Funding Alternativeseffective Curriculum Ideas

  1. There’s a new fundraising trend taking hold at schools that’s fun for the whole community: scratch card fundraising! Scratch card fundraising is a great way to reach your school’s fundraising goals fast. Volunteers approach their friends, family, and neighbors and ask them to scratch two circles off of their fundraising card.
  2. Fundraising Through Reuse. FundingFactory turns your used toner and inkjet cartridges into cash to fund your organization. With FundingFactory's 100% free fundraising program and the help of your community, your organization will earn much-needed funds in no time.
  3. Not all ideas listed will apply or be practical for all communities; rather it is a list of ideas that could be modified or tailored to fit your needs, or serve as a springboard for new ideas. These ideas are not evidence-based best practices.

Creative workplace fundraising ideas to help your business raise money for charity

Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits Let’s walk through some of the most effective types of virtual fundraising campaigns and events for nonprofits. Each of these ideas is highly flexible and can be adapted for any audience, mission, or budget.

Funding Alternativeseffective Curriculum Ideas

Raising money for charity at your workplace not only helps your business make a difference in your community, it can give your staff a morale boost and build camaraderie among colleagues. But it can be overwhelming to decide what kind of fundraiser is right for your workplace — there are so many causes, platforms and ways to raise money. But you’re in good hands at Mightycause! Our platform is designed for the everyday user and offers several different fundraising options for your workplace. Our team fundraising tools make it a snap to manage a group of people fundraising together, and even gives your team members the flexibility to choose their own cause.

So we’ve compiled 20 creative fundraising ideas to help you decide what kind of fundraiser is best for your workplace!

Board Game Tournament

A board game tournament is a simple, cost-effective and easy-to-plan workplace fundraiser that can get your office’s competitive juices flowing. Team fundraising on Mightycause is a great way to build on the friendly competition — choose your games, start your team on Mightycause, have players register for the tournament by joining your team, and get their friends, family and work buddies to donate to their page! Imposing a fundraising minimum to compete in the tournament can help guarantee that everyone raises money for their cause with gusto. You can even have multiple board tournaments at once, so some people can show off their word mastery with Scrabble while the MBAs in the office duke it out in Monopoly.

Chili Cook-off

Bring out your workplace’s inner Food Network stars by hosting a chili cook-off for charity! Start a team on Mightycause and have participants compete to raise the most money for charity. (A hunger relief organization would be a great cause for this kind of fundraiser!) The winner of the cook-off gets an extra cash donation for their fundraiser from the company — as well as bragging rights!

Golf Tournament

What businessperson worth their salt doesn’t love to play golf?! Golf tournaments are perfect for workplaces, and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity on the Mightycause platform. Choose your cause, set a date and location for your tournament, and get your workplace fundraising by starting a team on Mightycause! You can stoke the flames of competition by offering incentives like a hole-in-one prize, or perks for the top golfer.

Fun Run

Get your colleagues on their feet and out of their cubicles with a charity fun run! Find a local track and have participants sign up for the run by joining your team on Mightycause. Be sure to include all fitness and skill levels by allowing for both running and walking — and also allow people to start pages to raise money even if they can’t participate.

Embarrass the boss

It goes without saying that you’ll need to get the executive or team leader on board beforehand, but competing with your coworkers to plunge the CEO into a dunk tank, throw a pie in your supervisor’s face, or shave your district manager’s head are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities … and even better, it’s all for a good cause! After getting approval from HR and getting your leader signed on, set up a team or a Mightycause page to raise money for the chance to make your leader look silly!

Casual Day fundraiser

You’d be amazed by the lengths folks bound to a professional dress code will go to just for the chance to ditch their slacks and wear jeans to the office. Start a team on Mightycause and use Casual Days as an incentive to raise money for charity! Give the top fundraiser a month of Casual Days, or offer the top five fundraisers an extra Casual Day each week for a month.

Parking spot fundraising challenge

Much like the privilege of wearing jeans to work, many employees will do pretty much anything under the sun for a prime parking spot. Finding a nice parking spot in the shade that’s close to the door is the true Holy Grail for people working in a big office — and you can offer a reserved spot as an incentive for your employees and colleagues to raise money for charity! Start a team and offer a month (or even a full quarter) of reserved parking for the top fundraiser.

