Fractionation is the most widely used operation in process plants. Crude oil is first sent to the crude tower for fractionation. There can be several fractionation towers (also referred to as distillation towers) in a process plant. “Fractionation” is the separation of the lighter from the heavier fluid components, which. The plant is designed to recover ethane, propane, isobutane, normal butane, and natural gasoline. The recovered products from the NGL fractionation units are pumped from independent surge drums, using a series of booster and pipeline pumps through a metering skid for custody transfer.

Fractionation Psychology


fraction +‎ -ation

Fractionation Process

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fractionation (countable and uncountable, pluralfractionations)

  1. (chemistry) A separation process in which a certain quantity of a mixture is divided up into smaller quantities (fractions) in which the composition changes according to a gradient.
    Methane is separated from other hydrocarbons in a gas fractionation plant.
  2. (cryptography) A preliminarystage of encryption that divides each plaintextsymbol into several ciphertext symbols.
  3. A form of hypnosis where the patient is made to enter and leave a trance state many times in quick succession.


a method of separation of constituents of a mixture

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  • fractionation on Wikipedia.Wikipedia

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