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Free Rider 2: In Free Rider 2, race on your own personally crafted 2D tracks, or find ones that other users have made for the ultimate challenge. With a heavy emphasis on physics, and hilarious wipeouts, you’re sure to faceplant more than a few times, especially if you load up some of the harder maps out there that users have created.

Kongregate free online game Free Rider 2 - FREE RIDER HD is out! Play Free Rider 2. Home → Stickman Games → Free Rider 2 Description: Another fun game from the Line Rider series. Draw your own level and see what happens. Free Rider 2 Play Instructions. Use your mouse to interact. Find Similar Games To Free Rider 2. Draw Ride Rider Adventure Line. Free Rider 2 Comments. The trackmill server is taking a breather. We will be back this weekend, Possibly sooner.

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- The Playground II
- cool holdup
- best track ever
- wood mtb
- unicycle track 2
- A random track
- 789
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The classic rider game is back! In Free Rider 2, control your line hero and experience the joy of custom level design.
Free Rider 2 Hills, Jumps, Collectibles, create and customize it all on different backgrounds for hours of replay value.
Share your code in the Shoutbox for others to enjoy! Copy, paste and load up other users levels in the right-side panel.


* Mouse to Draw and Control UI
* [Up] Forward
* [Down] Break

Free Rider 22 Avabag

* [Left] Lean back
* [Right] Lean Forward
* Get creative! Make full levels, with powerups, obstacles, ramps, jumps, background objects, goal points, you name it!
Free Rider 2 is an online racing game developed by Pete, and has been played 566955 times on Bubblebox.com.
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Free Rider 22 Avabag W/o Avabag-unit


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Free Rider 2 Tracks

Alien life, unknown phenomena and tricky missions await!
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