Great Office Bake-Off

Funding Alternativeseffective Curriculum Ideas Economicas

Bring out your office’s star bakers by holding a Great Office Bake-Off for a charitable cause! Create a team on Mightycause and require participants to raise a minimum amount for the cause of their choice to have their baked goods judged in the competition. Choose categories (the possibilities are endless: cookies, cakes, savory baked goods, tarts … ), select a panel of judges, create your team and then get ready, set, bake!

Rent an assistant

Pretty much everyone could use an assistant from time to time to sort through that stack of paperwork piling up on your desk, stuff some envelopes, and take some tedious tasks off your hands. Gather some capable employees where you work (supervisors are ideal) and create a team page on Mightycause, with a charitable fundraising page set up for each participating “assistant.” Allow employees to make donations to the page of the “assistant” of their choice in pre-set amounts to rent that employee’s time — $25 for 30 minutes, $50 for an hour, $100 for a full day. This is a great way to boost productivity and raise money for a good cause!

Scavenger hunt

An office scavenger hunt can get people away from their desks, working together and building camaraderie, and raise money for a great cause! Set up a Mightycause page where employees can make a donation to register to participate in the scavenger hunt, then distribute clues to the hunters to help them find the items in the building (bonus points if the clues relate to your business or the charity for whom you’re raising money). This is fun, easy to plan and pull off, and working together to solve clues can give your office’s teamwork skills a boost!

Charity competition with other companies

To really stoke the flames of competition, partner with other companies to see whose office can raise the most money for charity! Team fundraising on Mightycause is perfect for this, because you’ll be able to get real-time updates on who’s coming out on top on the leaderboard.

Office Grill-Off

A perfect office fundraiser for the summertime! Have your employees fire up their grills and bust out their best barbecue recipes. You can create a standalone Mightycause page to charge an entry fee, or you can start a team and ask guests to make a donation to their favorite grill master’s Mightycause page to vote for them. (Don’t forget to include a vegetarian category so everyone is included!)

Movember Moustache Contest

What’s “Movember?” It’s a movement started by The Movember Foundation where men grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s health. Many men sport a moustache for Movember anyway, so organize a team on Mightycause where your employees can raise money for men’s health causes and their coworkers can vote for their favorite moustache by making a donation! Offer up a prize for the winning ‘stache!

Cuddle an Animal Day

Work can be stressful, and nothing cures the workweek blues quite like cuddling a cute animal. Partner with a local animal shelter for Cuddle an Animal Day at your office — set up a Mightycause page where people interested in puppy hugs can make a donation to the shelter for some one-on-one time with a cute, adoptable animal. Have the shelter bring their calmest adoptable pets and reserve a space outdoors or in the office where staff can safely boop their little noses, scritch behind their ears, and cuddle away their cares for a good cause!

Coffee/latte donation

Everyone knows how important that morning cup of coffee or latte is to starting your day off right, but the cost can add up quickly — think of how much money your office could raise if everyone got together and donated the cost of their morning Starbucks run to charity! Set up a Mightycause page where your employees can donate the cost of a day, a week, a month, or even a year’s worth of coffee to a charitable cause.


Does there tend to be a lot of chatter around the water cooler about running and training for marathons? Have those go-getters put their money where their mouths are by asking them to run a marathon for charity! Because putting on a marathon is a big job, find local marathons already planned and organize a team with your company’s runners. You can also drum up some good PR by providing t-shirts or jerseys with your company logo so your business is represented! Check out our Mightycause page for more info on marathon fundraisers!

Holiday gift wrapping

An easy way to get your workplace in the holiday spirit, help a good cause, and take some of the stress out of holidays is by hosting a gift wrapping day! Recruit the craftiest and most skilled gift-wrappers in the office, reserve a conference room, and set up a Mightycause page where people can pay to have gifts wrapped for them by donating to charity. Use Mightycause’s custom donation suggestions to tell them how many gifts their donation will pay for them to have wrapped.

Singing Valentines

Valentine’s Day is often a workplace event with nonstop deliveries of flowers, candy, and stuffed animals. Embrace the loss of productivity on Valentine’s Day and ramp it up a notch by getting your workplace’s wannabe-Mariah Careys on board for singing Valentines! Pick a charity, set up a Mightycause page, and collect donations for charity in exchange for a Valentine’s Day serenade for a coworker!

