.77106.36
221-13Shore Points Roller Derby300.76105.35
222+1Central NY Roller Derby190.76104.43
223-5St. Pauli Roller Derby530.75104.25
224+1Central Ohio Roller Dolls550.74102.51
225+1Derby Revolution of Bakersfield120.74102.35
226-2Confluence Crush Roller Derby410.74102.18
227+13Harbor City Roller Dames110.74102.01
228-1Chemical Valley Rollergirls450.74101.91
229+3Roller Derby Dresden510.74101.54
230-47Peach State Roller Derby050.73101.23
231-36Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby120.73101.03
232+19Devil Dog Derby Dames710.73100.52
233-5Dockyard Derby Dames140.73100.48
234+4Battle Creek Cereal Killers230.7299.51
235MedCity Mafia Roller Derby240.7299.42
236-5Richter City Roller Derby200.7299.17
237-3Ohio Valley Rollergirls540.7298.96
238+4Tragic City Rollers150.797.19
239+28Southern Illinois Rollergirls110.797.17
240+9580 Rollergirls440.797.13
241+51Roller Derby Metz Club320.796.72
242-6Sioux Falls Roller Dollz210.796.46
243-10Circle City Derby Girls330.796.31
244-14Black-N-Bluegrass Roller Girls630.796.27
245-8Jersey Shore Roller Girls110.796.14
246-5Copenhagen Roller Derby150.6995.2
247NPRBarcelona Roller Derby200.6994.63
248-19NRV Rollergirls210.6994.62
249+6Albany All Stars020.6994.61
250-6Richland County Regulators Derby Team020.6893.54
251-3Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Roller Radicals370.6893.43
252-7Mississippi Valley Mahem200.6893.39
253-14Peninsula Roller Girls250.6792.95
254-11Glasgow Roller Derby140.6792.78
255-9Vienna Roller Derby120.6792.14
256Les Quads des Paris120.6791.91
257+1Rogue Rollergirls050.6488.89
258-2Central Coast Roller Derby350.6488.32
259+18Fredericksburg Roller Derby220.6487.88
260-6Amsterdam Roller Derby230.6487.76
261-144Undead Bettys030.6286.17
262+2Tokyo Roller Girls400.6285.82
263+2Greater Toronto Area Rollergirls120.6285.79
264+2Limerick Roller Derby220.6285.64
265-2Munich Rolling Rebels240.6285.22
266+9Yellow Rose Derby Girls410.6285.18
267+4Cologne Roller Derby120.683.22
268-16Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls430.682.77
269+5Morgantown Roller Vixens130.5982.07
270+3Cen-Tex Rollergirls260.5981.29
271+5Royal Windsor Rollergirls110.5980.94
272-10Gainesville Roller Rebels120.5980.93
273Pensacola Roller Gurlz110.5980.91
274-14London Rockin’ Rollers230.5779.27
275+22Wine Town Rollers230.5778.6
276-4Cajun Rollergirls150.5677.66
277+6Lafayette Brawlin Dolls040.5677.32
278-28El Paso Roller Derby130.5677.29
279+3Lutece Destroyeuses030.5677.24
280-2Rockford Rage Roller Derby030.5575.69
281+4Rainier Rollergirls140.5575.63
282+4Southern Delaware Rollergirls340.5474.44
283+4Border City Brawlers050.5474.33
284-5Acadiana Roller Girls130.5474.12
285-17Babe City Rollers030.5473.96
286+10Spindletop Rollergirls350.5272.24
287+3Fairbanks Rollergirls320.5272.1
288Okinawa Roller Derby260.5271.3
289-8Dolly Rockit Rollers220.5170.95
290-31Springfield Rollergirls060.5170.69
291+18Barockcity Roller Derby020.569.13
292+2Castle Rock-n-Rollers130.568.93
293+20Roller Girls of the Apocalypse130.568.56
294-10Whidbey Island Roller Girls110.568.16
295+4Assault City Roller Derby050.567.57
296+25Little City Roller Girls120.567.28
297-133Memphis Roller Derby020.567.18
298+3Resurrection Roller Girls210.567.14
299-8Aurora 88s Roller Derby030.567.05
300-47Savannah Derby Devils150.565.67
301+1Vette City Roller Derby030.565.43
302+4Rainy City Roller Dolls210.565.09
303+2Slaughterhouse Derby Girls030.565.03
304+3South Sea Roller Derby250.562.8
305+19Little Steel Derby Girls140.562.6
306NPRMaui Roller Girls030.561.46
307+1Northwest Derby Company060.561.42
308+11Rollergirls of Central Kentucky240.559.36
309-5Hulls Angels Roller Dames130.557.32
310Pacific Roller Derby080.557.04
311NPRSouth Side Derby Dolls040.556.09
312+2Jackson Hole Juggernauts130.555.59
313+3San Diego Roller Derby020.554.86
314+3Belfast Roller Derby040.553.16
315+3Diamond State Roller Girls030.552.74
316-23Cedar Rapids RollerGirls030.552.31
317Southern Maryland Roller Derby020.551.75
318-23Ruhrpott Roller Girls120.550.77
319+1Mississippi Rollergirls110.549.44
320-17Thunder Bay Roller Derby League050.548.17
321-9Durango Roller Girls040.547.27
322-61Quad City Rollers020.545.91
323-8Roughneck Roller Derby040.545.51
324-35Suburbia Roller Derby040.545.37
325-56Paradise Rollergirls140.545.06
326-3Sheffield Steel Rollergirls130.544.18
327-16New Hampshire Roller Derby030.539.97
328-6Harrisburg Area Roller Derby030.538.22
329-4Eerie Roller Girls040.534.74
330-244Paradise City Roller Derby040.533.74
331-32Waimea Wranglers Rough Rollers040.522.59

Game 157: June 30 2017 The Initials Game On Saturday

Game 157: june 30 2017 the initials game on tonight

Game 157: June 30 2017 The Initials Game On Christmas Day

NPR = Not Previously Ranked

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