Spelling bee

This is a fun, easy-to-execute fundraiser that will take your staff back to their childhood! Start a team on Mightycause for employees wishing to participate in the office spelling bee — each participant can start their own charitable fundraiser (a local school or childhood literacy program would be a great pick) and get their social networks to support them by donating their pages.


Get your coworkers out of the office, into some rented shoes, and onto the lanes for a charity bowl-a-thon! Work with a local bowling alley to host the bowl-a-thon, and start a team on Mightycause where your bowlers can get people to support them by making a donation to charity, and get out of the office for some fun! You can mix it up by allowing your bowlers to choose their own charitable cause.

You can find fundraising ideas for all kinds of causes as well as tips to raise more and engage more donors in the Mightycause Guide.

Mightycause is designed to make it fun and easy to raise money for charity — now that you’ve got the inspiration for your own workplace fundraiser, start your fundraiser today!

Ideas into Action

To help North Dakota communities address the top health needs identified through their Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), models and examples are listed on this page as potential resources. Not all ideas listed will apply or be practical for all communities; rather it is a list of ideas that could be modified or tailored to fit your needs, or serve as a springboard for new ideas.

These ideas are not evidence-based best practices. Rather, they serve as additional qualitative data and can act as conversation starters to help think of activities that may have worked in other rural settings in North Dakota. For more information on evidence-based practices, check out County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, 'What Works For Health.' It may be helpful to look at those and then cross-reference to these ideas for what is feasible in a rural context.

On This Page:

Access to Needed Equipment/Facility Update

  • Acquire new or updated equipment (i.e. CT scanner)
  • Publicize when new equipment has been purchased to explain how it is beneficial to community
  • Update website to include information about new equipment and technology acquisitions

Aging Population Services

  • Promote public transportation services
  • Offer mobile screening services so seniors don't have to leave their home
  • Offer Meals on Wheels
  • Great Plains Senior Services Collaborative provides the following services in North Dakota: Aging Life Care Management that connects participants with an advisor to navigate later life care. Services include care coordination, crisis management, patient advocacy, and transitional care; Remote Caregiver uses technology to support senior caregivers as they take care of older loved ones; and Volunteer Companions provide social engagement and help with household chores

Attracting & Retaining Young Families

  • Develop hospital sponsored day care opportunities for staff and community members
  • Develop and offer health and wellness programs
  • Collaborate with other community organizations such as the school to offer health education programs and exercise equipment.
  • Promote Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network
  • Market and promote the rural community culture – feeling of safety (low crime), strong education systems, active faith community, strong and vital health sector, lower cost of living
  • Contact North Dakota Department of Commerce for economic development ideas
  • Create leadership opportunities for community members in their 20’s and 30’s – hospital board, community health task force, membership and chairing a committee
  • Develop a community job site wellness program – contact North Dakota Department of Health and BCBSND
  • Fund (with other community organizations) a health career scholarship program with an obligation to return to the community for service for a specified period of time.
  • Consider Rural Health Outreach Grants, Network Development Grants, and Network Planning grants to address a number of ideas for both the community but also a regional network to address common issues.


  • Cyberbullying in School: Prevention and Support – Discusses what cyberbullying is and its potentially devastating consequences. These can include stress, depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. There's advice about what to do if you're being cyberbullied, including how to get support and how to block bullies online. There's also some great information and preventative strategies relevant to each group - teachers, parents, and students. It also includes social media safety tips, which provides key strategies for students, such as not responding to abusive posts or allowing programs to track location.


  • Form cancer support groups for patients and caregivers
  • Promote online support groups though Cancers Survivors Network sponsored by American Cancer Society
  • Promote skin cancer awareness at local events
  • Form a Knitting for Charity group to knit hats and blankets for chemotherapy patients

Chronic Disease Management

  • Provide space and equipment for fitness center
  • Offer mobile diabetic screenings in community
  • Organize a community event related to physical activity and/or nutrition, such as walk/run-a-thon, healthy food potluck, etc.
  • Organize speaker for community Senior Group to raise awareness of diabetes, serve a healthy meal, and distribute healthy eating recipes
  • Institute a wellness page on hospital website
  • Implement comprehensive, sustainable wellness and disease management program based on improving baseline health numbers (e.g., weight, BMI, body composition, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure) through evidence-based practices, shared medical appointments, and a health coach
  • Implement health coach program in which coaches work with patients on self-management skills, nutrition counseling, etc. during the four-week period following hospital or clinic discharge; through either telemedicine or home visits

Concerns of Low Customer Service & Quality of Care

  • Provide comment box in waiting room to allow for anonymous customer feedback
  • Ensure a clean and quiet waiting room with updated magazines
  • Hold employee trainings on confidentiality

Cost and Adequacy of Health Insurance

  • Support community awareness of Medicaid Expansion
  • Promote open enrollment of Marketplace
  • Promote North Dakota Department of Human Services website for financial assistance and healthcare coverage application
  • Launch marketing campaign to increase access and awareness of Marketplace and other options such as sponsoring education, articles in the paper, interviews on radio

Elevated Level of Uninsured Adults

  • Hire financial service counselor who can educate patients about insurance policies
  • Hire a Medicaid Expansion Navigator
  • Post requirements of Affordable Care Act on hospital website, along with resources relating to meeting those requirements
  • Distribute flyers in clinic about requirements of Affordable Care Act
  • Organize a speaker for senior groups or other community clubs about the requirements of the Affordable Care Act

Elevated Rate of Adult Smoking

  • Use social media to advertise availability of smoking cessation assistance
  • Promote nicotine replacement therapies in hospital waiting rooms
  • Set up tobacco prevention booth and give cessation presentations at oil field/business health fairs
  • Place information about quitting at “man camps”
  • Display visual representation of healthy vs. diseased lung at high school
  • Create smoke-free environments through policy changes

Funding Alternativeseffective Curriculum Ideas 4th Grade

Elevated Level of Excessive Drinking/Alcohol Use

  • Partner with Safe Communities Program for beer goggle simulation and reaction simulation
  • Develop public service announcement and videos of real alcohol- related accidents from own communities
  • Collaborate with student groups to produce video/media campaign to educate that “buzzed driving is drunk driving”
  • Park “drunk driving car” (car that has been damaged as the result of an alcohol-related crash) outside of high school
  • Collaborate with law enforcement to increase random checkpoints for driving under the influence
  • Collaborate with law enforcement to perform no-consequence breathalyzer tests in bars to promote awareness and education about levels of intoxication, along with distributing information about excessive and binge drinking
  • Collaborate with city council to make the approval of liquor licenses contingent on all servers taking server training
  • Develop poster to use at fair booth about prescription drug abuse and proper disposal of prescription drugs
  • Develop media campaign (based on CDC and attorney general’s office models) to present on local cable and radio about prescription drug abuse and proper disposal of prescription drugs

Emphasis on Wellness, Education & Prevention

  • Engage with employers in area to offer blood pressure checks, promote awareness of physical therapy services, and offer prevention education services (e.g., prevention of diabetes, chronic disease, and back injury)
  • Offer one or more cooking classes to educate participants about healthy eating and diabetic meals
  • Dedicate space in hospital newsletter, as well as space on hospital website, to a “Wellness Update”
  • Use hospital newsletter and website to educate community members about services and facilities available within the community and from consumers’ health insurance companies
  • Send hospital staff member to wellness program training
  • Host booth at community festival which highlights alternative, healthy cooking and baking options
  • Partner with senior center and other community organizations to offer dinner and dance class to encourage wellness and healthy recipes
  • Engage with county extension service and public health to find ways to promote community wellness events and activities
  • Implement comprehensive, sustainable wellness and disease management program based on improving baseline health numbers (e.g., weight, BMI, body composition, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure) through evidence-based practices, shared medical appointments, and a health coach
  • Launch media campaign through radio, newspaper and website to raise awareness and education about cancer screening services and obesity services
  • Implement weight management program that includes meal replacement program and nutrition coaching
  • Offer “Stepping On” program, which helps older people reduce falls and increase self confidence in situations where they are at risk of falling
  • Offer 12-week weight management program that features comprehensive health evaluation along with detailed exercise prescription, dietary/eating suggestions, three months of fitness center membership, ongoing monitoring of health measures, mobile phone apps for recording progress, follow-up phone calls, weekly weigh-ins, and one-on-one guidance with a physical therapist to teach use of exercise equipment

Healthcare Workforce Shortages (physicians, visiting specialists, healthcare professionals)

  • Increase postings on hospital’s social media sites, including Facebook, that convey vision of future healthcare delivery and present a positive message of where the hospital is going
  • Form Marketing Group involving hospital, economic development, Chamber of Commerce to promote strengths of community
  • Hold meeting/workshop with community members who meet with physician candidates and share a consistent, positive vision of the future of healthcare delivery in the community
  • Support local student in medical school
  • Prepare written and visual materials about the future medical facilities to share with physician candidates that will present the short-term and long-term vision of what future healthcare will look like
  • Engage with medical school residents to encourage them to return to community to practice medicine
  • Work with Center for Rural Health on physician recruitment
  • Work to build stable, well-liked staff of nurse practitioners and physician assistants that includes both female and male providers
  • Implement or increase use of Telehealth programs, including emergency Telehealth
  • Present recruitment efforts in a better light by using professionally designed and printed marketing materials that include information about hospital services, clinic services, and community information
  • Create a video to highlight the hospital’s work and community’s assets, to recruit providers as well as educate community members about available services; send it on a flash drive to prospective provider candidates and show it at the local theater prior to movies
  • Apply for grant funding to assist with travel costs (airfare, hotel, etc.) associated with community visits by physicians (and their spouses) being recruited by the hospital

Financial Viability of Hospital

  • Meet with stakeholders and community groups to help disseminate information and tell story of hospital’s strengths/value of to community (tourism, economic development)
  • Increase promotion and marketing of current services by improving web presence, developing marketing campaign (possibly featuring patient testimonials), sponsoring weekly newspaper column, and using local electronic marquee
  • Promote locally available services to discourage local residents to travel for specialty healthcare services (e.g., surgery, etc.)
  • Explore alternate uses for hospital
  • Implement strategy to effectively communicate with community about hospital’s challenges
  • Communicate about finances and what’s behind “bad debt”
  • Educate community to help people understand why sales tax is needed
  • Reduce dependence on locum physicians through promotion and greater use of existing nurse practitioners and physician assistants
  • Expand geographic service area by marketing new nurse practitioners and physician assistants to nearby communities

Higher Costs of Healthcare for Consumers

Funding Alternativeseffective Curriculum Ideas Preschool

  • Hire a Medicaid Expansion Navigator

Lack of Affordable Housing

  • Partner with North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA) to increase stock of affordable housing
  • Advertise funds available from Housing Incentive Fund (HIF) administered by NDHFA
  • Appeal for more federal low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) in oil patch
  • Research zoning models in other U.S. cities for affordable housing policies and solutions

Lack of Collaboration with Community

  • Increase hospital presence at community events through sponsorship of events or information booths
  • Form steering committee with hospital representatives, public health, and other local healthcare providers to promote collaboration

Lack of Daycare

  • Offer incentives in the form of subsidies for licensed home daycare providers
  • Create babysitting online exchange through Babysitter Exchange
  • Promote Child Care Aware of North Dakota as resource to find local child care centers
  • Offer extended Clinic hours, in evenings and weekends, for working parents

Maintaining EMS

  • Research potential funding sources to assist with first responder training
  • Work with high school to encourage students to volunteer for emergency service careers
  • Organize event to recruit ambulance drivers
  • Explore alternate models of emergency care, such as community paramedicine

Marketing/Promotion of Hospital Services

  • Announce hospital services and schedule of visiting specialists on outgoing hospital phone line and run while callers are put on hold
  • Advertise clinic hours, visiting specialists on electronic signs in town (banks, community buildings)
  • Create hospital Facebook page
  • Distribute flyer listing services to local businesses
  • Partner with area businesses to host health fair and offer free food, screenings and advertise services
  • Develop professionally printed marketing materials that include information about hospital and clinic services, community information, and provider bio cards; distribute them to clients, patients, at community events, and at recruitment and health fairs
  • Run advertisements in local newspaper that promote and educate the public about some of the underutilized, and sometimes unknown, services offered by hospital
  • Create a video to highlight the hospital’s work and community’s assets to recruit providers as well as educate community members about available services; send it on a flash drive to prospective provider candidates and show it at the local theater prior to movies

Mental Health (including substance abuse)

  • Promote national suicide hotline: 1 (800) 273 TALK (8255)
  • Promote and utilize the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as a resource
  • Inventory available community services including oil companies' safety offices and conflict resolution assistance
  • Develop mental health screenings in schools; research granting agencies (Gates Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Helmsley Foundation)
  • Promote national suicide hotline
  • Develop network/resources for runaways
  • Increase promotion, through advertising and public relations efforts, of counseling services that currently are available, including those through Telehealth
  • Collaborate with schools on educational seminars for students about mental health issues and increase interaction with school counselors
  • Continue collaboration with ministerial groups, including potential training of group by social worker
  • Train Emergency Room personnel on how to effectively facilitate mental health committals, transportation, and other responses, including training on paperwork and patient interactions
  • Establish support groups (such as families with mental health crises, grief group) led by a social worker

Not Enough Jobs with Livable wages

  • Promote jobs in healthcare as they tend to provide high paying jobs. Jobs.net website lists all jobs by North Dakota community
  • Create a liaison between hospital and area economic or jobs development corporation to promote economic impact of healthcare jobs. North Dakota CAHs have an average economic impact of $6.4 million and contribute about 220 jobs to the community
  • Start a local scholarship for health education with understanding recipient returns to the community for service for a specified period of time

Obesity & Physical Inactivity

  • Create and promote community facility available for indoor walking
  • Grant community access to school fitness center that includes weight and cardio equipment
  • Organize adult co-ed volleyball, pickleball, and basketball leagues
  • Promote availability of fitness opportunities though hospital website, cable television, post office signage, and via schools and churches
  • Partner with Extension Office to plant community or school garden
  • Develop community farmer’s market
  • Host a 5K or 10K race (running, walking, rollerblading, biking)
  • Implement comprehensive, sustainable wellness and disease management program based on improving baseline health numbers (e.g., weight, BMI, body composition, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure) through evidence-based practices, shared medical appointments, and a health coach
  • Pilot wellness programs using hospital staff with the idea, “How can you get your community healthy if your staff is not healthy?”
  • Implement weight management program that includes meal replacement program and nutrition coaching
  • Hold monthly cooking classes focused on better nutrition choices with take-home recipes, informational materials, and placemats; incorporate blood pressure checks and cholesterol tests into the class time
  • Offer 12-week weight management program that features comprehensive health evaluation along with detailed exercise prescription, dietary/eating suggestions, three months of fitness center membership, ongoing monitoring of health measures, mobile phone apps for recording progress, follow-up phone calls, weekly weigh-ins, and one-on-one guidance with a physical therapist to teach use of exercise equipment

Funding Alternativeseffective Curriculum Ideas Middle School

Sexually Transmitted Infections/Spreadable Disease

  • Contact North Dakota Health Department for STD informational material and supplies
  • Discuss with public health and primary care clinic how to collaborate to address the issue for the community
  • Work with the local school on sex education curriculum
  • Contact business community as part of worksite wellness education – include STD screenings
  • Use social media to raise awareness, especially among young people, of STDs and prevention strategies

Traffic Safety & Elevated Motor Vehicle Crash Death Rate

  • Sponsor defensive driving course through Highway Patrol for community members
  • Partner with ND Safety Council on projects
  • Promote Distracted Driving course at high school
  • Reinstate SADD (Students Against Distracted/Drunk Driving) at high school
  • Display wrecked vehicle during community events
  • Offer Defensive Driving course with speaker's panel consisting of DUI victim and those who have been affected by drunk driving to share experience of loss and impact of loss
  • Have high school student create video about distracted driving and show movie as trailer at local movie theater. Hold community contest to see who can make most effective video
  • Promote public transportation on hospital's webpage


  • Promote Safer Tomorrows to increase awareness on child exposure to violence
  • Partner with Cut It Out: Salons Against Domestic Abuse to get training materials for hair stylists and other professionals to get employees to recognize signs of abuse
  • Contact Community Violence Intervention Center (in Grand Forks) for programming ideas, education, treatment and collaborative work for peace to prevent violence